persistence of time


1990. Persistence of Time

is the fifth album by band Anthrax. It was released on August 21, This is the last album to feature singer Joey Belladonna until 2010.

Anthrax returned to the studio in the fall of 1989 to start work on the album. Recording of the album was difficult, with a large structure fire causing the band to lose more than $100,000 worth of gear and their recording studio on 24 January 1990. Following this disaster, the band moved to a different studio in late February of that year to finish work on the album.

The album’s tone is decidedly more contemplative and mature than the bulk of Anthrax’s previous work. Abandoning the humor and comic book references which were common on their previous albums, the lyrical focus of Persistence of Time is the need for tolerance and peace. Reaction to Persistence of Time was mixed, with critics and fans alternately panning and praising this darker sound. The band also introduced a progressive side of the music which had not been present in their earlier work, while also placing a reduced emphasis on typical thrash metal elements such as fast tempo and aggression.

This is probably the strongest classic Anthrax release. It is also likely their strangest. This is a fairly consistent album with very little that I would dump. This is also pretty different from their previous albums.  

Scott Ian   Joey Belladonna   Dan Spitz   Frank Bello   Charlie Benante