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Person of Interest 30 Day Challenge: Day 2

Spotlight on John Reese!

Oh, Reese. Where to begin? To put it simply, he’s half stone-cold-horrifically-efficient-killing-machine, half compassionate-and-emotional-human-being, and those two halves do not play well together (or with others, really). He’s been used and abused and beaten down to the point that he no longer has any faith in his own goodness, nor any value for his own sorry existence. The only thing between Reese and suicide is the promise that he can make amends for his destructive past by turning his talents to the protection of others; this is his purpose, his reason for being. I really must commend Jim Caviezel for crafting a character who is so consumingly dark, such a divine balance of hulking, intense presence, haunting pathos, compelling personality, effortlessly powerful action, and total dead-pan snark. Astounding.

Cosmic Witchcraft 30 Day Challenge!

Hey everyone! Here is a 30 day challenge designed for cosmic/space/astro/galactic/celestial witches, but anyone is welcome! 

To participate, just go down the list and make a post for each individual day (in order from 1 to 30), title it as “Day ___,” and tag it as #CosmicWitchcraftChallenge. By posting these, I’m going to assume it’s okay to reblog them, so please let me know if you prefer otherwise.

  1. describe what got you interested in cosmic/space/astro witchcraft 
  2. your personal definition of your path
  3. your favorite thing about your path
  4. complete your birth chart and post it 
  5. your sun sign + description
  6. your moon sign + description
  7. your rising sign + description 
  8. your ruling planet + description 
  9. favorite planet + why
  10. least favorite planet + why
  11. your zodiac sign + associated element + season of the year 
  12. how does your relationship with deities relate to your craft? (if any)
  13. share your favorite kind of spells to do 
  14. favorite magickal tools
  15. most used herbs + their associated planets
  16. favorite crystals or minerals + their associated planets
  17. make a glitter jar and share a photo 
  18. share a song(s) that gets you in the mood to do magick
  19. meditate to ambient music and share your experience 
  20. share a picture or draw your ruling planet’s planetary square
  21. try divining with the stars and share the results 
  22. your zodiac sign + its associated major arcana tarot card & description
  23. share a picture or drawing of your favorite constellation 
  24. try astral travel and share the results 
  25. post or reblog an image of a nebula that is your favorite color
  26. write your own cosmic spell
  27. share a piece of pop culture (video game, movie, book, etc.) that has inspired your craft 
  28. create your own cosmic-related sigil
  29. share some blogs that have inspired or helped you along the way
  30. something you’ve learned since doing this challenge 
30 day challenge

Starting May 1st-June 1st

If you would like to try this challenge just let me know. It’ll start May 1. It will be more of a 30 day challenge and possibly extend 60 days for you. I’ve done 90 before and I’m already in 30 of mine. I don’t want to over do it for a person who’s starting.

30 day water challenge. 30 min excercise 5xs a week. NO refined sugar. Healthy meals and healthy snacks. (We’re human. If you mess up, it’s okay.) If you’re interested I think I’ll make a Facebook private page. It’s free(no charge if you’re thinking I’m charging). I know there’s beach body folks who do things like this. But honestly there’s so many healthy meals on Pinterest that are super yummy. Just want to help somebody push through because I know how it feels to be alone and struggle.

Clean eating doesn’t mean that you have to eat a salad all the time or just carrots. It means to substitute things. Instead of hamburger meat use turkey meat. Instead of a candy bar eat a tangerine, etc.

I’m no expert but I thought it would be fun to do this with a few ladies. And we encourage one another. We’ll struggle but to know that you’re not alone will make you want to work out more. P.S. You will need a calendar. The dollar tree has them (for a dollar). Each day you do good and meet everything you mark one color. If you eat chocolate but do everything else you need to mark it another color. It’ll help you stay on track.

Cosmic Witchcraft 30 Day Challenge! [Link]

Day 1:Describe what got you interested in cosmic/astro/space witchcraft.

Well, I’ve always had an interest in space - truly, for as long as I can remember. I took personal offence when Pluto’s planetary status was revoked, and as a kid, my sister and I had a spinning constellation projector that we’d spend hours upon hours gazing at.

