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Normani and Val Rumba review week 4


First off I would like to say how the girls did a beautiful job singing, Normani started off great and Lauren, Dinah and Ally finished wonderfully. The dance felt very personal and heart warming because 2012 was such a blessing year for Normani. Val’s choreography suited theme of her most memorable year very well, Normani of course danced perfect, her turns, body movement, facial expressions told a story.

The judges comments
Carrie Ann: Empowerment/lift deduction
Len: charismatic/more content of the dance
Jullie Anne: power house
Bruno: True star

I don’t get Carrie Anne’s dislike for lifts but Val needs to keep that in mind. I understand Len wanted to see more rumba but that 7 was bogus. Overall I’m proud of Normani and Val for sharing this moment with the girls but next has to be all about Normani so the go can get to know HER as an individual.

What are you all thoughts?
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Can I Just Say....

If you are a MCU fan, can we just appreciate the fact that we are living right in the middle of Marvel’s glory days? Like, we were there when Marvel busted into the spotlight in 2010 with “Iron Man” and really gained momentum with “The Avengers” in 2012 (the year I personally joined the MCU fandom for good). Now, we are a good amount of movies into the MCU along with Netflix shows (including “The Defenders” in August) and shows on ABC like “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”
What a time to be a MCU fan.

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Hi! You have probably answered this question a lot of times and you have a lot of posts about him but can you summarize Justin as a person? Thank you.

Justin as a person. Hm well it depends what year it is. Lmao

2009-2012 Justin was a very cheerful guy. Fame was new and he was making it big. He had so much life in him and loved doing interviews, going to award shows, seeing how people talked about his every move, he would make drama with the littlest thing ever, him and Selena were the it couple and they were so popular, he really liked Selena and touring seeing all these places he’s never thought he’d ever see. He loved his life.

2013-2014 Justin went through a break up with Selena which destroyed him. I’m not blaming her for what happen to him it’s his own fault and he knows that now but back then he was so in love with Selena that if she wasn’t in his life, he didn’t want to live. And Selena made this very hard because one day she’ll be all loving and caring and the next she would answer him with a “ok” and ignore him for months and that drove him crazy. Sometimes she would even tell him “you’re never going to see me or talk to me again” JUST to mess with him and have him go to insane lengths to talk to her. He started doing drugs, sleeping around, hung out with people who only loved fame and his last name, he wanted to kill himself, he pretended to be happy even though he was hurting himself so that he wouldn’t expect anything from people. He hurt himself so no one else could.

2015-now Justin is much better healthy wise and mentally. He stopped the drugs and dropped the bad influences. He started listening to people who care about him and he started exploring more of his religion and psychology and now he doesn’t like fame. He doesn’t care that people find him hot or attractive. He doesn’t care about winning awards or even going to award shows. He knows that he almost died and he wants to live life through his eyes rather than the screen on his phone which apparently bothers a lot of you guys lol he doesn’t take shit from anyone which is why he’ll flip out if people don’t listen to him OR try to control him.

Overall he’s a very caring person not the brightest since sometimes Selena can still control tiny aspects of his life but overall he’s a good guy.


one gifset per appearance → bbc sports personality of the year awards, london (16/12/2012)

The Duchess of Cambridge was the surprise guest of honour at the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Awards, her first event ever since the announcement of her first pregnancy and her first public appearance since leaving the King Edward VII hospital on December 6. She appeared on stage to present the awards before heading backstage to greet athletes including runner-up Jessica Ennis and honoured Lord Coe with a lifetime achievement. The Duchess told presenter Gary Linker she was “very well” following her illness and told Paralympic athlete Martine Wright her time on stage had been “well scary.” Earlier that month the Duchess had received three days’ treatment for hyperemesis gravidarum, a condition which leaves expectant mothers so ill they cannot keep food or liquids down.

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Speaking of Ultimax: Do you think P5!Gorou is related to the kid with same name in Ultimax? You know, Junpei's student from the epilogue.

…Oh my god. 

I… I didn’t even consider that before… 

I didn’t think about it… But, it’s possible…

…Gah, I’ll have to check my copy of P4U2 later to check if that kid’s name is written the same as P5 Goro’s. 

