hey, up there. we miss you down here.
how have you been? are you settled? are you comfortable?
no, we weren’t very close, and no, I never saw you much, but that only shows how much you affected every single person around you.
you are so beautiful.
it’s been two months now and a month from tomorrow I walked into school thinking nothing of the day other than that I had a speech to present. the bell rang and I got to class and suddenly everything was so serious. my mind raced with thoughts of who it could be and I never, ever expected it to be you.
I put up so many sticky notes that day hoping one would find its way to you, wherever you may be, and that it would undo all of this and you would feel better and you would come back saying you were fine and that it helped you and that you didn’t want to go away any more.
I cannot believe I never knew you liked twenty one pilots too. I would’ve probably talked to you for hours about all of their songs if given the chance, but I just had no idea.
the last time I saw you, only your body was in front of me. your soul was with everyone that night. it was with every single person who was hurting.
I can’t remember the last time I saw you before then. I wish I did.
but the last night I saw you, I just didn’t feel like life was really happening. I noticed a freckle on your arm and I then noticed how many freckles you had (which is a whole lot that I had just never seemed to notice.)
you were buried in a red flannel. I can’t remember the last time I hadn’t seen you in that red flannel. I have the same one. I have the same red flannel and it sits in my closet. it will sit in my closet for a very long time I assume because I have no idea if it’s exactly the same flannel you had on but it looks so similar that I will most likely never touch it other than to put it somewhere safer if I move or something like that. I will never get rid of it. but I will never wear it. to me, the red flannel is you. and every time I notice it you’re checking up and seeing how everything is going.
this is dragging on to be especially long now, especially since we were never crazy close friends. but I wanted to say that I love you.
you are so beautiful and I love you. and we all miss you so very much.
rest easy up there angel. send me a little note sometime.
hey up there, we miss you down here.

Personas y no “hombres”

“Después de eso, salí con otras personas y nadie supo que nos estábamos viendo, porque no quería que hubiera ningún tweet, ni ninguna selfie nuestra, ni fotos paseando de la mano, quería que fuera algo solo mío y de esa persona. Solo hubiera habido fotos nuestras si hubiese estado con esa persona mucho tiempo y estuviera segura de que nuestra relación era especial y lo suficientemente fuerte”

Si Miami fuera una persona sería la única persona con la que estuviera  

- ¿Cuál es el chico que las vuelve locas?

- ¿¡Por qué asumes que es un chico!?

Cuando estás enamorado de un “Chico Malo” o una “Mala”… lo que sea… de todos modos

- Me siento intimidado con muchas mujeres en un cuarto

- Yo también

Mmmm, raro, no?