How to get stuff done and feel better

Another tip brought to you by my habit of reading self-improvement books.

So, there’s a cycle for motivation and because it’s a cycle, you can start from any step and trigger the next one.

Motivation - action - inspiration is usually the most common one but action - inspiration - motivation is the exact same thing.

Now, according to my latest book, what you do triggers certain emotions. For example, if you are angry but smile towards your source of anger, you will feel better. What you do with your actions, triggers an emotional response.

People usually wait for their emotions to trigger an action hence why no one does anything without motivation but sometimes you feel motivated because you started to work and you liked how you feel.

My point, start doing something for 2 minutes because it will make you do more things after. You have around 16 hours daily (if you sleep less than 8 hours you got even more), 2 minutes aren’t something you can’t afford.

If you start doing stuff, you will trigger a reaction that makes you feel better. If you start doing something, you will get things done.

When retiree Adi Astl asked the city of Toronto to install stairs on a steep hill that leads to a local park, they claimed it would cost up to $150k to build. Many people had fallen down the slope, so Astl and a homeless man built them for just $550. The city quickly removed the stairs due to safety regulations, but they agreed to replace them within days- at a fraction of their originally estimated cost. Source Source 2