persian knot


Alex Doesn’t Give a Fuck,

According to legend, the Gordian Knot was a large mass of knotted ropes attached to the tongue of an oxcart in Telmissus in Asia Minor, now modern Turkey. According to the legend, the knot was created by a peasant farmer name Gordias, who was made king after an eagle landed on his cart, symbolizes approval from the gods that he should rule. The Gordian Knot became a local attraction, the ancient equivalent of the largest ball of twine, located in Cawker City, Kansas.

When Alexander the Great marched through Asia Minor, he was on a mission to conquer the mighty Persian Empire, of which Telmissus was a part of. An oracle prophesied that he who untied the knot would conquer Asia. Naturally many kings and lords made attempts, but ultimately failed when they were unable to find any loose ends.  

As Alexander and his army marched through Asia Minor he made a stop at Telmissus to take a crack at it.  After carefully examining the knot, he drew his sword and violently hacked it apart. No fucks were given.

Alexander the Great went on to conquer the Persian Empire and more, extending the borders of his Macedonian kingdom as far east as India, because yolo.