person: godfrey gao
27 Asian Leading Men Who Deserve More Airtime

Asian actors don’t often get starring roles in Hollywood, but these guys — American and otherwise — prove they’re leading men too.

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                   GODFREY GAO    AS    ANTON SHUDDER

anton shudder was an impressively intimidating man.   blessed with the uncanny ability to make everything he wore look like funeral wear, he was tall, with a face carved from flint, and short dark hair flecked with grey. 

If the Mortal Instrument characters had children
  • Jace: awwww who wants a little seraph blade. Oh.... CLARY CAN YOU MAKE A RUNE THAT HEALS BABIES ?
  • Clary: Awww look at the cute little baby. Now stay still so I can draw you , Oh no dont start crying. please dont cry! Gosh dang it, please stay still.
  • Simon: Does someone want to play with my Luke Skywalker doll?? WAIT NO DONT PUT THAT IN YOUR MOUTH, ITS A COLLECTOR'S ITEM
  • Izzy: Hey there cutie... wanna play with the whip?? OOH NO, LETS DO MAKEOVERS!!!
  • Alec: Aww come here, let daddy try to get that glitter out of your hair, DAMMIT, MAGNUS DID YOU PUT EYELINER ON OUR BABY?