persian pop priestess


via Asa Soltan’s Instagram Account

Asa Soltan is a fashion beast and compelling cultural figure. I love how her style marries ornate garments or accents with contemporary trends in such an organic way. She can wear a gold thread caftan with space-age sunglasses or a fitted with a wrist full of gold bangles and make it work.

Asa is the Iranian American Solange.

She’s a muse and has the potential to be an artist-entrepreneur with a relevant and distinctive brand.

As a Shahs of Sunset fan, her diamond water venture feels gimmicky given her talents for style and art. I’d rush to buy clothes that Asa designed  or beautiful gold jewelry that she curated or visual art she created. I know these products would be amazing given what she’s already produced. 

But water infused with diamonds feels like an absurd way to monetize and build what could be an important brand and unique career.