person: aveline

Things people may have missed from Skyhold's War Table

The second part of the ‘Hard In Hightown’ quest line reveals, if Josephine’s approach is used, that Seneschal Bran has become Kirkwall’s Viscount.

The quest ‘Annexing Kirkwall’ reveals that Sebastian has occupied Kirkwall and Aveline leads the rebellion against him.

If you side with the Qunari over the Chargers you unlock a series of quest where you work with Tallis.

After the quest ‘Investigate Lord Enzo’ you get to work against him with Zevran

The quest ‘A Trouble of Red Jennies’ reveals that Charade Amell has moved to Tantervelle and become a Red Jenny

I want to see soccer mom Aveline and Cassandra having a play date. Little kid Inquisition and merry band of mifits playing on the jungle gym.

Aveline has to yell at Fenris to stop beating up Dorian.
Cassandra ends up hunting down IB and Isabela, who are kissing behind a tree.
Anders and Vivienne argue about mage rights, the word ‘doody head’ may have been thrown out there.
Cole is helping a little girl who fell and skinned her knee.
Josephine and Merrill have a tea party with all of Josie’s stuffed animals.
Sebastian and Cullen are play fighting with sticks, and playing “save the princess.”
Leliana is the princess. She gets bored and fights her way out of the castle.
At the end of the day they find Solas, curled up and asleep under the slide.

Sixteen reasons to love Aveline:

1. She has to kill her own husband and never complains about it

2. When she gets to Kirkwall she wants to pull her own weight rather than ask Hawke for things, which is special considering everyone asks Hawke to do things for them

3.She really is good at her job, becoming captain of the guard quickly

4. She questions her superiors when they are doing shady things

5.She says “no one threatens my friends” even if you are a mage??

6. She loves being captain even if it is a heavy duty

7. And Aveline still takes the time to go on adventures with you

8. Her husband Wesley stays in her thoughts

9. Even though she married a templar, she does not blindly follow his opinion

10. About Feynriel and his mother: “No matter their differences, his mother deserves to know he’s alive”

11. She has the cutest personal romantic quest ever

12. When your mother dies she comes to you, and Aveline
does not only know exactly what to say but also shares a personal story

13. “I am here for you, Hawke. And for me"  is the healthiest thing I have heard a companion say in this crazy-town called Kirkwall.

14. "You go through me before anyone else!”

15. Also she has the best lines when your party members get knocked out, such as “That moody mage is down!” (about Anders) and “Isabela’s on the ground, appropriately!”(Isabela)

16. Even when taking a potion she thinks of others: “Hope no one else needs this!”

cassandra and aveline sparring and sharing techniques

cassandra and aveline exchanging exasperated grunts and eyerolls bc hawke/inquisitor just omf g

cassandra and aveline chatting about their lives and cass being totally rapt as aveline talks about wesley and donnic

cassandra and aveline fighting in perfect unison to protect their squishy rogue/mage children

cassandra and aveline slinging orlesian insults at varric as soon as he’s out of earshot

cassandra and aveline cleaning weapons together in comfortable silence

cassandra and aveline telling tales about chevaliers and true love and dragons and magic and losing track of time

cassandra and aveline being strong dorks

cassandra and aveline

bonus: varric telling cass that aveline is the knight-captain from ‘swords and shields’ and cass frea ki gn ourt

  • Hawke: So what now? You aren't just going to leave, are you?
  • Tallis: You think I would fit into your merry entourage?
  • Isabela: Let's see... are you possessed? Consorting with demons? A pathological liar?
  • Aveline: I am none of those things.
  • Isabela: Can you run five miles carrying a cow over your head?
  • Aveline: That's better.
  • Tallis: I have six toes on my left foot.
  • Isabela: Eh, close enough.