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“The consistent type is one that must not hate evil, and not even oppose it, acquiesing in the suffering that such a way of life entails. Here one should live entirely in positive feelings and take the side of one’s opponent in word and deed. What is achieved here? The Buddhist type, or the perfect cow. However, this standpoint is possible only when no moral fanaticism prevails, and the concept of sin is lacking.”

—F. Nietzsche, The Will to Power, §342 (edited excerpt).

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What do you think each of the characters best physical features are?

Dallas: nothing if you ask him. His eyes if you ask me. (Malek spasming and trying to Not Be Gay and run his mouth about Dallas’ freckles cus’ he corny like that)
Poppy: her eyessss. They’re big and reflective and have long, long lashes.
Dev: if you were to ask him, he’d start flexing.
Paulina: her lips! Always pouty. She likes pink lipstick u3u
Malek: I, personally think Malek is perfect in every way, but his hair makes him handsome. It’s just so flippy. And his nose too. And his dimples. (Malek is written to be very attractive)
Tyler: (Blake screaming in the background: “a stunning ass? A fantastic personality? I am so gay dude. Wait, oh Ty, sorry, I was talking about myself lol” ) his nose. It’s just so nice. Boop-able.
Blake: if you ask him: everything. He is perfect. He really is cute though. (Gotta be fake cocky to hide that wrenching self doubt)
Parker: Parker has lips that curl like a cat’s naturally. It’s very cute. (I think it’s oft forgotten how.. tall.. Parker is. So I say his height too..)
Sara: her!! Eyes!! It has high creases. They are half moons. Her pupils are huge.
Ben: his eyebrows. Captain of the bushy brown crew.
Phoebus: He has a jaw that’s so sharp it could kill a man. His eyes are cornflowers.
His cheekbones could put Cara to shame. I’m kidding. What I’m trying to say is that Phoebus is also like Malek, who’s written to be attractive. Except he’s a dumbass so his attractiveness is often overlooked.
Ari: their chin. Ari also has eyes that look like the void. Better call Anish Kapoor.
Charlie: her. Hair. Look at it. It’s so red and big. She sometimes do Merida impressions for kids parties.

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Sorry but the gp is unanimously most excited about Harry's solo work, yes probably thanks to years of having been hyped up while in 1d. He already broke the internet with AM since it really contrasted with his everlasting silence, and now the grapevine has him being linked with great collaborators. Take off your Louie glasses for a second and accept that things aren't looking all the same for 4/4 (sadly). People barely remember Liam outside of Chiam, and Louis just looks... bad.


What it’s your problem, you should take your harrie glasses and see that no, not everyone is in love with Harry and it’s dying to hear his album like us. I said that gp is leaving some nasty comments because I saw the comments myself, with my eyes. Lots of people still have that “boybander” image of him, gp won’t be remembering AM forever you do know that right? Most people probably already forgot, we remember constantly because we’re fans, gp isn’t. Besides, I never said gp as a whole hates him, I said some people are already :/ about all this rumors because every time is a new one/a new date/ a new song influence, ect. Most of gp do think he’s good and it’s the best of the band to go solo so I don’t understand why you’re so twisted about this when I never said Harry is in a bad situation to the gp like the other boys. It’s like you people can’t see a person saying Harry isn’t the best of the band, the only one with a clean image, the god above all others without getting angst - Harry doesn’t have this sacred image everywhere so maybe chill for a bit 

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I just sent an ask and I think it was corrected to something else and I noticed it AS I clicked send so I'm here to clarify if it did happen; I asked "where did the people who cast the HQ stage play" and I think that's where the problem ended up.

ack yea lol dw i’ll copy-paste the amended original ask here!!

“Where did the people who cast the HQ stage play find the literal PERFECT person to play Oikawa????? What kind of upper power blessed them with that perfect casting????”




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Do you think that Natsu and Erza would be together because of Mashima's words in end credits of 60th volume???

eummm …….. WHAT?????

