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It’s been a while since I last posted but I am really excited to start using my March layout next month. I also decided to use my cool marble post-it from MochiThings to keep track of ideas I can use on my various social media accounts (personal, my Sorority, and my studygram). 

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katmaximoff  asked:

I've seen your post of "Reposting Artwork" and I just wanted to ask if it's ok to you if (for example) I save one of your art pieces (by the way I love your art so much) and I use it in my phone or have it just because I think it's awesome or use it as a profile picture in facebook or whatsapp? I usually don't use art work from artist as profile pictures because, except for Tumblr, my accounts are personal and for work, but still I use it sometimes like backgrounds for my PC and phone.

Hi! Thanks for asking and waaaaa I’m glad you like my work. :3 ♥ 

I can’t speak for other artists but I’m okay with my art being used as wallpapers on PC’s, phones, tablets etc. As for profile pictures and cover photos, I’m fine with it, too, as long as it’s for personal accounts. For tumblr and other sites, though, if you can leave some credit in the description, that would be nice.

And since this was asked, I feel like I should bring up the issue of not erasing watermarks? I’ve seen some artworks being used as profile pictures and whatnot with the artist’s signature erased or, worse, replaced. Even if it’s personal use or whatever, please don’t erase signatures. X<

Im on a mission

When i started watching steven universe i met a friend. Her name was kaitlynn. I had to stop being friends with her because my ex girlfriend pressured me too much into dumping the friend since we kind of liked eachother. It broke her heart and Ive thought about it for longest time. Now that my ex is out of the picture I want to find her. I want to see if theres any chance I can fix things. She lives in same state as me and her oc is turqouise @theloversheart on twitter and @angelnara3 as her personal account there if anyone knows who she is or where she is please let me know. Her twitter hasnt been updated since february 2016 but I want to look for her and see if shes ok and see if theres anyway I can patch things up with her. If anyone can help please Id appreciate it. I want to make things right. I want to talk to her and see if we can be friends again

idk if she has tumblr snapchat instagram or anything

big_official_insta: 비기닝 여러분~ 여러분들께서 기다리고 기다리시던! B.I.G의 개인 인스타그램 계정이 생성되었습니다~ B.I.G 개개인의 소소한 생활들이 자주자주 업데이트 될 예정이니 많이많이 팔로우해주세요:D @baebenji92 / @big_gunmin1003 / @yoo_heedo96 #비아이지 #원투쓰리 #제이훈은_내일_알려드립니다

[Trans] Biginnings~ The long awaited! B.I.G’s member personal Instagram account has been created~ B.I.G will give frequent update about bits of their personal life, please give them a lot of followers :D  @baebenji92 / @big_gunmin1003 / @yoo_heedo96 #B.I.G #OneTwoThree #Jhoon_IWillGiveItTomorrow

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Do I have any followers with ADHD? Or does anyone have some really good information on it? I want to write a character who has ADHD but I don’t know anything about it except the basics so I’m looking to educate myself. Any help beyond a wiki article would appreciated! 


good is not a thing you are
it’s a thing you do.

This is Shigeru Mizuki

He was born March 8 1922 and passed away November 30 2015 at age 93.

Mizuki-san was a manga-ka and historian, most famous for his Kitaro manga, Which he started publishing in 1960.

I could give a textbook account of him and everything he’s done and his influence on Japanese culture and revival of the interest in Yokai in Japan as a whole, but I just want to point out some very small things about him;

The first is, unlike a lot of Manga-ka of the 60s, Mizuki did not learn to draw Manga from Tezuka’s school…. or any school at all. He was one of those weird ‘natural talents’ you always hear about but actual examples of are hard to find. Mizuki was one such person. He just inately knew how to draw. And as a result, despite influences from other manga at the time, his characters generally don’t resemble what we think of when we think of ‘60s manga’

Not to mention that, despite his preferred art style, he was diverse in what he could do with how he drew, easily going from his more cartoony drawings to a more realistic style, sometimes doing both at once.

Mizuki-san was drafted into the Japanese Imperial Army during WWII, and during the war contracted malaria and lost his left arm during an explosion.

He was left-handed.

However, despite disease, losing his drawing-hand, being the only surviving member of his unit and literally being ‘ordered to die’ by his superiors, Mizuki survived the war and taught himself to draw with his right hand and just kept going.

His manga that he’s famous for were all done after he lost his dominant arm.

All his manga have a personal autobiographical touch to them. Whether it’s “Showa” which is literally a historical account of what Japan was like from the 20s to the 80s, to Kitaro, which is about the stories of Yokai told to him by his elderly neighbour, all his manga have something personal about them.

