person: david booth


Well, it would make your husband very happy. Like a kid on Christmas morning.

Good luck trying to get that in without making noise. There has to be one adult in the family at least. Ain’t gonna be me. Not on Christmas morning.

For 10 nights in a row in 1970, David Booth had the same nightmare. While deep in sleep, he witnessed a jetliner veering off a runway, flipping completely over, and then bursting into flames. Booth felt compelled to inform the FAA about his dreams. Officials actually listened to what he had to say and concluded that he was dreaming of a Boeing 727 or perhaps a DC-10 plane.On the day that David Booth had his last nightmare, American Airlines DC-10 Flight 191 crashed just a few moments after takeoff. One of the plane’s engines broke loose, causing an imbalance. The plane flipped on the runway and burst into flames. All 273 passengers aboard died.


I think it would be all too easy to overlook these moments. The moments which occur as each episode fades to black. But something so incredibly (and consistently) exceptional about David and Emily is the brilliant way they can close out any scene or episode- simply by playing off the other. I have no idea how the final seconds of this scene were scripted. Or if they were even scripted at all. We already know that some directors like to take advantage of their ability to improvise banter for an extended period of time. It’s one of the things David and Emily do best. This comes from having a solid foundation and a rich history. Their chemistry has burned so brilliantly since the very beginning. We were all lucky enough to bear witness to that miracle. And the relationship that has blossomed from that chemistry, hard work, and unwavering faith in one another has created such an unparalleled and impenetrable force. Anything these two do automatically becomes amazing. Any interactions they have are pure gold for fans. Suddenly, a “fade out” moment becomes a can’t-miss moment. They are able to convey heat, humor, and love with just a few lines of banter and some tender touches. You cannot script that. I absolutely lost it when Brennan tried on the glasses and Booth had to steady her on their way to their bedroom. That’s just them. That is David and Emily. The trust, friendship and love between them is so evident. Always. In every scene- big and small. They are so comfortable with each other, and that translates so effortlessly and beautifully to their characters. I obviously always overreact to moments such as these. But I just cannot help the way these two constantly make me feel. They are once-in-a-generation costars. And I thank the universe each and every day for allowing the stars to align just perfectly, and giving these two wonderful and crazy individuals to the Bones world. We are richer for having them in our show and in our lives. 

I really adore this little moment. It’s nothing major but it still makes me so happy- it’s always the little things on Bones that make me squee the most. There’s just something so adorably domestic about Brennan throwing a pillow at Booth, IN THEIR BEDROOM…I’M FINE.

And the scene itself! It’s amazing to hear Booth admit out loud to Brennan that he doesn’t like the idea of her with another guy (WHAT A SHOCKER, not, haha). We all already knew that of course, but now they can say these  things to each other because they don’t have to hide their feelings anymore.