But yeah, with the hair-color and eye-color and taking into account how the games tend to change these things as characters grow older, it’s totally possible those two are the same person…

Now, seeing how P4U2 Goro is just an NPC, that wouldn’t really change much about what we know about P5 Goro, other than the fact that he played baseball and had a crush as a kid, which, well, big deal, lots of kids do that.

However, if this *is* true it tells us something much more important…

In Persona 5, the calendar shows 20XX, meaning we can’t figure out the exact year it takes place in. 

However, April 21st is a Thursday.

April 21st is a Thursday in the following years after 2010: 

2011, 2016, 2022, 2033

2011 is the year Persona 4 took place in, so unless this is set in a parallel timeline, 2011 is out.

Since 2016 is the year of release, people like to guess it’s that year, which would make sense.

However, if we assume the two Goros are the same person…

Goro Akechi is 16-18 years old in P5.

P4U2 is set in 2012. 

If Goro Akechi and Goro from P4U2 are the same person, that would mean that P5 is set in 2022, since that would be the only timeline placement with which Goro could be a little kid in mini-league baseball in 2012. That would mean that there is effectively a 10 year gap between the ending of P4 and the start of P5. 

However, again, this all depends on whether or not the two Goro’s names are actually written with the same Kanji in Japanese. I will have to go check on that in a bit. 

Manhattan - Sara Bareilles: Moving on and holding on

We all have that one song or that one movie or that one book that can pour puddles out of our eyes at any given moment. We are touched so deeply; we fear that even our genetic make-up has been shifted; as if our hearts are plate tectonics that have been repositioned somewhere between the verses and the bridge; the beginning and the end. “Manhattan” does this for me. And i’m eternally grateful. 

Please take a few moments to watch the video above. Pay attention to her phrasing and the way her words jump from her lips - in polyphony with the effortless piano.

Every time I listen to this song and watch this performance in particular, my emotions soar with Sara’s vocals. Here, the piano is a palette from which my most painful, yet beautiful, memories are brought to life, calling each one by name. Manhattan. I usually don’t open up my heart this wide, especially on the internet for thousands and thousands to read, but this is simply the beauty of music. I want to share with you a deep and extremely personal song to me, written by Sara, but i swear…. it was written for me, too… 

I consider it to be one of her overlooked songs. 

“You can have Manhattan

I know it’s for the best

I’ll gather up the avenues

and leave them on your doorstep

And I’ll tip-toe away

so you won’t have to say

you heard me leave”

Written from the perspective of an ex-lover who is devastated by Sara’s decision to leave her comfortable Californian abode [“you can have Manhattan / I’ll settle for the beach / with sunsets facing westward / with sand beneath my feet… “] for Manhattan - a move portent of bigger and better things to come for the singer – it seems both subject and writer have come to terms with what is at stake. No hard feelings, no resentment, no i-hate-yous-and-i-never-want-to-see-your-fucking-face-agains. Just plain, complete, sadness and acceptance. The two have reached the bargaining stage of the grieving process.

To say the move was difficult for Sara is to put it lightly. Imagine taking a step back and looking at your life, unequivocally knowing you are not content but rather stagnant, therefore choosing to end a long-term relationship, amicably ending the professional relationship with your band of ten years, and then moving across the country for a fresh start. All in one year. It is the ultimate story of soul-searching and self-discovery. One that assumes a lot of responsibility and pain. And, at the core, self-love.

Originally posted by vintageviewpoint

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Sara unapologetically admits to “Last year (2012) [being] rough for me personally. I went through a big breakup, and separate[ed] from my band of 10 years. It was really tumultuous emotionally.” Luckily, she found solace in the words of poet Martha Graham who would eventually inspire the singer to name her most-recent, Grammy-nominated album “The Blessed Unrest” after Graham’s poem of the same name. The back of the lyric booklet reads, “A blessed unrest that keeps us marching and makes us more alive than the others.

Certainly, “Manhattan” is an important and self-evident song for the singer, one that I am so grateful to her for having written and shared and sung. On the album recording of the track, Bareilles was supposed to continue singing towards the very end, but began to weep instead, while her fingers continued to dance over the cold ivory keys.

“Manhattan” finds its way into the narrative of my life in early 2014. I’d had the album for about a few months at this point, but the magic of music really starts to soak in your bones when you have someone in your life, who loves an artist just as much as you do.

