person: christine riccio


shower reading: proven to make life 678.9% better

I finished Allegiant a few days ago...

Oh gods. Allegiant was… traumatizing. I still don’t think I am fully recovered. I think that it might take a year, instead of months, like Clockwork Princess (which was the first book I cried reading, thank you Cassie!). I didn’t cry reading Allegiant, but i was close to it. I went into a state of shock. but I think that I am doing better with it than CP2, because after CP2 I went and ate some ice cream and sobbed out ‘Will, Will..“, but now I am currently reading 'The Diviners’ by Libba Bray, which is an excellent mourning period book. 

So, to sum this up,

Allegiant was like being tossed into a pile of broken glass and then tossed in a volcano. Or, as the brilliant Christine Riccio says: 'it was like being thrown out the window and then having a piano tossed out the window and landing on your face.’