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In the Beginning ~~ Person of Interest ~~ Sets from the Pilot

The first Library, Reese’s shabby hotel room, Hanson’s apartment, the first apartment Finch gave Reese in the extended Pilot, Carter’s Police Station and location of her first meeting with Reese and the alley where Fusco first meets and captures Reese

Since we will be starting Season 1 over from the beginning on WGN & Netflix

I’m finally getting to watch the first season of Person of Interest, and guys, nobody told me that it started out this strong. 

I knew that this show was good, but I’ve heard so many times about how different the show started out, and yeah true, but for some reason I thought that this meant that it was sort of mediocre to start with. I thought that I’d give the first episode a look, get a little bored by the guys, and then just skip to wherever Root first shows up, but I haven’t wanted to do that.

I’ve been enjoying everything, I love the way the guys started out, Reese and Harold, I freaking adore Carter, I thought I’d really start to dislike Fusco because I had heard that he had originally been a dirty cop, but no. He’s still cool with me. 

The music and fight scenes are still great, and as I type this I’m watching episode 6, and I’ve just officially been introduced to Zoe Morgan, who really does have a cool, interesting, misleading beginning. I even kinda like the dirty cop side story line that I thought would be just really tired of quickly. I just, I already knew that I’d enjoy some of it because I liked the episodes that I’d seen, but I had put pretty much all of that down to Shoot somehow, I didn’t expect to get sucked into the first season like this.  

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Yes, please go do this. Especially if you’ve never seen Person of Interest before, you can catch up before the new season starts. It’s a really, really good show and I can’t stress that enough. It’s got a little bit of everything:

  • New well-written, canon, interracial female/female relationship played by Angel’s Amy Acker and The L Word’s Sarah Shahi (the cast/crew/show love and actually care for this ship–no classic TV f/f tropes)
  • Action
  • Compelling missions/story lines
  • Artificial Intelligent Omniscient Gods
  • A+ Acting
  • Palpable chemistry between the entire cast
  • More focus on character/story development and not romance
  • Drama
  • Some sci-fi
  • BTVS Scooby Gang-like banter
  • Comedic relief moments
  • Movie-like cinematography and directing
  • Not much filler
  • Amazing music/scores
  • Rarely a dull moment
  • A lovable dog
  • The writers legitimately care for the fans and the direction of the show whilst being careful not to pander. They’re also interactive with the fans on occasion and don’t take their viewership for granted.
  • And so much more…

Think of all of the shows you like and take a piece from each one and slap them all together and you’ve got Person of Interest.


@AmyAcker: It’s finally time! Starting today- you can watch @PersonInterest on @wgnamerica!

Summary of First Episode of Person of Interest:
  • Finch:So I know something is going to happen. I don't know who, I don't know what, I don't know why. I'm so not telling you who I am and how I know this shit. But I want to stop it.
  • Reese:Seems legit.