From a witchcraft perspective, my interest piqued when I discovered cosmic and space witches, primarily @cosmic-witch herself.
For the majority of my studying time (which is approaching six years now), most of the information I gathered was nature and Earth based. I had no idea that space and cosmic witchcraft existed, so I have tumblr and its plethora of cosmic and space witches to thank for opening my eyes to it.

I guess then, it was my long established love for the cosmos that initiated my interest in such magick, but it was my discovery of practitioners and the practise itself that encouraged me to pursue it and provided me with the tools and materials to indulge in that newly developed interest.

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Person of Interest 30 Day Challenge: Day 20

Favourite song!

When Things Explode - Unkle 

There have been loads (and loads and loads) of fantastic musical accompaniments on this show thus far, but the end of Number Crunch remains my favourite. The emotional landscape the song creates is absolutely pitch-perfect, and for such a HUGE scene, it’d want to be.

30 day Kirby Challenge Day 22 - Anime Episode

It was a hard choice for me to choose which episode to draw, because I have a LOT of personal favourites, and the more I thought about it the more I was like “Oh but this one was hilarious! But this one was really cool! BUT THIS ONE-” so I settled on episode 60, The Sacred Sword, Galaxia, because of how good of an episode it was. It was really well animated, the plot was really cool and interesting and it brought even more lore to this universe, and it had a lot of Meta Knight, Sword and Blade, so what more can you ask out of an episode?

30 Day Magic Challenge: Day 9

[30 Day Magic Challenge]

Day 9: Favourite Archenemy Scheme

I’ll be honest, I’ve never played Archenemy & it doesn’t really spike any interest in me. I’d rather play Planechase as a weird & fun format; the whole idea of all vs 1 seems boring and only there to show off how good one person’s deck is (as well as boost their ego). I went quickly through all the Schemes & this one seemed like the coolest, though pretty narrow for a strategy.

thearabian-guardian-of-fun  asked:

I'd love to save the 30 day drawing challenge for future reference if you don't mind could you please show me the link? thank you in advance ^_^

Hello! My friend said he was willing to share it, so here it is! It’s a laid-back challenge, can be done over any thirty day period. :) How you interpret the prompts is entirely up to you! Have fun! :D

30 Days of Sketchbook Challenge

  1. The perfect pizza
  2. The ideal pet
  3. One of your favorite animals (or bugs)
  4. One of your favorite characters - from a book!
  5. Most interesting thing in your room
  6. A monster
  7. The antagonist
  8. A mythical beast (can be your own creation)
  9. The best chair
  10. A really cool person
  11. A weird grocery shopping list
  12. Make a character out of a kitchen appliance
  13. An unusual animal (that exists/existed at one point)
  14. Draw a short comic
  15. Illustrate a word
  16. A nice plant
  17. One character doing 2 - 5 different expressions
  18. The protagonist
  19. One of your favorite Pokemon/Digimon/Yugioh
  20. The comic relief/token cute character (think Olaf or Baymax)
  21. An alternative cover for your favorite book
  22. Something or someone majestic
  23. A character based off a song
  24. One of your favorite characters - from a show/movie/video game
  25. Something you ate today/want to eat today
  26. The sidekick
  27. Your take on any Peter Pan character
  28. What you wore today/are wearing right now
  29. A character from the zombie apocalypse
  30. Whatever you want to draw! :D

Go for it! Good luck~ :D :D

Seria - The Savage with No Fire

Well this is the a road off the beaten path, X’’’D This is actually a fatesona that’s based off my own self and personality. I chose Oni Savage cause I felt like it fits well to the type of person I am and my strengths and abilities as well as my culture. A unit that’s high in strength and can land criticals, but often not because they’re way too slow and unskilled. They have potential but is lost on a shitty unit. (#me)

Seria is basically my own personality but amped up a notch.

-Lazy af

-Sarcastic af

-Weird af

Seria is someone who’s not interested in war or politics and would rather eat, sleep, or humor others to entertain herself. She has a sarcastic view of the world and often goes with the flow with things, usually bottling up her emotions and says “I’m fine” a lot. Other than that, she’s a pretty chill person for an Oni Savage. Also she’s a troll lolz.

