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Not the same anon as before, but I just wanted to say ughhh Jennifer. How she treated Derek was just ---. I have no words. Although kudos to the actor for doing such a phenomenal job, that I can't watch her in anything else. She was in The Librarians too, and played a similar character (but with more altruistic motivations) and it gave me the heebie-jeebies because I kept thinking of Jennifer

Oh yeah, Haley Webb was wonderful in the role. And I feel like, if there’s a character you’re supposed to hate and you do hate them, then kudos to the actor for doing their job! You know?

What I can’t stand… and I mean, I was blocked by someone in the community at one point for saying that Jennifer was a bad guy and Dennifer was messed up, because the person was a fan of Haley Webb. And that’s always stuck with me as one of the most ridiculous things that’s ever happened to me in fandom because… she was an evil character. She was a serial killer, she manipulated Derek (already an abuse victim) into a relationship, she threatened to kill many of our beloved characters… she was not a nice person. But this blogger decided, since she liked Haley Webb, that I was a horrible person for calling her character a villain. It’s just… she was playing the role of a villain. You know? She did a good job in that role. Me disliking Jennifer is not a slight on the actress.

So… yeah, I’m not sure where this ramble was going, but yeah. Haley pulled off Jennifer/Darach really well (especially since, apparently, she wasn’t even told until midway through filming that she was a villain? That’s rough). I’m not surprised she was hired for a similar role elsewhere.


Teen Wolf meme ⇝ [½] villains
Julia Baccari/Jennifer Blake
We were the overlooked… the emissaries. It was a mistake Deucalion and the alphas should never have made, because I made an oath of my own. From virgins and warriors, from healers, philosophers, and guardians, to loan me their power so that I could teach these monsters that their monstrous actions would never be overlooked.

Eoin. Honestly, it isn’t an exaggeration to say that we were on the edges of our seat in anticipation of an app for Jennifer after posting her bio. The anon who was asking about her got us very excited - and while we don’t know whether that was you or not - we do know that the excitement ended up being very much justified. You seem to be exactly what we were looking for in terms of a roleplayer who understood Jennifer’s character beyond the superficial titles of ‘good’ and ‘evil’. Your thought-provoking answers to our app questions made her very human and carefully avoided any of the trappings of a typical stereotype. It’s clear that you took the time to do your research on our story and setting, and we love how you tied so many of these details into your application. We also enjoyed your headcanons, and how they added another very human layer to Jennifer Blake. One thing we intentionally left out of her bio was the casual vibe of human!Jen; her interests outside of magic and sacrifice, her pastimes, and the tone she uses in her day-to-day dealings with the world around her. You brought this side of her to life in your headcanons and in the sample app, and convinced us that you understand all sides of her character intimately well. Needless to say, we cannot wait to have her on our dash and get to interact with your Jen in person!

Eoin, thank you very much for applying. As for Jennifer…

                ⚜ ~ WELCOME TO VIEUX NOYÉS!!! ~ ⚜

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                  Jennifer Blake   ⚜   Witch   ⚜   32      Lilith   ⚜   ENFJ

Pull out the insides…

(TW: gore, violence) Even as a child, Jennifer had always a morbid fascination with beauty. It had never been the kind of fascination easily sated by simply having beautiful things within her reach; no, she needed to pluck of the wings of a butterfly to see the intricacy of their scales, pry apart the lips of a clam to gaze at the pearlescent insides. She understood that her actions often meant the death of the very creatures she found so beautiful, but her enjoyment and curiosity took priority. And besides, there were so many clams and butterflies out there, it wasn’t as if her prized few were missed. She was a terribly smart child, and knew that her utterly ordinary mother and father wouldn’t see it for was it was, something pure, something that tasted like discovery, like knowing, but instead would just see madness, evil. They loved the precious little girl she let them believe she was, and she had no problem continuing that charade as long as it suited her.

Of course that wasn’t long at all. 

