white persom: white ppl jokes dont bother me and im not racist : }
other white people: THIS! ^^^ we should ALL try nbeing like this hero!!

Star gazing;

Laying here on the beach, with close friends is always a good night out. The crashing waves, the scent of the ocean, the feel of the sand beneath you. it’s all so calming, it’s almost therapeutic..

Looking for constalations, and shooting stars alone. you can’T see this back in the city.

I’m happy to be here, able to see these stars. Although, it just makes me think. all these memories still to be made. And there is one wish.

My wish is for you to be happy..your happiness is all I could ask for. And a little bit of a selfish my wish to see you again soon. And my hopes to start anew.

I wish you were here..sweet dreams, get all the rest you can.