person: gno

GNO || Lily, Alice, & Dorcas

Red hair hung off of the couch as Lily rested upon it. Her back against the cushions and feet dangling mid air because of the position she was in; upside down compared to the proper way a person should be seated. Bilbo was curled up into a tiny white ball, napping on his owner’s abdomen, and the ginger pet him mindlessly as she waited for the other females to emerge from her best friend’s bedroom. How long does it take someone to get ready for a night on the town? She wouldn’t know and that’s the main reason why the more preserved girls in the friendship needed Dorcas’ opinion.

Upon hearing the door pop open Lily lifted the froggy cat and placed him down beside her. Bilbo wasn’t the least bit pleased by her actions and jetted off, it was his way of saying ‘leave me alone, you’ve betrayed me for the last time’ yet he’d be back moments later awaiting an ear scratch and praises. Struggling to sit up right Lily nearly rolled off of the couch, but she managed to stand up without any serious injuries. A smile forming on her lips before nodding vigorously. “Coming to Dorcas was probably our best idea. You look great, Al. Dress is a bit short, but… Nice legs.”

(premetto che le nostre facce siano state fotografate in un momento di degrado, perciò compatiteci).
in giro dalle 11.30 della mattina fino alle 2 meno un quarto del giorno dopo.
due scemotti che si sono divertiti un sacco. due amici che si legano e si confidano, fanno casino e non si capisce cos'altro.
mangiare, bere, fumare e ridere.
vivere tanto, volersi bene da morire.
è stato un giorno epocale, ringrazio quel santo giorno di avervi conosciuto.
ogni fine ha un nuovo inizio, e questo giuro che è un fottuto inizio spettacolare.
l'amore in questa foto è inspiegabile.
tanto bene per il mio grandissimo amico.
un folle che serviva nella mia vita.