Charades were boring, her parents were boring, and really the inside of an animal was only fascinating for the first thousand times, and then it was all the same. Just organs and tissues and nerve endings and electrical impulses. But always, there was something more she could never quite put her finger on, but it wasn’t in any anatomy book she checked out of the library. She spent years plunging her fingers deep into spasming muscles searching for that special magical something, but it was just beyond her reach. Decaying flesh and putrefaction was not worth the unrewarding hunt for this knowledge, not when she didn’t have the tools at her disposal. With nothing to hold her interests, nothing beautiful, captivating to keep her mind engulfed in the mystery of it, boredom began to eat away at her.  She began to research more, going to far away libraries, scouring the still-young World Wide Web for that ephemeral…what? And of course, it found her instead. 

                           {Oh but the farrow know
Her hungry eyes, her ancient soul
It's carried by the sneering menagerie}

Rain St. Agnes, poised, proud, and powerful. All things Jennifer hadn’t known she wanted, needed, but now craved. To be like this woman, to know the things she knew, to command the power, the magic, this woman did, the very idea of it took her breath of way. Rain wasn’t boring, and the world she brought Jennifer into, was everything she had searched for for so long. It felt like coming home. She left the people called her parents behind without much thought, other than they deserved it for not giving this to her from the very beginning. Under Rain’s tutelage, Jennifer soaked in magic like she needed it to survive, surpassing the other pupils of the coven easily in a few months’ time. After that, Rain taught her personally, privately, and Jennifer realized she had found the first person she had ever met who actually looked at her and saw. Intimacy never made much sense to her, her own parents feeling more like inconveniently proximal strangers, but with Rain, she felt understood, she felt recognized, and like whatever Rain saw in her was then returned to her tenfold. Maybe this was family. 

Still, it wasn’t perfect. Jennifer was unwieldy in her power, and unorthodox in her methods, her creativity getting away from her too often and her ambition far out-running her foresight. Rain’s keen eye for strategy and preference for discretion often left the two at odds, the gaping ache in Jennifer’s chest every time the woman looked at her with frustrated disappointment only fueling more outrage-disbelief-fear-shame roiling inside her. It made for a volatile combination, one Jennifer never quite learned to control, and one she never quite figured out how to purge.

                                                              … You won’t recognize her. 

Maybe it was simply because the complex intricacies of human sentiment didn’t quite jive in her mind, but the combination of adoration and resentment warring within her made Rain’s failings as a leader blatantly obvious to her, and they began to collect, insidious, poisonous ants climbing up and down her spine every time they spoke. Perhaps the coven needed a new direction… something more aggressive than Rain’s banal obsession with ancient artifacts, and her innate talent for making even ritual sacrifice into a duty that lost its exciting edge. A plan began to form in her mind, one that wouldn’t just make shockwaves throughout the covens of North America, but a tidal wave of it, stretching the entire world. She had heard of the so-called Original Family. She did her research, years of it, just like where she had started, and learned of two brothers, almost more legend than reality, a sister rumored to be last seen in the 1920s, and a matching set of coffins, which contained everything, anything, the coven could possibly want for their future. It took her years to get everything aligned properly, to find the proper enchantments, locate the proper spells, and create new ones when what existed wasn’t enough. 

But she found Finn and Kol Mikaelson. And when she sacrificed them, the Cult of Bracken would be the center of the supernatural world, the ultimate authority. The petty games of intrigue and politics of New Orleans were beneath them. They would own this city, this country, hell, they could have anything anywhere in the world they wanted with power like that. They’d be unstoppable. That’s what a leader what supposed to strive toward. She couldn’t open them. For months, she had the coffins, and was unable to open them, every incantation falling flat, every curse ringing hollow. Familiar embers of resentment burned hot in her gut, but still, she turned to Rain to guide her, to take the coven into the future at her side, together. Instead, Rain refused to help, talking about retribution and exchanges, trade-offs. Jennifer was furious, seething in her embarrassment, in the betrayal that rent like Rain’s precious dagger through her ribs. 

Even worse, now, one of the coffins has been opened. They don’t know who opened it, or why, or when the other shoe will drop, but suddenly, another side of things is dawning on Jennifer. Consequences. If Rain had helped her, would they be in this position? Was this her fault? Could she fix this before the coven paid the price? Could she fix this before Rain refused to look at her again? Did she want to?