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I didn’t read the postface of Mashima in volume 60 :o

But you know, with Mashima everything is possible haha XD

The relationship of Erza / Natsu is very beautiful, but I would not have appreciated it as a couple,
Their relationship is friendly, and fraternal, I don’t see it otherwise

But this makes me understand more why Erza is so much highlighting, and why he gave him for nickname titania, the queen of fairies,

Im glad that he is chosen Lucy / Natsu personally, and Erza / Jellal

Are perfect couples :)

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So it was the best decision <3

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Hello! I'm sorry to bother you with this. But I just really feel like venting. I just went to the dallas concert and it WAS amazing. But I feel really depressed ... not just the fact that it's over, but the fact that I felt like I missed an opportunity. Taemin is my favorite person ever and I had a perfect seat and view of him -- he was literally performing right In front of me. I felt him looking in my direction and I felt like he looked at me several times but I was too shy and couldn't make

Eye contact with him and I instead looked at the other members which I feel bad about. And I felt like I had a perfect chance to wave to him and I felt like he would have waved back, but again I was shy and I missed another opportunity. I wanted to get out my taemin fan that I got and wave it to him but before I knew it, shinee already left the stage kind of abruptly. I don’t know – I just feel like I I missed an opportunity and I’m like beating myself up over this.

I really wanted to show my love for him and have him see how much I admire him but I didn’t .. I was too shy. The members especially taemin didn’t feel real and I wanted to get a chance to at least wave to him – I don’t know when or if I’ll be able to see them again or if I can even get that seat again. I don’t want to be too depressed over this

At first, you don’t need to worry about what you’re feeling. You’ve lived one of the most exciting experiences ever and of course you need your time to process everything that has happened, you’re not the only one who is living this feeling right now and I’m pretty sure lots of shawols like you are feeling really deep these concerts.

You know, as a fan sometimes I see how cute is some shawols enjoy preparing special stuff for each member and I think “oh, I’d like to do that too”, but then I think “no, tbh I wouldn’t”. I think being into a fandom gives us all these moments of realizing how small or big we can be. I wouldn’t be able to try to catch attention from Taemin because I’m REALLY shy and introvert, and I’d feel like dying if he looked at me, but at the same time I feel such a warm feeling because I have such lovely feelings for Taemin I think I’m going to explode of happiness every time I think of how much I appreciate him, and I feel so happy, I feel so big for being a fan of Taemin. Same happens for all SHINee members. All this love I feel for all of them makes me so important, I’m proud of being a shawol, even if I’m just a small and random person. But, just because you’re not able to express with words or gestures your feelings in just a little moment it doesn’t mean they didn’t feel your love. They’re smiling a lot in these concerts, they truly mean what they say, and it’s so cute.

They have to look to shawols faces of different places around the world and of course it’s impossible for them to learn the story of each of us, but that doesn’t mean they don’t look at you or that they don’t feel your excitement, because you can easily notice in their eyes, in their smiles, in how they get deeply focused on performing well, that your energy does arrive to them. It’s true, you are feeling right now so small because you wanted to make your heart scream, but it hasn’t been useless at all. You were already there, you know how MUCH means that for them? They might not know your name, they might have seen you between lots of people, but they felt your love, they felt you were THERE for THEM. That’s the biggest treasure we can give them as shawols. We can’t have all the experiences that K-shawols or J-shawols have, but you’ve made it to be there, to show them your heart beats really hard for them even after all these years. You’ve been a special person because you’ve been in that special concert for them. You’re special and important for SHINee just for being a shawol.

Right now it’s better that you go to rest. Take a shower if you need it, eat some delicious food, cry if you need it and then go to sleep and rest well. Once all the excitement goes away, you’ll see how beautiful has been that experience for you, for all shawols and for SHINee, and you won’t feel small anymore, because trust me, you’re SO big and important for being a shawol. And opportunities happen for a reason. If you got this one, never stop dreaming of a new one. Congrats for being there and thank you for giving your everything for SHINee and Taemin ( ∩ˇωˇ∩)♡

Every day the universe is offering you teachings that can free you from the constraints of your mind. But you are making the choice to see what is wrong in the situations, rather than seeing the perfection. The other person’s problems are their problems. If you get upset, defensive, and angry, that’s your problem.
—  John E. Welshons

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(different anon) actually i think that anthem story is the perfect example of america's personal brand of identity: absorb and repurpose things not originally theirs to make a version that becomes theirs, out of pure obstinacy. not always in a negative way, honestly, but /usually/ in a negative way if we're being totally real

Shhh don’t reveal the last part, if you don’t say it they won’t realise it

I agree with you though, there’s an element to it that I appreciate

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I am a Born Again Christian woman that doesn't have her soul on track with God's plan. I am constantly sinning, lying and grandstanding to be noticed in this world. I am always asking forgiveness and Igrace for protection but I am not winning. I feel like I have given this battle to the Holy Spirit millions of times but I fall right back to the loosing side. I have recently been diagnosed with cancer and I am afraid that I can't get myself ready to see my Lord. I am ashamed of myself.

