person: fire truck

I wonder if I am the only one but my heart broke seeing Mark at his school. He looks tired honestly just tired. And while I’m glad he debuted he needs his rest. Like come on now. He has worked non-stop last and starting this year and now he will be in this competition show ….. I’m happy but I hope he rests soon.

As an entertainer, yes entertain us do what you have to do (but 1000 out of 10 do what you love) but please know the mind body spirit are just as vital.
Yeah sure Mark is in SM and he might have known what he was asking for. Okay …but jeez the kid is only human. He has such more importance than just always performing. How about him resting ? Eating? Sleeping? Hanging out with friends and family ? Learning? Laughing? And more ? All of these are important or just what ever he feels like is important to him.
He is still growing and learning mentally and physically and I just want him to go on with confidence and be happy.