As fate would have it: Loves rice balls

Kai from @krazehkai is featured too lolz (Sorry I keep drawing your fatesonas so much, they’re so cool QwQ) and I need an excuse to show Seria’s trolling lolz.

30 Day Writing Challenge Day 1: Collide

Yuuri didn’t understand it, not really. How did he manage to get Victors attention? He wasn’t anybody. He was just an anxiety-ridden 23 year old trying to get his life back together after a crushing failure that caused him to temporarily lose motivation. Nothing special.

But Victor Nikiforov, his lifelong hero, thought he was.

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Person of Interest 30 Day Challenge: Day 3

Spotlight on Joss Carter!

Carter makes me so happy - objectively as a fan of great television characters, and personally, as a woman who delights in truly positive representation. Carter is strong, capable, and intelligent. She kicks ass, she takes names. She’s extremely moral and principled, but she also has the sense to understand when it’s ok to bend the law. She’s a fantastic, hardworking detective. She’s a dedicated, involved single mother. She’s incredibly gorgeous, but she still looks like a cop and is never just gratuitous eye candy. Her ability to be a fearsome, powerful lady does not come at the expense of her humanity. She is not superhuman, she has her flaws, she makes mistakes, but her unimpeachable quality never falters. Carter is not a cliche, nor a stereotype. Carter is a fucking fabulous, triumphant character. Taraji P Henson is flawless.


Day 3: Favourite episode of season 1

There are so many great episodes in this season, but I don’t think I appreciated Raisins and Almonds until I’d seen it a couple times.  So many good bits.

-Bert and Cec’s epic breakup and makeup.

-Dottie handling their idiocy like a pro.

-Hugh the super awkward crime scene third wheel.

-So much Break and Enter Beret.

-“I gave chase and he took a shot at me.  So I did the only thing I could in the circumstances."  "You called for help?"  "I stabbed him in the shoulder.”

-Phryne telling Jack that he didn’t see her hike up her skirt and pull a stiletto out of her garter.

-Late night Science! with Mac and Jack falling asleep in the chair.

-Jack’s utter heart attack when Phryne steps into an armed standoff and blocks his shot.  (Is that the first time we see him swear?)

It’s the ending, though, that gets me.  There’s so much happening between the lines.  Phryne has made a very clear admission, if not an offer, concerning the non-professional side of their relationship.  Jack navigates some tricky ground to decline while still acknowledging his interest.  They’re discussing very personal matters in what could be considered an inappropriate setting.  (If Jack ever intended to keep the personal and professional separate where Phryne is concerned, he fails miserably in this episode.)  Phryne is of course painfully understanding of the honor that holds Jack to his vows.  Perhaps more important, she’s experienced first-hand how war can change people, which immediately puts her in a better position than the woman he’s been married to for over a decade to understand the man Jack has become.  I’d be surprised if that didn’t frighten him just a little.


Person of Interest 30 Day Challenge: Day 15

Favourite fight scene!

Reese vs Hersh in the hotel kitchen, Booked Solid. Hersh doesn’t even break muppet face for the first several shots! Not until Reese starts shoving him into things.. He throws Reese over a table! He TRIES TO BURN HIS FACE OFF ON A STOVE! Reese steps on his toes! And throws a small frying pan at him! THEY HAVE A FUCKING KNIFE FIGHT! Hersh gets stabbed! Reese wins!

Tell me one thing about all of that which isn’t epic or awesome or hardcore in some way. 


Person of Interest 30 Day Challenge: Day 1

Spotlight on Harold Finch!

There were a few items in the original 30 Day Challenge that I was not so fond of, so I got rid of them and introduced spotlights instead! Harold is my favourite. It was Harold who had me hooked on the show from the first episode, and I will forever be in awe of Michael Emerson’s ability to portray a character so secretive, so mysterious, and yet so nuanced and dynamic. For all his paranoia and introversion, Finch is caring, good-natured, and pretty darn adorable if I do say so myself. He’s a genius and a billionaire and he tries to isolate himself, but he’s not aloof or distant or cold; he may try not to be a visible part of the world, but his heart is absolutely still in it. He’s an broken man in a broken body, hidden away from society and anonymously trying to heal it, little by little, holding out a glimmer of patient, abiding faith that the good in humanity can prevail in spite of everything he has experienced to the contrary. Harold Finch is an enigma: a brilliant, admirable, heartbreaking, impeccably well-dressed enigma.


