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I confused you between really fucking good for me and this is how I die.
—  We began in an eclipse of cascading smiles, where closer meant place your lips around the words I want to say, don’t give the moonlight a chance to slip between us. when your day was a verse that acknowledged the presence of an established duo, dialing backwards to recite prescriptions that could fill the emptiness that was you. The clouds signed our piece when we let a night dictate the feelings we wore, when cold meant looking into your eyes for hours, but never understanding the sadness that followed I love you. Maybe my heart was born broken, maybe your eyes were always the shape of tears I could never cry. Maybe my hands never knew the meaning of fragile when I placed your lips on the horizon, maybe your ribs always constricted silence into an enigma that’s always moving in the direction of closing. Loneliness will always fight you for me, sadness will always hug the corners in bitter remembrance of a protagonist that was zealous for an embrace. And though I have seen better days with my hands, laughed stories I want to hear with the sun. I have sipped posture from dandelion wishes and fermented the future in a single blink. Today, I know I won’t survive another you.
Creepypasta #1199: I Keep My Eyes Open Whenever I Light Up A Dark Room

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Let’s run through a scenario, okay? Completely hypothetical.

Let’s say you’re home alone or working at the office late at night. Nobody else is there. It’s just you and the silence. Let’s say you get up to go to another room or walk to your co-worker’s office. You open the door and the room is pitch black. Maybe there are lights on in the hall, but for some odd reason none of it is spilling into the room. You’re facing pure, inky blackness. You reach out and feel around. Your hand finds the light switch. One swift upward motion and the entire room will be filled with light.

Do you keep your eyes open and turn on the light? Or do you shut your eyes tight then flip the switch, your body involuntarily flinching when you do so?

I do the latter. Every single time. Pretty lame, huh? But I’m not afraid of the dark. I’m afraid of what I might see when the light comes on.

I wasn’t always like this. I swear.

Okay… fine. Another hypothetical scenario:

You’re in your room, watching TV or surfing the web. You yawn because you should have been asleep hours ago. But your favorite show came on or you fell down a Wiki-hole and time just got away from you. Finally you manage to pry yourself away from whatever distraction is holding you. You turn off your TV or your computer monitor. You turn towards the window next to you-

And there’s somebody there, looking in. You can’t see their features but what little light there is outside shows that there is clearly somebody pressed up against your window, hands cupped to their face so they can get a better look at you.

Do you immediately turn on the lights? Won’t that just make them harder to see and you that much easier to spot? Don’t you wish you had closed your eyes before turning towards your window? Wouldn’t it have been better just not knowing at all?

You ever open your front door and expect to find somebody standing at your front porch, ready to rip the screen door open and grab you, dragging you out into the dark night to never be found again? Or have to sit with your back against the wall because you constantly feel like somebody is in the room with you, staring at you? Just waiting for that opportune moment to wrap their arms around you from behind and….

I sound paranoid, I know. But I have my reasons.

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I was tagged by @flyinghetfield and I think @jessyulrich???? Idk I’m out of it

Rules: list 10 songs you’re currently into and tag 10 people I guess. [I’m gonna list a bit more than 10 cus I don’t listen, plus I’ll add my favorite lyrics at the end]

Warning: I’m super down so this list will probably be super down.

1.) Zombie - The Cranberries (No Need To Argue, 1994)
2.) Hey You - Pink Floyd (The Wall, 1979)
3.) Another Brick In The Wall [pt. 2] - Pink Floyd (The Wall, 1970)
4.) Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd (Wish You Were Here, 1975)
5.) Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd (The Wall, 1979)
6.) The Show Must Go On - Queen (Innuendo, 1991)
7.) Nothing Else Matters - Metallica (Metallica/The Black Album, 1991)
8.) Until It Sleeps - Metallica (Load, 1996)
9.) Where The Wild Things Are - Metallica (Reload, 1997)
10.) Low Man’s Lyric - Metallica (Reload, 1997)
11.) Hero Of The Day - Metallica (Load, 1996)
12.) 1-800-273-8255 - Logic/Alessia Cara/Khalid (Everybody, 2017) [Weren’t expecting that one, were ya?]

All these just give me chills man

1.) “Another mother’s breaking heart is being taken over.”
2.) “United we stand, defeated we fall.”
3.) “All in all, it’s just another brick in the wall.”
4.) “We’re just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year.”
5.) “You are only coming through in waves.”
6.) “Fairytales of yesterday will grow but never die.”
7.) “Trust I seek and I find in you.” ( @jessyulrich )
8.) “So tear me open, pour me out.”
9.) “All children touch the sun.”
10.) “So let this poor dog in from the rain.”
11.) “But now the dreams and waking screams that ever last the night.”
12.) “They say every life is precious but nobody care about mine.”

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‏"إنني لا أفهم كيف يكون الإنسان مُلتزمًا تجاه الآخرين باللطف وإتقاء الأذى، لكنه مع ذلك لا ينجو، لا ينجو من خيبة أو حسرة".