person: grace

some Grace headcanons (i’ve been calling concept mercy Grace bc LOOK AT HIM… HE’S BEAUTIFUL! EPITOME OF GRACE!!!)

  • He and Mercy were in the Valkyrie program together, they’re good friends who still keep in contact
  • He’s European! I’m thinking either French or Swiss, because c’mon. Black Europeans exist. People are everywhere.
  • Grace met Liao (let me live ok, Liao is out there in my head) thru Mercy, they’re both medics and they’re in love
  • Used to be a ballerino in his younger years before deciding to be a medic
  • He’s a cat person
  • Add on if u feel honeslty?

Love is an act of the will, not a feeling.
Any idiot can “feel” a thing in any given moment. Feelings are neither right nor wrong; they just are. And they are often fleeting.
Love on the other hand reveals itself in it’s consistency, especially when you’re “just not feeling it.” It’s a thousand small acts and sacrifices of the self performed with grace, and without expectation of return.
Love is not a feeling. Love is tangible. Love is an action. Love is an act of the will.