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That’s it I’m sick of this fandom hate! Reblog if...

(I’m so sick of seeing Harry Potter tumblr blogs or Potter Cast fan tumblr blogs that one second are reblogging positive posts about the Harry Potter cast and then turn around and insult and smear Emma Watson/Tom Felton/Rupert Grint/Dan Radcliffe,etc (Specially Emma!) over a misconstructed/fragment/out-of-context quote in ‘click bait’ articles, without thinking that Maybe! there’s more to ‘quote’ that what they take at face value. 

(which in the past have shown Repeatedly! to take what they said  in interviews and Misconstruct it, cut it out and make it look bad to stir drama and gain clicks/pageviews))


REBLOG/LIKE if you are a fan of more than one of the HP Cast Members (SPECIALLY Dan,Rupert and Emma) but who DOESN’T Spread negativity against ANY of the other HP Cast Members (SPECIALLY EMMA) 

I need to know that there’s more fans out there who actually see them as people, who make mistakes and learn, as opposed to ‘’unproblematic idols’ who should get smeared  and dragged the second they say something dumb/not well thought out. 

(PS- if ANY haters, specially Emma haters, try to hijack my post, I won’t hesitate to block you- even report you for trolling). 

(DISCLAIMER: Because obviously I don’t seem to have made this clear enough, if you ‘Are not a fan of Emma” THIS POST IS NOT FOR YOU.

the point of this post was “I’m a fan of DanielR/TomF/RupertG” AND an Emma fan/ or won’t talk sh*t about Emma.

if you say “i’m A fan of DanR/TomF/RupertG, but Not a fan of Emma’’ THIS. POST.IS.NOT.FOR YOU. 

Cast after Harry Potter
  • Daniel: *does more movies*
  • Rupert: *does more movies*
  • Emma: *does more movies, models and is an activist*
  • Tom: *waits for JK Rowling to announce The Cursed Child film*