It sounds dumb, but it feels really good when you start to understand the cultural or language references in anime. Feels like you’re really learning something.

  • Me:mom can you not complain about this because I struggle with it and I don't like you complaining so much it makes it harder
  • Mom:ok
  • Me:does the thing
  • Mom:why do you do this so much do you see why I'm always stressed out I only complain because you do it you don't give a damn your dad dosent give a damn oh my god
  • Me:
  • mom:
  • Mom:check your messages

This girl right here this amazing beautiful girl right here is my everything she is the reason why i am the better person that i am today she has made such a big impacked on my life ♡ i love her so much i cant even explain it to you she is so strong she is so brave and she has the biggest heart in the world shes the tipe of persom so many people look for in the world im so blessed i get to call her mine and as we both know she gets me mad and i make her mad but i want her to know i love her so much and im sorry sorry for everything♡ i love you so much my beautiful baby girl and yes we were in walmart when we took this ❤💍 zombri5

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hello it is the same persom who asked about Tauruses. some of her "symptoms" are she self harms, she constantly is drinking caffeine so she stays awake at night. She watches movies or reads about depression and suicide. Like she's obsessed with The Perks of Being a Wallflower. She once told me she wanted to be like Charlie. I just want her to be in a better place. Do you have suggestions that would work for her?

oh wow okay
i’m no expert on mental health but i think the best option is to get her professional help, if she’s seriously considering ending her life i’d do it asap.

you could try and talk her into it or you can inform her parents about what is happening (this may upset your friend but its for her own good, ive been her in this situation and i got help and two years five months later i’m fine again)

as i said, i’m no expert on mental health but i really think the only option is someone professional helping out

- caitlin


watching this has truly made me into a real persom. thank you angela lansbury

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**Spread Some Love** YOU ARE AMAZING. **Send this to 10 blogs you love, we need some love around here, some sweetness, more smiles and hugs. **If you don't do it, nothing will happen, but spreading some means making someone smile. Isn't that a good reason? <3


cuz you sent it to the wrong persom

i feel rly bad sometimes bc 1 persom will take up my entire dash and im just…..reblogging literally everuthing from that person or few people im so sorry if this happens

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Did I send a hey? IF NOT HEY

1. First impression: hey look a PotO blog that is run by a decent persom sign me the fuck up
2. Truth is: youre such a nice and genuinely sweet person also rad as hell
3. How old do you look: earily 20s?? 22 or 23 maybe?? you can legally drink im 100% positive on that
4. Have you ever made me laugh: A+ blog hummor and snapchats 10/10 very funny
5. Have you ever made me mad: no omg
6. Best feature: very cool and easy to talk to
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: in a purely aesthetic way yeah like ur pretty
8. You’re my: 1 friend that likes phantom of the opera
9. Name in my phone: ur snapchat name lmao
10. Should you post this too? you already did


a big problem i have is this inconsistency between drawing characters I’ve made up in my head or cartoon/video game/etc characteres and ones based on real-life people (example-drawing morrigan vs. drawing Bel) and it’s really frustrating