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Do you think our time together was a mistake?” he asked, a little shy. I studied him, his head was down, his hands playing with his bold, neon yellow t-shirt. “No” I answer honestly “but taking it for granted was…
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How do you think mcree, Genji, and Junkrat react to finding an abandoned baby?

I apologize now, it will take me a little while to figure out how to write each character.  I hope I didn’t slaughter them too much D: 


Genji: The opened window allowed the curtains to blow gracefully over the cot in the corner of the room.  The only light in the came from the moonlight, casting a dim glow across the innocent soul.

  Genji pushed the translucent fabric away, reveling a small face looking up at him.  To his surprise, little hands reaching up for him.  A city ransacked and a gentle reminder of the implications of greed. 

If he could not find someone in the city, left to take the child, then there was a little congregation of townhouses not too far from here. 

Surely there would be a descent family there, Genji thought as he slowly picked the child up, watching it’s eyebrows furrow and limbs squirm at the contact of metal.

Junkrat: His scavenge through the scrap piles had been put on the back-burner.  The junker had tried to ignore the noise for all long as possible, but the wailing had finally struck on his last nerve.  The new mission was to find whatever was causing that wrenched sound and shut it up.  He tossed his arms up in defeat, dropping the piece of wire he’d found behind him and sighing dramatically he stormed off; leaving Roadhog in place to continue the original search for parts.

Limping through the massive piles of junk and scrap, the choked cries were getting closer and closer. 

“ah, blood hell, stupid piece o-” His rampage had been abruptly stopped by a tin can that had decided to get rather friendly with his biotic leg.  He stopped to shake it off, watching as the tin bounce a couple of times before rolling the rest of the way, only to be stopped by a grubby and torn cardboard box.  To which, upon further inspection, reveled the source of the noise.

It took a few moments in honesty to realize what was in the box.  A baby?! It wasn’t entirely uncommon to see children abandon, for a variety of reasons, in the wastelands.  Yet it was uncommon for Junkrat to see one so up close, usually mothers would shield their children away from him - concerned he’d blow up on contact.  

The baby had stopped crying at the sight of him, at least that was something.  The mid day air was hot enough that the little fellow would probably die of dehydration soon, the buzzards soaring above seemed to reinforce this idea.

 Crouching down, the Junker cocked his head to the side and pursed his lips together while he reached a crooked finger down to poke the small fleshy creature in the chest.  Junkrat immediately regretted this decision, as it sent the child into another fit of tears. 

“Alright, alright, alright!” he said exasperatedly, picking up the entirety of the box, Maybe it’ll be worth something.

Mcree: He stumbled out of the saloon at an ungodly hour, saluting a goodbye to the fellow drinkers as he tried his best not to go down the three steps on his face.

Swaying down the alley, he decided to stop and light a cigarette.  Leaning against an old garbage bin, he took a long drag, head tilting back to look up at the star covered sky. There wasn’t a lot noise at this time in the night, so he was somewhat surprised to hear the gentle rustle behind him.

Probably just a rat.. he thought to himself, but checked anyways - not particularly fond of the possibility of a rats company.  Peaking into the dumpster he’d been learning against, he found two eye’s staring back at him, but they weren’t like any rat he’d every seen before.  He sobered up pretty quick after that.

“Tough start, kiddo” He mumbled, holding his cigarette between his lips as he cuddled the baby into his arms; quickly wrapping it up in his poncho.  Mcree realized very quickly how unqualified he was in dealing with a human of this age. 

Probably best I find somewhere for you, kid. Lucky for him, the child was quiet, transfixed on Mcree’s hat for the most part of the journey.      

A letter to him

A/N: quick written, on mobile, I hate my phone, thinking about writing part two

Pairing: John Laurens x reader (first one for Hamilton)

Warnings: Angst?

Word Count: 198

Summary: You write a letter to your love, not knowing whay happened to him

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some kind of update thing

So I just wanted to say, I may not exactly change my name to Ranmashitposts
But I will definitely keep making photoshop edits, I enjoy them and it actually allows me to feel creative, and as a person with no real talent for Anything, having something that lets me feel creative is really amazing, I’ve been slowly building up my photoshop skills and I’m very proud of where I got on mostly self teaching and pure luck. So in short expect more photoshop Ranma shitposts, but I won’t make it the only thing here, cause I also really enjoy making incorrect Ranma quotes and I wouldn’t wanna stop those at all, unless I’m at the point where I really can’t get new content for those. Doubt that’ll happen but ya know. 

Oh! But I also wanna say, that I maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe might also shove some poopy Ranma fanart, probably… maybe, or not. Idk, cause I’ve been practicing on drawing, and I think in a yeeeeaar????? I’d have some art I’d be proud to show to the world…. or maybe not.

So a TL;DR: Will make more photoshop edits, won’t stop the quotes, will keep the URL. Might draw things too one day, maybe not. 

Imagine: Eric Nam...

Imagine after a romantic night with Eric, you wake up in his arms. Then he wakes up and glances at the clock to see he is late. “Oh no. Y/N-ah, I am late” You get up and get dressed and accidentally slip on his shirt. He searches for his shirt then sees it on you and smile then goes over and gets it back. Then he kisses you a sends off a quick good bye and rushes to the ASC studio.