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Requiem of Lust.

           A few hours of tailoring had turned the catsuit into a scandalous evening dress, tight and revealing.  Karrista accessorized the outfit with a pair of stiletto heels, onyx and garnet jewels, and formal gloves.  She had darkened her hair to that of a dark crimson, her lips black, and her skin several shades closer to snow-white.  Even the scars on her neck were covered up, leaving only a single subtle bite on her neck, on the left side.  The last bits of the costume involved subtly shifting her insides, so she had no pulse, and her body temperature was that of the ambient air.

           “Well hello, my Sun and Soul.”  Tara'lena whispered loud enough for Karrista to hear as she stood waiting in the middle of the den.

           Karrista chuckled softly and approached slowly, showing off her work.  “The teeth take some getting used to, they’re not like I am used to.”  She traced her tongue over her lips, teasing her teeth with a scrunched up face.

           “You feel like you are going to slice open your lower lip and tongue at every moment?”  Tara'lena’s chuckle accompanied Karrista as she motioned her closer.

           Karrista straightened up and stopped in front of her fiancé, posing neutrally for her judgement.  "With every touch.“

           "Welcome to being vampiric my adorable Succubus.” Tara'lena stood, tapping her chin with one finger as she circled Karrista.  She looked over her wife with a chilly, appraising look.  “Very, very good, it is a nice start.  Now let us see how you move.”  She took several steps back, across the den.  “Come to me.”

           Karrista smirked pridefully, her demonic fangs reduced to a single pair of canines lengthened into piercing blood-letters.  She turned to face Tara'lena and approached her, a sultry sway to her body.

           Tara'lena immediately snapped her fingers. NO!  You are a vampire, not a succubus, you do not drape yourself on the world, you stand inviolate as the world bends to your will.”  She motioned with her hand.  “Turn around and try again.”

           Karrista pushed back her first instinct to pout or snarky, instead throwing Tara'lena a defiant, offended expression.  "I am no child; do not speak to me as such.“ She mirrored Tara'lena’s crisp even cadence as she turned.  This time her back was straight, arms at her side with only subtle movements.  Head up and chin out, she walked, accompanied only by the swish of the latex and clicking of heels.

           "You are a child compared to me, and I shall speak to you so."   Tara'lena’s lip curled up, a spark of pride in her eyes.  "That was better, keep going, move around the room, own it.  Let your presence speak for you.”

           Karrista locked eyes with Tara'lena, a cold look on her face.  She stiffly turned and walked towards her fiancé.  She held her arms behind her, hands clasped behind her, shoulders back.  She stopped next to Tara'lena, her eyes looking around the room as her voice lowered to match the temperature around them. “You are my fiancé, and mother of our daughter.  Additionally, we are both children in the face of eternity.  Are we clear?”

           “Crystal clear.”  Tara'lena’s face broke into a grin as she turned to watch Karrista walk away from her before she could respond.  “That was almost perfect.”

           Karrista stopped at the bar between the den and the kitchen.  She pulled out a fluted glass and bottle of blood.  "Almost?“  She raised an eyebrow as she filled her glass.  She turned, standing upright and lifted the glass to her lips, taking a delicate sip.  "Should we not settle for anything less than perfection?”  She rested her other arm under her chest.

           “I forget how consummate an actress you are when you put your mind to it.”  Tara'lena’s expression was pure happiness and pride.  “With ears and eyes, you almost could pass as a Darkfallen.”

           Karrista walked towards Tara'lena, stopping in front of her.  "Almost?“  She offered the same glass to Tara'lena, tilting it forward to her.  She smiled warmly and traced her teeth with her tongue, pausing on the tip of one fang.

           "If you can keep it up, no slips, and practice. The Blood King’s Court isn’t a brothel’s theme night.”  Tara'lena took the offered drink, making a content sound.  “How is your recovery going?”  Her voice lowered to a hungry growl.

           "Things seem to be recovering nicely, I would say another week to be safe.“  Karrista took the glass back.  "Though of course, it is dependent on the wedding date.”  She took a generous sip before leaning in to kiss Tara'lena on the mouth.

           Tara'lena looked almost breathless after the kiss broke, her eyes lidded and dazed.  “Can we move up the wedding plans?”

           "So I meet your approval for a suitable Blood Countess Vampire Lady for the brothel night?“  Karrista took a step back, her smile settling into a knowing, confident half-smirk.

           Tara'lena blinked rapidly several times before taking one last look over Karrista.  "Yes, though I am so very tempted to take you to our room for the night.” She took a slow breath and focused herself.  “Have a good night, try not to bite too many necks.”

           Karrista winked quickly as she turned to finish off the glass and finish getting ready.  "Or thighs?“

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