person: ga

Me: *Hears a loud noise, home completely alone*

Also Me: There are things in this world that we will never fully understand [understand]. We want answers.  We have worked years to build our credibility, our reputation.  Working alongside the most renowned professionals in the field, capturing ground-breaking proof of the paranormal. This is our evidence, our Ghost Adventures.

  • the storylines Grey's could have focused on in S13: the Arizona-Callie-Sofia-dynamic, Meredith's continuos struggle with single parenthood (but I guess they're off to college already), Webber wondering whether he should retire, Christina coming back, Owen Hunt being Harriet's godfather, Jo and Alex struggling to fix their relationship (with him in prison and all), Ben overrating his skills after what happened with April and making a major mistake...
  • the storyline Grey focuses on in S13: Eliza Minnick