person: a beautiful snowflake

Ellgan & Jarissa. OC commission by the insanely talented and absolutely wonderful, @shanlightyear

Logan Michel Kesley grows up knowing without a doubt that he’s going to take over Benoit Farms and Gardens. Country life suits him perfectly and he’s in no hurry to settle down, but when he meets city-girl Elinor Le, his peaceful country life gets a shake up.

Jad Mahad Kesley recently returns to Benoit Farms and Gardens after studying abroad to become a vet. He hasn’t even officially opened up his clinic yet when writer, Carissa Gordon, literally comes crashing into his life. 

Oh you know, just a couple of OC OTPs and angsty love stories I’ve been cooking up in my head… Full fics to come… eventually… some day.

How many times does Tamaki tamaki?

Episode One

(Goes in order of the episode. Fun to read while watching.)

#1: Calls Haruhi poor and exceptional before stating, “It must be hard to be looked down upon by others.”

#2: “Long live the poor! We welcome you poor man to our world of beauty!”

#3: Calls Haruhi gay then flirts with what he believes is a gay guy.

#4: Tamaki acts gay.

#5: Says dumb quote, foreshadowing to Kyoya’s pervy quote, calls Haruhi a dog.

#6: Haruhi is called a “little piglet” and weird and twirly thing.


#8: Makes big deal about drinking instant coffee and gets everyone to clap about it.

#9: Sparkles! Flowers! I’m special!

#10: Sparkles! Flowers! I’m special and flirting this time!

Bonus: Twins twincesting!

#11: Tamaki breaths on Haruhi. Haruhi is shooketh

#12: Tamaki is a “gentleman” who can’t tell a guy from a girl!

#13: Haruhi: *thinks host club is stupid* Tamaki: It’s a cruel reality isn’t it? It’s not often God creates a perfect person like moi, beautiful both inside and out!”

#14: I’m a special snowflake! I’m gonna say stuff that sounds smart about myself while you think of how to insult me!

#15: *looks “sexy” before insulted*

#16: The Tamaki has been haruhied.

#17: Senpai has been noticed! Senpai is now recovered from the haruhi by the Haruhi!

#18: The fact every host is used to Tamaki’s sudden silly orders.

#19: *sees Haruhi in male unifrom* I’ve discovered I am gay.

#20: I will stalk my new gay crush.

#21: I’m even gayer now omg Haruhi how do you do it??

Bonus #2: *Mori picks up Haruhi* This feels like *gasp* Female!?…Yeah it’s female.

#22: Put down my gayby so I can be a good father.

#23: The gayby is gone. Where is my gayby? *finds Haruhi in fountain* oh my goodness the booty.

#24: I’ve made a pun and made it sound good.

#25: I found the wallet. Gayby please be gay for me!

#26: I’m not mad just disappointed. JK YOU HURT MY GAYBY TWICE NOW! OUT OF MY CLUB! OUT!!!!!!!

#27: Haruhi wouldn’t pin you to the floor he’s gay for me now get out.

#28: Can’t lose the gayby. Blame it on him and raise the quota.

#29: Oh wait I’m not gay and neither are you… DAMMIT!!!!!!!


#31: No stop it don’t be a lesbian.

Tamaki tamaking count: 31!

(note this is not hating on the characters in anyway and is merely just a joke.)

“Don’t put people on a pedestal because they have no choice but to look down on you.”

I know I’m not really “in” with the Hoodlum crowd. I don’t consider myself a Hoodlum because I’m a little older than most of you and don’t participate in a lot of the things that happen in this bandom.

With recent events of fans saying they think the members of the Neighbourhood have changed in the past year in a negative way,
I thought I should put some of my thoughts into words.

First things first, yes people do change. In the past year I have changed, you have changed, we all have changed! It’s called growing and learning. Some people this is a negative effect and for some it’s positive. The thing is Hoodlums have made them how they are now. Treating them like gods when they aren’t. Think about it, why do members of the band feel the need to get high or drunk so much? There’s a reason for this shit. Through Twitter and Tumblr, Jesse has let it show that sometimes he doesn’t feel comfortable in his own skin. By observation of how Zach and Jeremy act, I feel like they’re the same way too. They just keep it inside more and not on a public platform. They are human with human tendencies and human emotions. They are not privy to special rock star powers of never being a victim of negative personality traits. “You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake. You are the same decaying organic matter as everyone else, and we are all part of the same compost pile.” (Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club).

 I think Bryan said it best in his Tumblr post on 20 July 2014 entitled “It’s like Watching My Friends Poison Themselves.”  I think you need to stop worshipping them. Stop putting people above you because they will only look down on you.  You’re identity as a person is not this band. If you have let this band consume your life and self identity, then you will be left disappointed by something they say or do or don’t do.