person: dis mah face


Yes that’s a very old picture of the Pallas cat, it was from the last time I got tagged in one of these lockscreen things BUT THE PICTURE HAS NOT CHANGED SO HERE YA GO. IDK  what else I’m supposed to do so here’s me and my ugly mug and my old old old pic of my same lockscreen.

I was tagged by the ever wonderful @kpopxfanatic

and I tag @g-d0818 and whoever else wants to do this cos I dunno how peoples feel about selfie taggy thingiemaboppers.


I was tagged by @g-d0818 for this selfie thing. I never wear this much makeup normally but I just bought a shit ton of lipsticks so I thought I’d take some selfies with them. And then, well, my normal selfie faces started to show.

I has no friends and I don’t want to subject anyone to doing this if they’re uncomfortable so DO THIS IF YOU WANNA AND TAG ME IN IT SO I CAN SEE YOUR PRETTY FACES.


I was tagged by @buffycuddlespigs @cassiafrankincense and @diydrarry to post some selfies from 2016!  I think the standard is 6, but I went with Ashleigh’s 9 as I wanted to show all the different stages of hair I have been through this year!!  From red to pink to blond to brunette, it’s been quite the ride haha!  

I’ll tag @sprout2012 @aroseindaegu @gloster @pennigg101297 @goldentruth813 @oh-my-fancan @elsa-the-snowbitch @indigoprinceofslytherin @parseltonquinq @drarryking @drarry-queen

You can do 6 or 9, whatever you fancy, or not at all if you’re not comfortable :)