Person of Interest 30 Day Challenge: Day 12

Favourite emotional scene?

Ok, it’s probably not my favourite, but it is one that always comes to mind when I think about emotional moments, it’s understated but for me, hugely memorable. It’s all in that first line, really; “Finch is gone”. Caviezel does a magnificent job of imbuing that line with so much weight, he demands absolute and undivided attention, because right at this moment, there’s nothing more important in his world. Carter gets that immediately, and she’s both sympathetic and practical, ready to give Reese whatever emotional support or proactive assistance he might need. Her reaction is well matched to his dual state; Reese is clearly despondent and lost, but he’s also eager to keep the gears moving and not waste a moment in figuring out how to get Finch back, because John Reese is not the kind of guy who can stand feeling helpless for a second. Superbly played by both parties.


Person of Interest 30 Day Challenge: Day 21

How did you discover Person of Interest?

There I was, an innocent little Ben Linus fan, searching for other Linus-loving blogs. I came across one which used to be dedicated to Ben, but which now featured an abundance of some other Michael Emerson character from some new show. Ok, whatever. But wait…what were these HILARIOUS gifs I was seeing? What was Michael doing?! Maybe youtube could shed some light on this…six minutes later, I had a new show to watch. The rest is history.


Person of Interest 30 Day Challenge: Day 22

When did you know you were hooked?

For the first eight episodes of the show, I was chilling out and enjoying an interesting and unique show populated by fantastic characters, intrigued to see where all this was headed. As of Get Carter, I was officially roped in, a fully-fledged dedicated fan, completely mentally and emotionally invested. I knew from the moment I first grasped the premise of the show that one day, they would have an episode where Carter’s number came up, but I was not expecting to be so totally enthralled by it. And it only got better from there…


Person of Interest 30 Day Challenge: Day 4

Spotlight on Lionel Fusco!

Hello, Lionel. I really never expected to fall in love with this little guy, and that statement in itself is a testament to the awesome job Kevin Chapman has done in making Fusco a detailed and intriguing character beloved across the fandom. Fusco’s origins as a dirty cop perfectly capable of executing anyone who gets in HR’s way are never downplayed to try and make him seem more palatable, and yet it is easy to believe in the redemption of Lionel Fusco, easy to cheer him on as he navigates his way back to a good path. Easy to celebrate his victories, and commiserate with his failures.He’s far from being a perfect person, but that’s ok. No one’s perfect, and at least Fusco is facing up to his transgressions and working damn hard to correct his mistakes, and I’m not sure that I’ve ever felt such a sense of pride for a character’s journey. Four for you, Lionel Fusco. You go, Lionel Fusco.


Person of Interest 30 Day Challenge: Day 5

Favourite episode!

2.01 - The Contingency

It’s a hard choice, but I had to roll with the season two premiere in the end. I mean, there’s always a lot of pressure for the season return to match up to the standard set by the cliffhanger ending of the previous season, and season 1’s finale Firewall was blisteringly excellent. Not to mention, it ended with Finch being abducted - by Root, no less. The bar was set pretty high for The Contingency, and it delivered in every way that I’d hoped. We had tense, fascinating scenes between Finch and Root. We had all the focused determination and rage of a very lost and lonely Reese, out to find his friend. Glorious Finch flashbacks in which The Machine well and truly proved itself to be a character all of its own (it grows up! First it plays hide and seek with its daddy, then they play cards, then it tries to save his life. You raised a good egg, Harold). Reese works out the contingency. Reese negotiates with The Machine. Reese fights the Aryan Brotherhood. Leon Tao is introduced. Bear is introduced. Root proves to be awesomely scary. Fusco models ballgags. Carter saves the day. Finch is wearing one of his best outfits. The whole thing is intense and full of brilliance, it appeals to me on a broad spectrum of levels, and it satisfies me on all as well.