“The wedding is for her not for you” is one of those things that allows for the “ball & chain” trope to persist. It implies that the husband should forfeit any and all feelings about a wedding and essentially just “show up”. Apparently no man is allowed to want a dream wedding and conversely every woman has a dream wedding and their dream cannot be comprised. The fact that such an important moment of union is skewed to be solely about the bride is disturbing to me and sets the stage for resentment. The man spends a lot on the ring only for his only contribution to be financial, its no wonder why that stupid trope persists.
Trump takes the bait
A visibly peeved Trump keeps trying to cut off Clinton as she needles him about his business, his climate change talk and his secret ISIS plan. By SHANE GOLDMACHER

A composed Hillary Clinton got under Donald Trump’s skin during their high-stakes showdown on Monday night, with the Republican nominee persistently interrupting Clinton as she needled him on his business record, the size of his fortune and his relationship with the truth.

“You know, Donald was very fortunate in his life and that’s all to his benefit. He started his business with $14 million, borrowed from his father, and he really believes that the more you help wealthy people, the better off we’ll be and that everything will work out from there,” Clinton said in her opening blow, as she worked throughout the night to paint him as a crass billionaire who has stomped on everyday Americans.

“My father gave me a very small loan in 1975 and I built it into a company that’s worth many, many billions of dollars with some of the greatest assets in the world, and I say that only because that’s the kind of thinking our country needs,” Trump shot back.

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90 Days of Autumn(Part 3)

Title: Sweet Smelling Kitchen

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1,763

Warnings: swearing(I think), sam being an adorable little shit( I mean look at the gif, so cute), cliffhanger

Prompt: Baking becomes a big mess, some things fail, others succeed, but one things for sure…everything just got a lot more awkward.

A/N: I updated the readers age in this fic. I wanted to make it more realistic, being a NICU doctor. It’s roughly 13 years of school/residency, so starting at age 18 would make the reader 31 and we’ll just say Sam is 31 as well.

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“Have you ever actually baked a pie from scratch before?” You eyed Sam as he pushed the shopping cart up and down the isles. He made the shopping car look small and made you feel small too with the way he persistently had to be right beside you.

“Uh huh. For my brothers birthday, Mom and I made him a pecan pie. From scratch,” he looked down at you, giving you a teasing smile and a playful wink. “Men can bake too, Y/N.”

“I never said men couldn’t bake, Sam,” you justified, rolling your eyes. 

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I know a way to get past the whole "one day" thing! Just sleep in Snowdin Inn a few thousand times! I mean, they say you're only in there for, what, 2 minutes?? Surely one could just grind-sleep there for over a day. I wonder if anything would change if you did, considering the emphasis on "a day". I mean, why have so many emphasised dialogues on the Day, and then just throw in the amount of time you stay in the Inn for...?

(undertale spoilers)

There is no alternative dialogue in the game’s text dump, so this is unlikely the case. The game was designed to have an average playtime of six hours. Forcing the game to persist for more than a day is not quite the same. 

There are 1,440 minutes in a day, so the action for sleeping at the inn would have to be done at least 720 times – most likely less given that some time is spent talking to the inn keeper. However, if you time how long Frisk sleeps and talks to the inn keeper, it’s not actually two full minutes. Regardless, repeating any action for that high amount of times is not really something a game developer would take into consideration when creating the game. 

Yes, the game was designed to be completed in an average six hours. Frisk is able to do plenty in six hours, but not everything. Frisk is unable to explore all of the underground – the city in the Ruins, all of the Snowdin forest, the capital city, etc.

