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So I saw The Addams Family today

And all I can currently say is HOLY CRAP. I loved how much Carrie and Oliver embodied their characters, I had the pleasure of seeing Scott as Uncle Fester (which I will be eternally thankful for bc he was AMAZING) and Cameron Blakeley stole my heart and honestly Samantha Womack is just… Wow. Charlotte Page’s voice is breathtaking at times, Dickon Gough is HILARIOUS and honestly if I could see this show a million times I would. I could not recommend it highly enough. Also, just watching all of Carrie and Oliver’s little interactions is so amazing. I’d be happy spending the entire time just watching them (which, admittedly, was what I did a lot). Honestly just fantastic!

YouTuber Carrie Fletcher shares inspirational bikini photo as she hits back at bodyshamers

We have always had a whole lot of time for YouTuber and actress Carrie Hope Fletcher, with the 24 year old often using her high-profile to spread positivity and happiness among her thousands of followers.

And this morning, Carrie was even more inspirational than usual.

The star is currently reprising her role of Eponine in the Dubai production of West End musical Les Miserables, and poor Carrie couldn’t help but notice that she was being criticised for her weight by cruel trolls.

Taking to Instagram, the star showed off her absolutely amazing body as she posed in a bikini and wrote alongside the image: “Someone recently called me fat in the comments of one of my last pictures here on Instagram.

"I get this every now and then and I sometimes respond about being happy and healthy and what a shame it is that size 12 is considered ‘fat’ these days. But saying the same thing over and over starts to get boring and sometimes words just aren’t enough.

"So here. This is me. Whilst I’m in Dubai this is how I’ll be spending most of my days when not in the theatre. In my bikini, being very comfortable and at peace with my body. I am curvy. I have lumps and bumps, some of which, in all the 'wrong’ places.

"I have stretch marks, cellulite, scars and tattoos and I am not scared to wear a bikini whilst lounging by the pool that shows off all my wobbly bits. Coz guess what? Everyone has them. Everyone has imperfections! I love my body, including all the bits society has deemed unlovable.

"And guess what else? My body loves me back too! So you individuals out there, with your judgemental attitudes towards anything that looks different from the photoshopped women in magazines, don’t have to.”

Ooft, you tell 'em, girl.

This isn’t the first time that Carrie has spoken out about body positivity, exclusively telling Yahoo Celebrity UK earlier this year that she felt that it was her “responsibility” to provide a positive message to her followers.

She explained: “There is a choice you make about what you want to put forward to that audience and I just think why not use that platform to your best advantage? Why wouldn’t you talk about things that will make people feel better?

"It frustrates me so much - I get messages from really young girls saying they’re not 'normal’ because they’re such-and-such a weight or size and they’re absolutely healthy. It’s so upsetting.”

As well as being a successful West End star and hugely popular vlogger, Carrie is also an established author, with her first book, 'All I Know Now’, providing a warts-and-all insight into her experiences growing up as a helpful and reassuring guide for her followers.

We reckon that it’s pretty safe to say that Carrie is doing an amazing job of using her platform to her “best advantage”.

Never change, Carrie, never change.