person: best fwiend


hey guys, its amber. so like the other day somebody was telling me how adorqble me and maddy’s tumblr relationship is so since i havent hacked her bumass in a while, i decided to continue this creepy love affair that we have. so like, i love this girl way too much (as you probably already know) and we’ve actually decided that we are officially married, so thats fun.. uhm my name is Shmillbert and her name is Shmeryl (as in Hillbert and Sheryl but more creative and odd). so yep, we’re married but we’re quite old and we dont have sex anymore because Shmeryl threw out her back going up the stairs at the retirement home to turn in her application.

tis all, goodbye.

PS. i hope you guys are all thoroughly scared of us and our weird ass relationship

love, Maddy’s sister from another blister

It’s really nice that I have one person in my life who is there supporting me and looking out for me no matter how many bad days or negative thoughts I have, and no matter how many times I’m breaking down or about to give up. I’m reminded almost daily that I am beautiful, strong, and worth much more than I believe. I’m truly blessed to have a best friend like that. Thank you.