Hey! Don’t be ashamed of yourself! Remember to see yourself the way God does. To Him, you are precious!
I can relate to what you described. Remember, we’re all always sinning. There is no perfect person on earth. Don’t allow the evil one to only show you your shortcomings.
God knows that we fail all the time, that’s why He provided His awesome rescue plan!

Often times we think we are not ready for what is happening and what God calls us to. But please remember, He knows us better than we do. He knows when we’re really ready.

Just try your best to focus on God in every moment. Keep your eyes on Him and things will look clearer.

I understand it when you say you feel like you’re just falling back again. That’s what I felt like for a long time but in reality, change comes very slowly sometimes. It seems like it’s just back and forth while really you’re not noticing the slow change taking place. Don’t lose heart.

I am very sorry about your diagnosis! You are in my prayers.
I want you to think about this, Heaven is so much better than we can imagine. It can’t be compared to anything we know now.
God loves you so much, being in His Kingdom with Him forever will make you so happy, trust me. Please don’t be afraid of coming to Him one day.
I hope I could help you with these words. I tried to let God speak through me and I hope I got His message correctly.
God bless and please don’t be afraid to message me.

My impressions of the me:a characters before and after getting to know them
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Pre Cora:</b> God, another pointless straight love interest, basically Miranda with a new haircut<p/><b>Post Cora:</b> she's like,, my mom,, , but I also want to take care of her like she's my child,, she's such a good person I value her so much<p/><b>Pre Liam:</b> anger? Maybe? Who knows, he's like a mystery<p/><b>Post Liam:</b> WO W LOOK AT THIS AWKWARD DORK I LOVE HIM SO MUCH he's such a good person I ju st *starts crying* he's perfect<p/><b>Pre vetra:</b> a cool chick, very distant probably<p/><b>Post vetra:</b> omg she's so good she's like everyone's big sister I love her I would let her crush me<p/><b>Pre peebee:</b> annoying, probably ditzy and not well written<p/><b>Post peebee:</b> omg I'd let her kill me if her flirting doesn't kill me first I'm too gay for this she's so great and smART??? S SO SMAR T<p/><b>Pre drack:</b> he looks like a great drinking buddy. Probably a grandpa<p/><b>Post:</b> HOLY SHIT HES A GRANDPA I WAS RIGHT IM ADOPTING HIM AND HIS GRANDDAUGHTER RIGHT NOW<p/><b>Pre jaal:</b> he looks cold. Guarded. He probably doesn't trust anyone. Who hurt him<p/><b>Post jaal:</b> he s,, so go od,, , he's like a living Teddy bear,, he's so good and so pure and has so much raw emotion?? (? I want to have a therapy session and a makeout session with him all at once<p/><b>Pre Gil:</b> the embodiment of Bo Burnhams "straight white man"<p/><b>Post Gil:</b> so gay, so snarky, I want to help him with emotions, a good person that I would like to protect and support<p/><b>Pre suvi:</b> she's gonna be one of those random romances you never remember isn't she<p/><b>Post suvi:</b> she's such a nerd and I love her??? She tries So Hard and I'm So Proud<p/><b>Pre kallo:</b> wow. Cute. Small<p/><b>Post kallo:</b> he's my best friend and I want only the best for this poor stressed man. Also he should date Gil after they resolve their feelings that would be good<p/><b>Pre Lexi:</b> Random Stereotypical Asari™<p/><b>Post Lexi:</b> my mom,, I want to help her and hug her please let me hug her plea se<p/><b>Pre SAM:</b> beep boop bad writing and recycled geth problems<p/><b>Post SAM:</b> basically my dad. I would do anything for him and if something happened to him I would kill everyone and then myself. I love his jokes so much<p/></p><p/></p>
In my whole life, I have never once met an entirely perfect person. Everyone comes with their faults, but how you choose to accept that about them is your choice to make… Minerva. You must always know that about people… they come as they will, and you cannot change them to be better, because there is nothing more human about someone than their mistakes.
—  Alexandre (Max & Min [Prologue])

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She has the best smile. She knows how to pick me up from any emotion. She is the person I imagine my future next to she is perfect to me and I don't know if she feels the same but I fell in love with her about a year ago. I'm crazy about her. Tonight I watched a show I couldn't care about just so that I could text her when the bit she wanted to see was on. I confirmed she was my best friend today and everyone around us awwwed and it made me so happy. For now this girl is mine xx💕

I’m?? relate?? and also cry this is beautiful

anonymously tell me about the person u love