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DA:2 companions react to Hawke and Fenris' baby

I… I love you for this anon. I am baby trash and I am Fenris trash. I am trash.

Aveline: She isn’t quite sure, at first, that they’ll be good parents, but she quickly changes her mind when she sees how careful and loving both parents are with their new baby. She knows that this kid is going to end up being as fierce as a dragon and their parents will love them more than anything. She’ll be around for when they run into trouble.

Merrill: She oohs and ahhs and makes funny faces to make the kid laugh. All she had to do was take one look at the happy, proud, sleep-deprived parents to know that this was going to be the best thing for them all. She frequently babysits and tells Dalish stories to get the kid to sleep.

Sebastian: The baby is a gift from the Maker, but the way Hawke and Fenris both look at the child is a miracle. Like Aveline, he wasn’t quite sure at first. Both of them have dealt with such loss and pain. Fenris especially has a tendency to be a bit antagonistic. Yet he could never question that they will be wonderful parents.

Varric: This is going to make for a crazy addition to his book! There’s no denying that this kid is probably simultaneously very safe and very in danger. Most of the city of Kirkwall would rise up in defense of their Champion’s kid, but there were also a lot of factions that might try to hurt Hawke and Fenris using their beloved baby. He starts paying off the Carta to keep an ear out for anyone who might hurt the kid.

Isabela: The sight of Hawke and Fenris with their new baby is the cutest thing she’s ever seen. She’s going to teach that kid how to hold their liquor and all the dirty limericks she’s ever known. And Auntie Isabela will always be around to help make mischief.

Anders: If the baby is biologically Hawke’s and Fenris’, he insists on being the one to deliver it. Even though he and Fenris don’t really get along, Hawke is his friend and he wants to do this. But even if the child is adopted, he’s always there to help. He’ll heal scraped knees and bruised elbows. He doesn’t think he’s ever seen Hawke so happy, and even Fenris smiles, so he’s going to do everything he can to make sure they all stay safe.

Bethany: She’s going the be the best aunt ever. Whenever she can find the time to visit her sibling, she’s there, holding the child and playing with them. She knows her sibling and Fenris both have issues, but who doesn’t? She knows from personal experience that this child will be loved and treasured forever.

Carver: He finds the concept of his sibling being a parent kind of strange. Somehow, he’d never really thought it would happen, maybe because of all the years when they had to essentially parent him. He feels kind of bad for that and he makes up for it by helping out with baby care in whatever way he can. If he’s a Templar, he spends most of his down time with the baby. If he’s a Warden, he sends back unique toys or interesting baby clothes from wherever he’s stationed. And he protects both his sibling and their kid from any threat.

Fenris: The first time he holds his baby, he’s terrified. What if he drops them? What if his lyrium can hurt them? What if he’s a terrible dad? But the moment the child is settled in his embrace, all thought flee except that he will protect this child with his life if he has to. He has a purpose now, and responsibility. He knows he’d do anything for his child. He grins at Hawke, wanting to share this feeling. He knows it’s going to be a bumpy road, but he also knows that they’ll make it. It’s going to be wonderful.


Blue Hawke: They are going to nurture their child if it kills them. This baby is everything. They lean against Fenris, their baby snug in their arms, and they know everything is perfect.

Purple Hawke: They have a feeling that this baby is going to be a handful and probably take after them a little too much. If Fenris thinks one Hawke in the house is hard to deal with? Oh, just wait! It’s going to be amazing and overwhelming and crazy and perfect.

Red Hawke: If anyone so much as sneezes too close to their child, there will be hell to pay. No one will ever threaten their family, no matter what. They’ve lost too much. Never again. This baby is beautiful and they know Fenris will be there through it all, just as fiercely protective. This family will be perfect.

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Dragon Age 2 reacts to Hawke's mabari having puppies and they offer to give one puppy to each of them.

Canonically, mabaris choose their people rather than being chosen. I’ve written this using that lore.

Carver: Yes. He’ll take it. He’ll act like it’s a burden at first for spite, but he won’t be able to keep up the ruse. He loves that dog and that dog loves him and he’s never felt more Fereldan.

Bethany: She isn’t sure the dog will imprint, but it does and she almost cries. She loves her sibling, but she often feels lonely as the only mage in the family since Father died. A dog might be just what she needs.

Aveline: She’s thrilled. It’s a way to feel more connected to Ferelden even though she’s not planning on going back. And she can double team with the dog to whip her guards into shape. Kirkwall ends up treating the dog with the same respect they give to Aveline. She loves it.

Merrill: She really didn’t think the dog would like her. She was sure that it wouldn’t imprint, almost didn’t let Hawke try. But to her surprise the dog takes to her immediately. She starts crying as she holds her new puppy. It licks the tears off her face and barks happily while she laughs.

Anders: At first, he refuses. He likes cats, but dogs aren’t really his favorite animal. If one of the puppies imprints on him anyway, though he doesn’t try for it, he’ll take the dog grudgingly. Yet, after a while together, he grows fairly attached to his mabari. It doesn’t act like most dogs, it’s more reserved, like a cat. He laughs when he realizes that his dog is a cat and decides that he can manage having a dog instead of a cat.

Fenris: He doesn’t have strong feelings one way or the other about dogs, but when one of the new puppies imprints on him he takes a little time to serious consider the pros and cons of dog ownership. In the end, the idea of having an unconditionally loyal companion to watch his back is what decides him. As much as he trusts Hawke, people can change or make mistakes. An imprinted mabari will stay with him for life.

Isabela: Dogs aren’t very common on ships, but she’s been landlocked for years now. And the dog sort of made the decision for her, imprinting after only a few hours. She didn’t mean to let it happen, but it did. And, like Fenris, she likes the idea of an endlessly loyal companion. A dog won’t stab her in the back or try to make her transport slaves. A dog won’t judge her lifestyle, either. Dogs are good.

Varric: That dog is going to be almost as tall as he is. That’s his first thought when Hawke tells him that one of the puppies has imprinted on him. His second thought is that Bianca (both of them) is going to be jealous. Like most of the crazy things that happen to him, he just rolls with it.

Sebastian: He wasn’t expecting one of the new puppies to imprint on him, but when it does he feels rather honored. Mabaris are proud, strong, loyal creatures, and to be chosen by one is a great honor. He’s not Fereldan, but he can still recognize how majestic the dog is. It’s clumsy right now, all paws and a big, curious nose, but it’s a sweet puppy and it’ll be very graceful when it’s grown. It sings the Chant with him, its voice mingling surprisingly well.