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julia, i'm so sorry to bother you, but how do you get over a long term relationship with your best friend of 5 years?

wait. sleep. talk to your mom and your best friend. go out and let yourself get really drunk one night (with a friend) and cry and shit (but DONT text him - this is where your friend comes in). but dont make it a habit - self-medicating never ends well, and you’ll just end up with a persistent hangover in addition to your broken heart. read. watch movies. listen to music. write. use whatever creative outlet soothes you. wallow in your sadness in the beginning then when it becomes too indulgent, pull yourself up by your bootstraps. see your favorite band. buy a new outfit. make yourself go out even when you dont want to. (especially when you dont want to.) be alone for a while. enjoy it. be with your friends. enjoy it. hook up with someone random so you remember what that’s like when it’s fun and spontaneous and doesn’t carry the weight of five years’ history. eventually open yourself up to the possibility of a new relationship, but do it in your own time. be a human. feel it all. take responsibility for your own happiness. but mostly just wait it’ll all be ok. x

Ficlet: Dirandish/Brandaria - Weakness of Character

Guess who only saw a single panel, has no idea what is going on, yet persists on writing random shit to canon?

Inspired by this quote:  Hate is not the opposite of love; apathy is.

Also, @lalamelon ‘s doujinshi, which I accept wholly as the new canon

To the core; it slashed her to the core, the sharp-edged betrayal of not only her friend, oh no, but her ideals, her morals, her country, her grandfather… the Emperor himself.

DiMaria had tried; she truly had even though the effort of the action cost her dearly, to hurt Brandish so severely, to choke back those tears that weren’t acting for once. DiMaria wasn’t one to cry; her amber eyes had been dry for decades, since she lost everything and no longer had anything left to cry over.

And Brandish spat upon her gift.

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byun baekhyun (exo)
(part 1) (part 2)

The first month of living in your new place while  persistently avoiding Byun Baekhyun has been easy. With classes rolling to a start, piles of work keep you out of the apartment in the day  or locked up in your room at night. You do your own thing, he does his own. In a way, you’re comfortable of co-existing with him in the little apartment.

However, when you do come across him, it takes a little bit of effort to look away and ignore him. Baekhyun, despite your irritation with him, carries a bright aura. Due to his boisterous laughter from across the courtyard or his animated chatter on the phone or during his video games, you’re attracted to his flame, like a moth easily drawn to a burning light, even when you refuse to acknowledge it.

Chanyeol shoots you meaningful looks every so often that Baekhyun’s name slips out of your lips unknowingly.

“For someone who hates him, you sure talk about him a lot.”

You frown at him, fingering the last of your fries as you contemplate whether to throw it at him. “Hate is a strong word.” When a smirk graces his lips, you chuck the food at him. “I just…don’t like him. He’s annoying but you see, I have to live with him. For now.”

“He’s really not that bad. Just give him a chance.”


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still i hope that mrs heinous will apper again this season, still lots of questions about what happen to olga school, and i must confess a little tiny disappointment that, for a momment i thought that the big lizard with big name would be some kind of persistent villain chasing our heros making evil plans like toffe do in season 1. but still was DAMn funny how he make a big entrance just to die right after all the job to get to quest buy.

He’s going to be back, I’m sure. Every dead lizard in this show is eventually going to be back.

When someone abandons me, even if they were just an acquaintance, overwhelming fury washes over me after the panic, desperation, gloom, and blankness subsides. With that fury comes violent, deadly thoughts towards the person that persist for months on end. There was a girl I only talked to for a little while before she disconnected from socializing online and politely asked me to not speak to her anymore. Years have passed and to this day when I remember her, she’s associated with strangling and slamming against walls in my mind.

Rank Two Cluster Algebras from Very Nearly Nothing

the greedy basis

equals the theta basis

a rank-two haiku

Gregg Musiker (with respect to Cheung, Gross, Muller, Rupel, Stella, and Williams), UMN Combinatorics Seminar. [**]

A warning to the experts: I really will be doing this “from very nearly nothing”, which in this case means that I’m assuming only knowledge of high-school algebra… and persistence. (Of course, this means I will use imprecise language in some places— but if you know enough that you can find these holes, you know enough that you can fill them.)


We begin by defining the rational function field (in two variables), which you can construct as follows. 

  1. First take all numbers, and throw them into a box. 
  2. Then, take $x_1$ and throw it in there, and $x_2$ as well. (These two objects aren’t related in any way, they’re just variables.) 
  3. Then, enlarge the collection of things in the box as follows: for any pair of elements in the box, take them out, copy them, and then add, subtract, multiply, or divide the copies (with only one exception: you still can’t divide by zero!).
  4. Put the resulting object, as well as the originals in the box.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 forever.

