person: erik larsen


some pages from erik larsen’s run on thor in 2000

never forget that when all those motherfuckers were whining about how idris elba and tadonobu asano ‘just didn’t look like heimdall and hogun’, this is what they actually wanted instead

also yeah, that is thor impatiently waiting while tony stark, in full iron man armor, crafts him a device that will let him track jane foster’s pager to where she has been abducted by the absorbing man to cure his girlfriend of cancer, bc jane foster is apparently a normal doctor and not an astrophysicist in actual marvel continuity, because only men are super-geniuses in the comics i guess

in the year two thousand, thor needed iron man to make him a custom piece of tech to track down someone’s //pager//

so idk, this is what we could have had ended up with as the thor movie if they’d done it ten years earlier.

i mean, don’t get me wrong, erik larsen is drawing the hell out of the wierd iterations of jack kirby designs from forty years earlier, and if disney wanted to start making animated series and features with the clone wars engine tilted towards jack kirby’s chunky aesthetic, that would be FUCKING AWESOME.  but also, thor in the comics is //goofy as hell// and always has been, and the best thing branagh did was leave out all the most ridiculous parts to focus on the cosmic epic parts.

for example, not shown is thor’s handsome new paramedic human form.  the conceit that thor needs a clark kent alter ego to learn humility was always frankly kind of terrible bc he can change at will and why would he ever change back.  

remember quentin’s terrible little speech in kill bill about how clark kent is superman’s parody of what human beings are like?  that’s bullshit.  superman is clark kent because clark kent is who superman really is.  he was raised as clark kent, it’s not a mask, that’s his actual face - that’s who he //aspires// to be.  being superman comes easy to him, being clark kent is hard work.

but thor is a god, born and raised in asgard, wearing the skin of a mortal man.  donald blake (or whichever of a string of boring blonde dudes) //actually is// thor’s projection of what being a human being is like - soft and weak and not terribly useful, and to be cast aside the literal moment some real shit goes down, which in the marvel universe is //every fourteen minutes//.