He is a cultural icon in Japan for keeping traditional ghost stories and creatures alive in the modern consciousness, as well as his contributions to Japanese history regarding WWII. He traveled the world, gathering ghost stories and traditional folklore from other countries as well.

He’s been awarded a string of awards I’m not even gonna attempt to list, although personally I feel most noteworthy is the ‘Personal of Cultural Merit’ award in 2010 and the ‘Order of the Rising Sun’ Award.

But again, that is his importance historically and culturally, whereas I find his personal struggles regarding the loss of his arm and just relearning how to draw something more personal to know as an artist.

With this in mind, He is also noteworthy for never really following the idea that most manga-ka of the time had that ‘you only need 3 hours sleep a night’ or to keep working without rest. Mizuki never really followed that belief. He got a full night’s sleep every night, and fully believed in actually LIVING life, and not just spending your entire life behind a desk, drawing.

He later joked offhandedly that at age 90 he was still around whereas everyone else of the same time period making manga had long since died.

I feel this is incredibly important to remember. Tezuka believed in working non-stop and barely sleeping. And he is undoubtedly the most important contributor to what we think of as manga today. But Mizuki-san, who is just as important to Japanese culture, believed in sleeping well, living life, and being happy. And he was ALSO important, created amazing work, and is recognized as a master.

You don’t need to work yourself to death to be an artist.

Mizuki-san had a list of ‘7 rules to happiness’, which I honestly feel is worth remembering. It may be things we’ve heard before, but this coming from a man, who went through active war, lost limbs, nearly died,retaught himself how to draw because he wasn’t able to give up, made an impact on Japanese culture, believed in living life, refused to overwork himself and lived to the age of 93, it feels like you can trust his advice. because he’s someone who’s seen some serious shit, but he was happy, and he’d learned how to be happy. And from what I’ve heard remained happy and content until he died of natural causes.

Number 1

‘Don’t try to win – Success is not the measure of life. Just do what you enjoy. Be happy.’

Number 2

‘Follow your curiosity – Do what you feel drawn towards, almost like a compulsion. What you would do without money or reward.’

Number 3

‘Pursue what you enjoy – Don’t worry if other people find you foolish. Look at all the people in the world who are eccentric—they are so happy! Follow your own path.’

Number 4

‘Believe in the power of love – Doing what you love, being with people you love. Nothing is more important.’

Number 5

‘Talent and income are unrelated – Money is not the reward of talent and hard work. Self-satisfaction is the goal. Your efforts are worthy if you do what you love.’

Number 6

‘Take it easy – Of course you need to work, but don’t overdo it! Without rest, you’ll burn yourself out.’

Number 7

‘Believe in what you cannot see – The things that mean the most are things you cannot hold in your hand.’

how to stay happy

are my intentions good? will my decisions unneccessarily hurt others? am i speaking kindly to others? am i validating other people’s feelings and listening? have i had enough water, food, and sunshine today? what have i done to earn a sense of accomplishment for today? have i answered “how am i feeling today?” with something other than food/drugs/alcohol? did i tell my family i love them? are my needs and wants clearly catergorized? did i shower and put on clothes? have i been to doctors and dentists? are my animals well loved and fed and groomed? is my house clean enough to be functional for everyone who lives here? am i looking for a new way to be happier? always.

How to Describe Yourself to Your Pen Pal

The basics are your age, location, and gender, but what about some other things to spice up the conversation?

-Places you’ve been to

-Favorite music

-A secret that you haven’t told before

-Your most embarrassing moment

-What you want to be when you’re older

-What superpower you would have and why

- Favorite foods

-Introverted or extroverted?

-Zodiac sign

-Things you want to fix about yourself

-Describe how you were as a 7 year old

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#HeartsForSean Project

Recently, as many of you know, Sean has been inactive for the past couple days. This is because of the video he made entitled “Let’s Talk” that talked about the controversy on Felix being Anti-Semitic. This video had a lot of backlash that made Sean regret making it and in turn has been very inactive on his social media accounts. I, personally, am very worried and want to help Sean in some way. 

Me and @midnight-ray have decided to create this project on behalf of the JSE community. Our goal is to uplift Sean with as much support and positivty as we can. We want to bring the community into this project and give back to Sean the love and care he’s had for us since day one of doing YouTube. We want to repay Sean with the kindness and respect he deserves.

How You Can Help:

- Post a picture (or record a video) of you holding a heart (preferably green)  with a supportive statement to Sean 

           (If you have a Sam plushie, you can include them in the picture!)

- Tell the community how you found Sean (If you’re posting a picture, type your story. If you’re recording a video, tell it!) and how he has affected you 

- Tag 10 people you found through Sean’s channel in your post

- End the post with the hashtag: #HeartsForSean #jacksepticeye

- Reblog this project! :D

Example post: