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When someone says they love you but makes you a second priority to everyone else and everything they do, then they love you like a convenience. They love you like something to do when there is nothing else to do. Ask yourself if that’s what you deserve. Ask yourself if that’s all you think you’re worth. And if the answer is yes, then you have to take a serious look at your own self respect and your worth.
—  Nikita Gill
Laying in bed all day and seeming like doing nothing doesn’t mean that I’m lazy, depressed or a failure.
My brain has never stopped thinking ever since I have known that I exist. Therefore I end up storing my physical energy to be able to use more mental energy, -considering the fact that the brain is the most energy consuming organ.
—  Some introvert
Missing someone is so unbearably painful
—  Tenari Ioapo // the hours turn into days, the days turn into weeks, the weeks turn into months and the months turn into years.

so i started my weight loss journey on my 24th birthday 25 days ago and i’ve lost 15 pounds so far and 3 inches off my waist. today i also finished paying off my entire credit debt (i’ve been trying for the past 3-4 years), and i’ve met a guy last month and it’s going so well. he’s just… wow, he makes me feel really special.

SO. life is so great right now. what the hell i don’t deserve this, wow <3

I need a girl that doesn’t mind smoking a blunt while straddling me in bed.

I want a girl that’ll let me watch her smoke a blunt while I’m giving her head.

Shot guns and make out sessions.

Late night cruises in our pajamas smoking blunts. I like road sex lol.

Hot boxing in the car with a pretty ass girl in the passenger seat in her undies. mmmmph memories.

Suprise dates and bubble baths.

Let me give her a full body massage and a shared shower afterwards.

Make her cum until she falls asleep.

Wake her up to breakfast and do it again.

I need a girl that can keep up with me and takes it until we’re both satisfied.

I want a girl that doesn’t mind being treated like a lady and fucked like she isn’t one.

I want a girl that loves to be held and cuddled.

She doesn’t mind if I make her walk on the inside of the sidewalk away from traffic.

She doesn’t mind me holding her close as we walk down the street.

She’ll let me rub her back until we fall asleep.

She doesnt mind doing this forever.

these pictures are two years apart. the first one is me in high school. the second is in college. i keep getting sentimental this summer bc it was around this time i started my weight loss journey and these pictures blow my mind tbh. my arms, my wrists, even my ankles look so much smaller and i don’t ever remember feeling that big but i was?? the dress i’m wearing on the left was the first dress i ever bought that wasn’t a princess frock for toddlers and i remember shopping for it thinking, this is the best i’ve ever felt, i feel good in this. and now i’m thinking, how could i have ever felt good in that? i looked like a grandma? weight loss gonna have you aging in reverse it’s a trip. anyway the point is, i never thought i’d be able to wear a dress that was tight and red and made me feel sexy, but two years later i did just that. i worked so hard for this i never want to forget where i came from. 

Being a romantic in a generation where hooking up and ‘situationships’ are the norm is the worst. Everybody wants either sexual or emotional gratification without any commitment. It’s not even just commitment- nobody cares. Not caring is seen as powerful, make them jealous, have side niggas, wait before texting back.Tagging someone in a meme is seen as the most romantic thing you can do while no one visits flower shops anymore. Vulnerability is seen as weakness while nobody realises that’s the most beautiful part of love. Being weak with someone, letting go of all your walls and just loving them. Maybe I’ve never known love bc I’ve never let myself- but neither have they.All I want is someone to take me to vivid lights but he’ll just take me to his room. Maybe I don’t deserve it but I want love- even if it’s just once.

Naiinis ako kapag nagkaka sakit ako lately kasi gusto ko yung feeling na ibe baby ako katulad nung bata pa ako. Yung aalagaan ka talaga. Tipong kapag mataas lagnat mo lalagyan ka ng malamig na bimpo sa noo, lulutuan ka ng soup kasi bawal ka magkanin, tapos bibihisan ka, papainumin ng gamot tapos papatulugin. Alam mo yung ganung feeling? Nakakamiss kasi yun, ngayon wala, talagang gagawin mo lahat yan mag isa kasi wala kang ieexpect na taong gagawa nun para sa'yo.