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Hey guys, I’ve been stuck in pokemon sun and moon hell for the past few days…I’m still in it by the way. Anyway sorry for not responding, I actually just got a new tablet and pen finally! I’ve been using a broken pen even before the Pokemon comics and i am finally released from that horrible broken pen.

Here is Nanu from Pokemon Sun and Moon. I really like this guy and he’s a dark trainer. I like the way he smile and basically said he’ll collect your corpse to an 11 year old child.

listen i know it doesnt seem very important to stop using “Iranian” and “Persian” interchangeably but trust me when I say it will make ethnic minorities feel more comfortable and welcome in your presence. So much of the shitty experiences I personally had in Iran was due to people thinking that all Iranians are Persian or don’t mind being called Persian because I thought I was welcome in those spaces but once I participated in them people would start shitting on Arabs and it was really horrible for me to be demonized constantly by people who were more privileged than me socially and politically. By using “Iranian” instead of “Persian” you make your spaces 100% more inclusive and comfortable for non-Persian Iranians. 

“Chris and the Persian” - Digital Oil Painting

“He’s such a sweetheart, but see this face? He looks like the grumpiest, meanest kitty ever, and I love that. This look right here, where he looks like he wants to devour your soul - we call that ‘The Ludgate.’”

Yep, I had to throw in a Parks and Rec reference, it’s still one of my most favorite shows ever, and probably my favorite Chris Pratt performance to date. The cat was totally channeling April, so it just worked. ^_^

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Going out in public
  • me: do i wanna look rlly great but get sexually harassed today
  • me: or do i wanna chill, and be slightly less harassed
  • me: the struggle is real. *purposely leaves house as pissed-off-trash-hobo bc it's less effort*

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a persian guy once told me my friend and i couldnt call ourselves iranian because we are assyrian/azeri/armenian. he said our families probably just "migrated" over so it doesnt count. lmao literally why are persians like this.

srry piershianz only !! thats cute though also wouldn’t Iran’s population decrease by like 30 something percent if you didn’t count Azeris and mixed people thats literally ¼ of iran