At the end of all that, what you have in the box is an enormous collection of objects that look something like these:

$$0.25+x_2 \qquad x_2(x_1)^2-3x_2 \qquad \frac{8+(x_1)^3-0.4x_2}{3+8x_2x_1} \qquad \frac{x_1^2+(x_2)^2+1}{x_1x_2} \qquad\cdots$$

This box is sort of our “raw materials” that we can play with. By that, I mean that we won’t care much about the box per se, but rather we will use the contents of that box to make more interesting things. Namely choose a (small) subcollection $S$ of things in that box, and put them in a new container— maybe a bin, this time. We obtain the algebra generated by S in a very similar way as we obtained the rational function field:

  1. First take all numbers and throw them into the bin.
  2. Put all the elements of $S$ in the bin.
  3. Then, enlarge the collection of things in the bin by performing almost the same Step 3 as before, except this time, division of any kind is forbidden.
  4. Put the resulting object, as well as the originals, into the bin.

Note that the lack of division means that unless $S$ is very big, you’ll get much less in the bin than in the box. For instance, if $S$ consists of $x_1$ and $x_2$ you’ll never get anything with a fraction bar. Or, in a somewhat mind-bendier way, if $S$ consists of $x_1-x_2$ and $1/(x_2)^3$, you’ll get things like

$$0.25+1.3x_1-1.3x_2 \qquad \frac{x_1-x_2+\frac{7}{(x_2)^3}}{4(x_2)^3}\qquad \cdots$$

but you’ll never, ever get an $\frac{x_1}{x_2}$, or even an $x_1+x_2$. If you have some time, play around with it and convince yourself :)

[ A brief bit of broader perspective: this sort of construction is ubiquitous in the field of math called commutative algebra: because an algebra is a setting in which we can add, subtract, and multiply, we think of it as an abstract version of the whole numbers. ]


Anyway, the reason why I’m calling our variables $x_1$ and $x_2$ instead of something easier like $x$ and $y$ is because we’re about to introduce some more $x_n$’s, so that we can generate an algebra (like we just did in the step above)

Let $b$ and $c$ be positive whole numbers, and suppose we’ve already defined $x_1, x_2, x_3,x_4$, and so on up to $x_n$. We then define $x_{n+1}$ in terms of the previous two:

$$x_{n+1} = \left\{ \begin{array}{ll} \displaystyle \frac{x_n^b+1}{x_{n-1}} & \text{ when $n$ is even,} \\ \\ \displaystyle\frac{x_n^c+1}{x_{n-1}} & \text{ when $n$ is odd.} \\ ~ \end{array} \right. $$

We are at last ready to define our object of interest: the cluster algebra (of rank two) (with parameters b and c) is the algebra generated by the infinite set $ \{x_1,x_2,x_3,x_4, x_5\cdots\}$.


You may wonder why we’d ever care about such a thing. A quick, dirty, and slightly misleading answer is that cluster algebras are a vast generalization of certain sequences that you (might) know and (should) love. For instance, if $b=c=2$, and we perform the substitution $x_1=x_2=1$, then we get the even terms of the Fibonacci sequence:

$$\begin{align*} x_2 &= 1 \\ x_3 &=2 \\ x_4 &= 5 \\ x_5 &=13 \\ x_6 &=34 \\ x_7 &= 89 \end{align*}$$

In other words, somehow the functions that these terms come from convey more information than the numbers do themselves. Indeed, if you learn how to decode the functions properly, they shed some light on patterns that arise when we count certain types of objects.

There are more intrinsic reasons to care, but they take more time to explain.

