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Since it's a lazy Sunday, what would a day with Digger consist of?

Lazy Sunday my butt I’m at work, but I’m also on tumblr at work so I guess it is a lazy sunday lmao though I’d much rather be at home snuggled up with that scum bag Aussie criminal 😉😉

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A lazy day at home with Digger would include:

  • Sex lmao
  • Lots of fucking sex
  • Morning sex, post-breakfast sex, pre-dinner sex, and before bed sex
  • Him showering with you because he likes you to scrub his back really good
  • Like, you’ll be taking a shower and Boomer will just pop his head into the shower curtains and be like, “Babe, will ya please do me back?” and then just come in no matter what your answer is
  • He’ll wash your hair, tenderly massaging your scalp
  • Then ya’ll will probs fuck in the shower
  • He’ll offer to make breakfast only if you promise to make dinner, a fair trade
  • But he fucks up making breakfast, burning the eggs or something, so you end up doing both
  • Lots of wet sloppy kisses
  • He refuses to wear a shirt and more than likely wont wear pants either
  • If you’re lucky he wears boxers
  • He will start drinking by around 3 PM
  • Will ask you to watch movies with him on the couch with all the lights off and a fan on full blast in the middle of the room
  • His favorite movie cuddle position is him laying out over the couch and your snuggled over his barrel chest, he holds you and keeps your from falling off because his big ass hardly gives you any room
  • He makes up for it with cute giggles and wise crack comments about the movie/shows you guys watch
  • Eats a lot of food? Like, snacks
  • Will probs eat three plates of dinner, no chance of left overs
  • He will go to bed AFTER you’re asleep but he wakes you up in a protective embrace