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jason checking the big 3 kids
  • jason at thalia: wonderful as always thals. getting edgier every year i expected nothing less from my own blood
  • jason at hazel: *touches hair* adorable and beautiful
  • jason at percy: bro if only i was gay... *clutches chest*
  • jason at nico: *closes eyes* *breathes heavily* *prayer hands to the gods* *aggressively blows kisses* friggin masterpiece!!! bless hades for creating this angel

I just realised that at some point Piper must have complained about having an actor for a parent to Jason

and Jason would wonder that maybe, if things had gone differently, he’d be complaining about the fact his parent was an actor too 


The Seven + Nico & Reyna Pride Icons

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imagine nico di angelo slowly realizing that he’s crushing on jason so he tells hazel about it and she just goes “what? you didn’t know? you were too obvious! everyone knows! oh my gods” 

and nico panics and calls jason “you knew i have a crush on you?! and you didn’t tell me?!!!” and jason is so confused “what? you have a crush on me?!” and nico deflates “y-yes” and he hangs up. 

suddenly he hears someone knocking on his cabin door and jason opens it, a little breathless. “how dare you hung up on me without knowing how i feel!”

then jason blushes because he realizes what he just said and then nico turns red too and then jason’s all “u-um, i… i gotta go now” as he points outside


Lost in a crowd
  • [Hazel is lost in a crowd and Nico can't find her]
  • Nico: This calls for drastic measures
  • Nico: Nico is useless and deserves to die!
  • Jason, from the sky: What
  • Leo, in the distance: the fuck
  • Percy, emerging from nearby fountain: did
  • Reyna, brandishing her sword: you
  • Annabeth, from across the street: just
  • Piper, from a helicopter: fucking
  • Frank, turning into a bear: say
  • Will, from cabin 7: you ass?!
  • Nico:
  • Nico: Fuck
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1. Painkiller - Three Days Grace 

2. Suicide Season - Bring Me The Horizon

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3. Reflection - ONE OK ROCK

4. A Candlelit Dinner With Inamorta - Asking Alexandria

5. Lonely Day - System of a Down

6. Heartless - A Day To Remember

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7. The Black Market - Rise Against

8. Omnivorous -  Haikyuu!! OST

9. Migraine - Twenty One Pilots

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10. (I Used To Make Out With) Medusa - Bring Me The Horizon 

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January 24, 2017

Though I am not there this year, Dean’s birthday did not go uncelebrated. I only pray he got my present.

Yesterday | Tomorrow

Nico slowly realizing that his cheeks heat up most of the time whenever he sees Jason or when he’s just hanging out with his best friend and he’s so confused why is that so. Until Percy tells him while wiggling his eyebrows, “That’s called blushing and I can sense someone crushing on a certain son of Zeus.” 

Percy expects Nico to deny and maybe punch him but no, Nico just blushes even more because “Oh gods. You’re right.” And Nico panics. “What do I do, Percy?” 

“You go tell him and kiss him like a man!” 

Nico’s stands up and shakes himself. “You’re right! I should just tell him and—” he looks back at Percy and blushes even more upon realizing what Percy just said “WHAT IN HADES—I can’t just do...that!” Nico was clearly scandalized.

Then from afar, Jason sees them and smiles because his two friends are getting along better than he expected after everything that happened.