You might imagine that the expressions become very difficult once you get to $x_4$ or $x_5$. In general this is true, but actually there is a surprising glob of structure in the madness: any of the $x_n$’s and (hence) any element in the cluster algebra, is of the form


The notation $P$ means that the numerator is a polynomial, which in our context is just a fancy way of saying there are no fraction bars in the numerator. The denominator is even better: not only are there no fraction bars, there are also no plus or minus signs: it’s just the single term $(x_1)^k(x_2)^\ell$. This fact is not at all obvious, which you will see if you try to do some calculations. For instance, even in the nice “Fibonacci case” where if $b=c=2$, we have

$$x_5 = \frac{\displaystyle\left(\frac{x_2^4+2x_2^2+x_1^2+1}{x_1x_2}\right)^2+1}{\displaystyle\frac{x_2^2+1}{x_1}}$$

which, despite being a heaping mess in the numerator and having a plus sign in the denominator, ends up magically cancelling to have the desired form.

The fact that this happens is known as the Laurent phenomenon, because expressions of this form are called Laurent polynomials.

An even more remarkable thing happens: when you write out an $x_n$ in this way, there will never be any minus signs. This fact was conjectured by the people who first described cluster algebras (Fomin and Zelavinsky), but this positivity conjecture was only proven in 2013.

[ In his talk, Musiker remarked that there were two proofs of positivity that came out very nearly at the same time. The first one, by Lee and Schiffler, used “only algebra and patience”. This was very surprising: people were using all sorts of fancy machinery to attack the problem, yet the first proof was ultimately rather elementary. The second proof, by Gross, Hacking, Keel, and Kontsevich, was more along the lines of what people were expecting: “via scattering diagrams, mirror symmetry, and theta functions”. In other words, their proof uses extremely sophisticated and subtle, modern machinery from algebraic geometry. ]


[ ** To clarify this citation somewhat:

This post is inspired by a talk (whose title is the haiku at the top of the post), but as you can tell by the fact that I never mentioned bases at all, it is quite far away from the actual subject of the talk. There are two reasons for this choice. One is because the definitions of the bases in the title were way too involved for me to effectively convey here. If I can figure out how to package the rest of my notes in a digestible format, I’ll write a more technical follow-up. The other is that I’m sick of sitting on my hands trying to figure out how to explain what a cluster algebra is, and I’m hoping that having some documentation for the rank two case will grease the wheels a little bit.

Credit where it’s due: I stole Musiker’s explanation of how to define a rank-two cluster algebra. ]

الهروب من أسباب الخطيئة خير من أن تهرب من الخطيئة نفسها.

To run away from means of a sin is better than to run away from the sin itself.

قال عمر بن عبد العزيز في خطبته :

Umar ibn ‘Abd al-‘Azeez said in his khutbah:

أيها الناس من ألمَّ بذنب فليستغفر الله وليتب ، فإن عاد فليستغفر الله وليتب ، فإن عاد فليستغفر وليتب ، فإنما هي خطايا مطوقة في أعناق الرجال وإن الهلاك في الإصرار عليها.

O people, whoever commits sin, let him seek the forgiveness of Allah and repent. If he does it again, let him seek the forgiveness of Allah and repent, and if he does it again, let him seek the forgiveness of Allah and repent. For it is sin which hangs around a person’s neck, and doom comes from persisting in sin.

ومن رحمة الله لا تيأس ! 🚫
Do not lose hope in Allah’s Mercy..

قال ﷺ : (التائب من الذنب كمن لا ذنب له) .

The Prophet (PBUH) said: one who repents from sin is like the one who did not commit sin.

حسنه الألباني في صحيح ابن ماجه (3427).
(Classed as hasan by al-Albaani in Saheeh Ibn Majah, 3427).

وقل رب اغفر وارحم وأنت خير الراحمين ☁☔

Say, My Lord, forgive and have mercy, and You are the best of the merciful.

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Gryffindor, Wampus, ENFP and Tigress :)

You are a supremely confident individual that is fiercely persistent in attaining yourgoals. You are strong willed – and once you have made up your mind there is no changing it – however you do take the time to balance all possibilities before deciding.
You enjoy quiet and solitude and are keenly observant of everything around you. You physically tend to move with lithe grace and sensuality.
You are a person with an innate self-confidence and elegance.
You enjoy being independent and rely on having a quiet place to retreat to if things get stressful.
You are an excellent host and there is no such thing as a casual party in its home.
Alternatively this big cat may be letting you know that you need to do some careful planning and maneuvering to get what you desire.