In 2010, he took a trip to New York and shared with me, every glistening moment of pure joy and excitement. “New York is the love of my life,” he would repeat to me, “You really feel like you belong there, you know?” Flash-forward a few years later and our mutual favorite singer has released a song titled Manhattan and we lose our minds at the beautiful synchronicity of that. I’ve taught myself the song on piano at this point, and he can’t wait to hear the end result. I never get to actually play him the song, though, because he lived in the warm atmospheres of Brazil and, I, in the cold hustle-and-bustle lifestyle of Canada.

But, together, we continued to nurture a friendship larger than distance, an appreciation for each other larger than the odds stacked up against us. We spent time when we could, discussing life and politics, religion and philosophy, music and the future. New York and Sara; amazed at how similar we both are to one another, even with the friendship reaching a mature age.

And then the skies opened late one night in March of 2014 and replaced his heartbeat with nothing but a stillness so loud I heard the reverb ringing in my ears two weeks later, when I find a message from his sister awaiting my reply, breaking the news to me.

I scoured my laptop for the pictures of him in New York, truly his happiest times. I scoured and wept when I couldn’t find them, I thought I’d lost the most precious pictures and the photographic memories of him showing off his beautiful, teethy smile in Manhattan, so his sister and I would trade pictures of him like little kids trading baseball cards. I would send her little voice memos of him singing for me. She would send me pictures. I would send her pictures. Back and forth, back and forth, rocking me like a baby.

This is when I ran to “Manhattan.” When I listen to the song, it feels like she’s singing from his perspective where he tells me I can have Manhattan, I can have everything he experienced in New York. Everything he told me about. The happiness. The pure joy. And the memories. My heart reaches its breaking point even though Sara sings with the gentlest soprano, 

“and I’ll tip-toe away

so you won’t have to say

you heard me leave…

and I’ll bow out of place

to save you some space

for somebody new…

You can have Manhattan

cause I can’t have you…“

When I listen to the song, I can imagine it’s what he’d want me to hear. I hold this song so close to my heart because it was one of the first songs that grabbed me by the hand in the deepest depths of my grief, and has never let me go.

In Brazil, it isn’t unusual to spend Christmas on the beach, this sounds strange, but winter for them doesn’t happen near the end of the year; it begins in the middle from June to September so, by the time Christmas comes, it’s summer!

In the last bit of the song, just before the outro, Sara makes a direct reference to the sticky-hot temperatures of California, her former home, but since it’s in the perspective of a former lover, it is sung in second-person: “You can have Manhattan, I’ll settle for the beach… sunsets facing westward, with sand beneath my feet… “ For me, this is also reminiscent of the times my friend would spend his Christmases on the beach in Brazil. So, it really does feel like he’s singing to me, in a way.

It’s weird. I find comfort yet absolute pain each time I listen to this song, but it will forever be precious to me. Just like him. Just like Sara.

Just like Manhattan 

“I was the monster. So, I get it. I was the bad person.”

- A tearful Melinda Loveless in 2012, aged 36 years old, discussing the 1992 murder of 12 year old Shanda Sharer in a prison interview. She and 3 other female accomplices kidnapped, tortured and set Shanda alight, leaving her in a field to die a slow and excruciating death. Loveless had become extremely jealous that her girlfriend, Amanda Heavrin, was developing a close friendship with Shanda. The teenagers afterwards drove to McDonald’s for breakfast and joked about what they had done. 

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Why does "This time I'll be sure to bring you happiness" Kaworu (at the end of 2.22 I think?) feels more like a manga Kaworu than Q Kaworu? That expression and Q Kaworu always looking gentle, are they even the same person? Or is it just difference in years? (2.22 - 2009 , 3.33 - 2012)

There’s a very good chance that it is the hair that might be having you think it may be Karl/Mangaworu. 

Also, wasn’t 2.22 Kaworu designed by Sadamoto as well (he designed Kaworu in the manga)?


October 5 is also the 5th anniversary of Shibata Aya’s debut as part of SKE48′s 4th generation.

Congratulations on 5 years as a member of SKE48, Ayachan!  

