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I can’t believe Darren Criss is going to be in the Flash. And in the same season that Tom Felton is in! (I doubt it) but I would love for both there paths to cross on The Flash and for Tom to say something to Darren like ; “you remind me of a classmate of mine”. Or even if he say something and was like “my father will hear about this!"😂😊😉🤣😏 Or if Darren said something to Julian like "is Hermione still trying to draw your rocket ship, you and I both know she can’t?” And Tom be like “think you have me confused with someone else*mate*!"😉🤣😂🤣❤ GOD FLASH WRITERS AM DOING YOUR JOB FOR You! 😂😂😂😍😍❤❤ You know just more ideas for The Flash writers should they need them! They could also spin it so that Harry Potter and the Vary Potter Musical might just have happened on different earths!!!

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This is the moment. The very first time a boy we have all discovered to be Darren Criss decided to give the world a part of him. At this very moment, we had no idea he was going to play a Disney song, no idea he was going to be Harry freaking Potter, Blaine Anderson on the hit television show, Glee, J Pierpont Finch, leading man on Broadway, or play alongside Kristen Wiig as Lee in a major motion picture. In this moment, he’s just another male acoustic guitar player on  YouTube amongst thousands if not millions of others. He was just a guy with long dark curly hair, a gray shirt, and a messy room. This moment, in my mind, is the first word of his long and growing autobiography. The most special part about this moment in particular is that, aside from his schedule, income, and celebrity status, he is the exact same person today as he was right here. This is why I know I will always be his fan. Everything, to me, in this very moment, feels like da Vinci’s first stroke of Mona Lisa or Edgar Allen Poe’s first word of The Raven. The poetic nature of this moment always gives me chills, and I don’t feel the goosebumps leaving my arms for many years to come.