person: david booth

It’s been 12 years, and Brennan and Booth have grown so much. And we got to see their development, not only througout the entire series, but specially on this last episode.

Bones introduced us to Temperance Brennan, a woman who had been abandoned by her parents and that didn’t believed in love. A woman that didn’t believe that it was possible to have a family and that had no connection to her emotions.

Last night we said goodbye, to Temperance Brennan, a woman who married the love of her life, her home, and had 2 children with him. A woman who forgave her father, and a woman that lived out of love.

Bones introduced us to Seeley Booth, a men with a lion heart that all he wanted was his own family. A men who fell in love with a woman that didn’t know love or anything that came with it. A men that was mad at his father.

Last night we said goodbye, to Seeley Booth, a men who married the woman of his dreams, and had 2 children with her. A men who forgave his father, and  a men who that fought for everything he has now and now he gets to spend 30, 40 or 50 years with the love of his life.

Words can’t describe how grateful I am for having had the opportunity to meet this incredible people and to be able to grow with them. Thank you Bones.


So today, I decided to rewatch Bones 6x23 (4 times to be exact) and I kept rewinding this scene (my favorite scene ever), where Brennan tells Booth she’s pregnant with his baby. Everytime I rewatched this scene I noticed something different, whether his looks, her looks, her smile of relief, his smile of happiness, etc… But one thing that I’ve noticed since the day 1 here, was that, their smiles weren’t only of relief or happiness. 

I mean, look at Booth, he barely believed that that was real life… at the end of almost 7 years he would be able to have a family with the love of his life. He is standing right in front of the woman he would give is life for, and that woman is telling him, that she is carrying his child! She is carrying his child after making love with him for the first time in YEARS after they fell in love with each other. (I mean for Christ’ sake Booth has teary eyes)

And Brennan, look at her, she never ever had a family, she never hoped she had one, and in that second, there she is, telling the men that taught her what loving someone meant, the men that broke her walls and crossed her bridges, the men that she trusted her life to, that she is pregnant with his baby. That, yes he was right, there is more than one kind of family but her kind of family is now him. 

For me those smiles were so much more, those smiles were from two people in love, who are now bond to one another, by a baby. Two people that believed they wouldn’t be together in a lifetime, now seeing the meaning of family when they look into each other’s eyes. Those smiles were from two people now becoming one.

And I completely love everything about it.

Thank you Bones for allowing me to have this moments were I can express my emotions, for me it means the world. You will be missed.

I’ve loved the entire episode of the season finale of Bones, but there was a scene that stuck with me. Brennan in the interrogation room.

We already know that Temperance Brennan is a family woman, a supporting wife and a protective mother (okay I can’t believe that I actually wrote this I’m hyperventilating our baby has babies with her baby jwdhsjk). But in that moment we were able to watch her taking the role of protecting mother and supportive wife to a whole new level. 

I’ve rewatched that scene 5 times already, and you’ll notice that, when Brennan stated (yelled) that Kovac’ sister planned to kill her, she doesn’t move, but, in the next second, when she stated that she (Kovac’ sister) also planned to kill her children, Booth has to hold Brennan as she jumps a step forward, because otherwise she would punch Kovac’ sister.

After all of this, Brennan still defends her husband when the same woman, puts the blame of Max’s death on Booth’s hands.

Temperance Brennan, in one simple scene showed the world who she became. A mother who would die and murder for her children, a mother who obviously is not okay with the idea of something bad happening to her, but that doesn’t scare her (not even near) as much as the idea of loosing her children. A wife, that even on the worst times (like “being in front of the killer that’s after your family” times) won’t stop defending her husband. No matter the circumstances, she always standes beside Booth, her husband.


I think it would be all too easy to overlook these moments. The moments which occur as each episode fades to black. But something so incredibly (and consistently) exceptional about David and Emily is the brilliant way they can close out any scene or episode- simply by playing off the other. I have no idea how the final seconds of this scene were scripted. Or if they were even scripted at all. We already know that some directors like to take advantage of their ability to improvise banter for an extended period of time. It’s one of the things David and Emily do best. This comes from having a solid foundation and a rich history. Their chemistry has burned so brilliantly since the very beginning. We were all lucky enough to bear witness to that miracle. And the relationship that has blossomed from that chemistry, hard work, and unwavering faith in one another has created such an unparalleled and impenetrable force. Anything these two do automatically becomes amazing. Any interactions they have are pure gold for fans. Suddenly, a “fade out” moment becomes a can’t-miss moment. They are able to convey heat, humor, and love with just a few lines of banter and some tender touches. You cannot script that. I absolutely lost it when Brennan tried on the glasses and Booth had to steady her on their way to their bedroom. That’s just them. That is David and Emily. The trust, friendship and love between them is so evident. Always. In every scene- big and small. They are so comfortable with each other, and that translates so effortlessly and beautifully to their characters. I obviously always overreact to moments such as these. But I just cannot help the way these two constantly make me feel. They are once-in-a-generation costars. And I thank the universe each and every day for allowing the stars to align just perfectly, and giving these two wonderful and crazy individuals to the Bones world. We are richer for having them in our show and in our lives. 

I really adore this little moment. It’s nothing major but it still makes me so happy- it’s always the little things on Bones that make me squee the most. There’s just something so adorably domestic about Brennan throwing a pillow at Booth, IN THEIR BEDROOM…I’M FINE.

And the scene itself! It’s amazing to hear Booth admit out loud to Brennan that he doesn’t like the idea of her with another guy (WHAT A SHOCKER, not, haha). We all already knew that of course, but now they can say these  things to each other because they don’t have to hide their feelings anymore.