About the Mun
In general: 

Real name: Nah
Nicknames: Britt, Bre-Bre, some variation of Bre, etc
Age: Nah
Sexuality: Bisexual
Prefered pronouns: She/her/her’s though I don’t really care if someone uses different pronouns as long as it isn’t in a hateful way
Are you a morning person?: I mean, for school i gotta get up at 6, but otherwise yeah sorta
When swimming, do you prefer to do it in the ocean, or in a lake?:  definitely ocean

On Tumblr: 

Anyone you would like to meet in real life?: multiple people if i wasnt a shy potato
Anyone you have met in real life?: technically ali..? i mean we did and still go to school together whether i like it or not
When did you first join? How old is your current account?:  I joined for a..mlp ask blog in 2012 and went to personal for about 2 years until i tried rping on her
Any peeves?: i dunno. i guess people constantly putting me down. otherwise not really
Unpopular opinion: chi is a cis male


Do you easily get jealous?: sadly yes though im really trying to change it!!
Do you easily get angry?: depends
Are you easy to cheer up?: not really unless you know really good puns then yeah ill be laughing in a minute
What’s the most hurtful thing someone could do to you?: either completely forget about me or purposelly ignore really sensitive that way
What’s the most hurtful thing someone has done to you?: couldnt tell me i was useless themselves so they used a friend to do it and only confirmed it when i asked.
Are you good at hiding your emotions?: not at all imao
What’s the very best way to cheer you up?: memes/jokes/anything funny


Are you currently in a relationship?: nah
Do you currently have a crush on someone?: SADLY YES
If yes, might that someone be reading this?: nope
Do you kiss on the first date?: not really. i don’t think id be too comfortable yet to
Do you prefer going out, or staying home, when it comes to dates?: staying home and watching bad movies tbh


Favorite drink: sweet tea
Favorite food:  shrugs
Most calming place?: my room 
Most stressful place?: school 
Most prized possession?: my phone or my bag..i’d probably cry if ilost either one

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I am living proof that there is life after addiction.

For a good portion of my life I was addicted to heroin and pills then I got hooked on spice. It’s now been 3 years since I have used, and this morning when I looked into the mirror I just cried. I realized that I had won. I won the battle. I overcame the drugs. I chose to stay strong and work hard at bettering myself so I could be the person I had every potential in being. I survived through the hardest time in my life. And here I am today, happy and healthy, I am motivated and know what I plan to do with my life, I have the most incredible support system, and am confident and proud of myself everyday!

I know what it’s like to struggle, and I also know now that there is life after addiction. So if anybody struggles with something, know that better days are coming. You are never alone.💕

lmao people want to hate 5sos so bad that they refuse to acknowledge how they’ve changed but anyway stay ignorant no one is begging you to like them, just keep your nasty comments to yourself

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What is your favorite bible verse and why? :)

I will never get tired of this question, ever. It’s Matthew 6:33-34. I would encourage anyone to read this, even if you don’t identify as a Christian. Here’s the passage:

33 Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and He will give you everything you need. 34 So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today.

There are numerous reasons why this passage is my favorite. First, these words came out of the mouth of Jesus, whom I tend to think is pretty awesome and love deeply for everything He did. The whole forgiveness thing is cool, and much needed by all. And did I mention that He’s crazy about you and I? That’s pretty remarkable, and that fact alone is enough for me.

Second, it’s a great reminder to focus on what truly matters and live in love. I don’t know about you, but I need and appreciate daily reminders that lift my spirit and motivate me to be a better person every day. It’s too easy to get caught up in the superficiality of the meaningless. Both the media and society are pretty good at feeding right into the the “me” centered lifestyle, but I just don’t buy that stuff for a second and see no lasting benefit in living selfishly. Jesus was constantly emphasizing the importance of loving others. He said when you show love to another then you are loving Him, and when you love Him you “seek the Kingdom of God”.

Third, it’s a reminder to leave behind fear, anxiety and worry. This one is very personal for me. I quietly struggled with horrible anxiety for two years starting in 2012. One of the many ways it manifested itself was worry that would weigh me down and eat away at my spirit. So you might imagine how good it felt to read the words “He will give you everything you need” and how significant it was to hear “don’t worry about tomorrow”. That was comforting for me, and it might help someone reading this to hear that right now.

There’s a lot of good stuff in those two verses which is why that passage is my favorite right now. Thanks for the question!