Web of Connections

Jenna Sommers - Both women are new teachers at St. Aloysius High School, and have bonded over the experience. For all that she doesn’t quite understand sentiment, she’s quite good at mimicry, and having an excuse to go to happy hour every once in a while isn’t the worse thing in the world. What’s even better is that Jenna isn’t boring. She’s human, she’s a single parent, and she’s a mess, and yes, that’s all boring, but there’s something different about her, something Jennifer can’t put her finger on, something she hasn’t felt since she was on the threshold of discovering magic for the first time. She trusts that feeling more than anything in the world and she’s not letting Jenna slip out of her fingers.

Kali Talwar - Sentiment is a strange thing, but sex is not. Sex makes sense to Jennifer. It’s about power, pleasure, and sometimes a bit of pain if you’re lucky. Sex with Kali was divine, and what was more, they spoke the same language. Kali too wanted more; more power, more recognition, more violence. Somewhere along the line, things fell apart, during her research, she supposes, doesn’t actually remember the time very well, and she finds it regrettable. She had enjoyed the wolf’s company, but she would live without it. If she couldn’t understand Jennifer’s mission, then there was no place for her in Jennifer’s life. 

Finn MikaelsonJennifer doesn’t know which brother remains in the unopened coffin, and which roams free. Kol Mikaelson has left traces. Reckless, almost carelessly homicidal, certainly a wild card. But Finn… there was almost nothing but whisper here and there, mentions of mentions of a forgotten brother. She’s not sure which she has left to reckon with, but if she had to choose, she’d keep Finn in the box. Despite her love of the unknown, her new-found caution has hairs raising on the back of her neck. This last coffin will stay where she can see it, control its fate. Finn Mikaelson will sleep until he fuels their Coven’s rebirth when the time comes. Little does she know that brother dearest has already jumped ship…

Derek Hale - Even if things back-fired with her most ambitious endeavour related to the Mikaelson Coffins, Jennifer is not about to hang low and take a step back from what it is she does best. She’s already missing the fruits of her labour; the unique signature each of her victims leave in her veins, the way they amplifies her power, the taste of their sacrifice on her tongue. And now that she’s in New Orleans, she’s already set her sights on her next victim. She’s never sacrificed an Alpha; and though that would make a notable first in its own right, Derek Hale makes for an appealing choice for more than just the one reason. She knows his family history and the inescapable combination of tragedy-misery-guilt that haunts him. She knows it’s given him a hard shell and a stubborn survival streak that she’d love to add to her own arsenal. But in order to do that, she has to get close. Real close.

Amelie-Marin Morrell - Marin was a puzzle, an anomaly. A piece of the puzzle that simply didn’t fit no matter what angle Jennifer approached from, and like all unknowns, Jennifer was unable to resist. It hadn’t really occurred to her that one didn’t sleep with two fascinating women at the same time, but apparently that was not done. It also hadn’t occurred to her that she was perhaps better at sentiment than she realized, because Marin was… hurt. As if she was attached. Well, then she was angry, and then set Jennifer back several months in her careful plans and destroyed years of work the coven had done. She should’ve been impressed, but Marin’s passion, her rage, it had been beautiful. Inspiring. A bit mouth-watering. Too bad she was gone. 

Plot Teasers:

  • Jennifer is younger than her sisters, and for her all her bravado, less experienced. This, in combination with her brashness can make for a dangerous combination; not only to those around her - but even to herself. The sacrifices she performs allow her to take on more than just her victim’s particular skill-set; unbeknownst to Jennifer, her victim’s personalities are also seeping through to mix with her own — creating a mind divided and at war with itself. This has already started manifesting with particular manic and out-of-character episodes that Jennifer doesn’t remember, and the trend will only continue to get worse as she adds more lives to the ones she’s already taken… 
  • Jennifer has met Mary, they didn’t get along. But what she doesn’t know is that she’s not the only ‘sister’ in their hand-picked lineage that Mary doesn’t get along with. A family reunion is on its way sooner than later, and well, Jennifer’s never really been good with family. 

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Fortunately for us, Jennifer is  T A K E N!!