person: amantha

Caleb is out at poker, and I have a night alone. So what do I do? Watch television and eat Jeni’s Splendid bramble berry crisp ice cream, duh. 

I literally never see any noise on the Internet about “Rectify,” which surprises me, because it’s definitely one of the best in the category of “slow, meditative, death-centric television programs.” “The Leftovers” is also in the same category, but I can’t take Justin Theroux seriously because he dates Jennifer Aniston, and also, it was three years ago, people, like fucking start having sex and doing drugs. Enough already. I actually do like “The Leftovers,” which needs a full three episodes to appreciate.

“Rectify” is about a man, Daniel, who was released from Death Row after 19 years of imprisonment. He goes back to the town where he is from, where he hasn’t lived since being convicted at 16. He gets to live the life he never thought he’d see again inside of a concrete box.

The first season was sublime. I’m pretty sure it was the music. And also, Amantha, Daniel’s sister (pictured above), is literally perfect looking, am I wrong? There were a few scenes where I was reduced to weeping, which happens far less than you would think considering how much I cry to get attention when fighting with Caleb.

The second season has been uneven. It’s taken a long time to pick up again. I haven’t been chomping at the bit, as they say, to watch each new episode. But finally, at the 6th — which I just watched — there is a flashback scene in which Daniel is played music by the prison chaplain, a sound he hasn’t heard in many years, and literally every hair on my body stood on edge. There are very few things that have done that to me recently, perhaps…sex? Yeah right. Oh, maybe Karl Ove Knausgaard. In any case, you should watch the show for those moments, if you’re looking for something. If you’re melancholy like me, and love to think about wrongfully imprisoned men perhaps dying for nothing, then you will love this show. Oh also, maybe it will make you reconsider suicide? I don’t know, something to consider.