person quote

my smoke,
your trip,
we’re both faded and gone.

while we sit in silence,
it’s like we’re talking to each other.
is your heart beating as fast as mine?

i’m sad,
you’re scared,
this is just a mess.

you see shadows,
i lost mine.
do you see my shadows dancing in the pale moonlight?

i’m alive,
on a high,
living on the soul delusion of time.

you’re here,
next to me,
with a mouth that’s cotton dry.

we’re both dead inside,
living on the reality of love and hurt.
will you still love me even if i’m sober?

sometimes when i yell 
i can hear my mother in my voice
i can feel her anger balled up in my fists
i know that i look like 
so much of her softness 
and grew in the sweetness of her bloom 
but i am no stranger to her wrath
i am a rose born from her likeness
and have inherited so many of her thorns
—  pardis alia.

You’re the only man who’s ever touched me. The only one.
– Moonlight (2016)

when i am in a relationship i don’t want to have to guess if you love me or not; if you miss me or not; if you think about me or not.
you tell me. and i will always make sure to tell you it right back.
because when it comes to love, i don’t want to guess. i want to know, i want to feel, and i need you to want the same.
—  e.s. // when i love.
You are my moon, you are my sun.
I find the good in everyone.
You are the trees in bloom, you are the flower among weeds.
Please…don’t ever leave.

You were the lights in the rain, you were the source of my pain when you left me there confused, alone and thrown away. You said you didn’t really know why, but you knew you had to go. And you left me there on my own.

I made it through the mess you made on that day you walked away. I found the one I can love everyday, and he found I. Lord knows I could never stray, because I’m not like you.

I don’t walk away.

—  rebecca lee // through the storm
I suddenly realized one day that my entire perspective on life had changed. I saw how large the world was and the question of where I was going to be in 5, 10, 15 years meant nothing. How could it mean anything when I can’t tell you where I will be in one month. What do I want to be? What do you want me to be? Anything and everything I want, because of the simple truth that I can. If I was capable of travelling across the world, who is going to stop me? Who can stop me?
—  getcaughtinthewaves