person swap

Okay but here’s the thing about bodyswaps

It’s usually explicitly one’s consciousness or literal soul being switched around, right? It’s not your actual, physical brain and brain chemistry

So what if one person has clinical depression and the other doesn’t? Someone’s probably got ADHD, is on the autism spectrum, has OCD or anxiety or PTSD. And maybe some of that follows the original owner, because they’re used to dealing with in unconsciously, but whoever replaced them is getting the brunt of it

Focusing on the physical aspect of bodyswaps is cool and all but let’s see some more on the psychological too?

Okay, so we know that The Machine is a giant shipper.

We also know that The Machine isn’t above writing crackfic. (Because it’s just a simulation, what the hey)

So this means there must be all sorts of simulations in its memory where The Machine indulges in SO MANY TROPES. Tropes that wouldn’t be able to happen in meatspace. Because why do simulations if you can’t have fun with it?

The PoI Musical episode: Carter keeps breaking the 4th wall because she is Not Having these horrid choices of music genres.
Doppelgangers! Root and Shaw both all but go apoplectic when confronted with multiples of the other, but for, uh, very different reasons
Peggy Sue/Groundhog Day this is canon already
Body Swap: classic, classic, classic. I mean, yes technically this was done in canon, but imagine a Shoot body swap. Amy Acker gets to be the low-affect menace that eyerolls at this nonsense around her. Sarah gets to play the perky passionate zealot that nonetheless has no qualms about murder and torture. They still eye-fuck each other something fierce. Bonus points if John and Leon swap. Bear loves everyone, he’s no help.
Fantastic Voyage/Harold, I Shrunk the Kids
The Victorian AU episode
Regressed to kid personalities
The Noir AU episode
Midsummer Night’s Dream, or feelings swap, or love potion: lol John and Shaw have to nonstop mouthwash for like days after.
For Want of a Nail this is canon already
Western AU, bonus points if it’s a Magnificent 7 take
Doppelgangers variant: each clone has a specific personality aspect of the original. All of the foodie aspects of the team end up huddling in the corner planning a feast. And then they have to thwart their murderous selves. Of course, traditionally only one person gets split, so the obvious choice is Harold, so that we see sides of him he would never let out otherwise.
prison escape thanks, Samaritan
WWI/WWII period piece episode
The Machine is unable to make a coffee shop AU work, so it’s a BuyMore (superstore retail) AU
Carmageddon AU. Because it’s more hilarious than zombies.
The Machine does make a world variant where there’s only one single bed wherever the team goes, but this doesn’t work because they’re all okay sleeping on the floor and in the bathroom. Curses, foiled again.
The team is not quite sure how they ended up forming a band, getting famous, and touring around the world…or why Carter is still breaking the 4th wall