person style


“my personal style is kind of a combination of all styles i would say; just because i’m undecided. maybe it’s because i’m an actor but every day i wake up and i want to be something different. it’s just a combination of everything.”

7th April 2017.. The day the world will never ever be the same.. The day history will be made.. The day every soul and every heart will belong to only one person.. harry edward styles

anonymous asked:

How do you draw real person ? I mean your style is not realistic so you can't reproduce the exact same face line but for exemple when you draw Riri we can easily recognize her if you get it but whatever i love you and your art give me hope

thanx bby ♥

Book describing its romantic lead: His face cracked into a charming crooked smile.

Me: Uh crooked smiles are not real?? No one in history has ever had a ‘charming crooked smi-.

Harry Styles:

Me: ok but you didn’t have to go that hard…

Superhero Daydreams

Alya: Isn’t it just the best feeling in the world to be saved by a superhero?

Nino: Personally I am a fan of you not being in a position where you NEED to be saved by a superhero. 

Alya: Don’t be such a spoilsport. I mean come on, think about it. What is more sexy than getting rescued by Paris’ heroes? 

::class thinks about it:: 

(Part 2 coming soon)