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Wednesday 5 April 2017

This amazing flower was decorating a restaurant bathroom in Japan, I think it is probably Ranunculus asiaticus ‘Igloo’ (turban buttercup, Persian buttercup) from the Pop-Pon range developed for the cut flower trade rather than the garden. It certainly was a sophisticated show-stopper with its flamenco-ruffled petals in green and white. The foliage in the vase is from another plant species.

Jill Raggett

Sodden Curls.

Authors Note: 

Idea from the  “If you use up all the hot water again, I swear to God! You’re on the couch for a month!” drabble challenge from LIST

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Warning: Smut! (Nothing too bad, but it is still there). It is very very mild tbh.

Rated M. Enjoy! Xx

Usually, you wake up to the character of a subdued house and whatever serene sounds whistle outside in the early hours of the morning, from cascading rain to birds chirping, you always have a somewhat quiet sound echoing peacefully. 

The last week, instead, you have been waking up to the sound of the shower and the soft hums of your husband, his routine being a mayhem. He is no longer waking up at five and leaving before you are awake. Now— now he is waking up at seven, absolutely interrupting your routine. 

You shift the covers off of you and groan dramatically, a desire to stay in bed overcoming you sharply. With heavy force, you get up and pad your way around the generous bedroom, accumulating your clothes for the breakfast you have to attend. You ensured your sister you would attend her breakfast she insisted on having so you, along with her bridesmaids, can discuss the wedding. 

Why you can’t do that over lunch and coffee? You do not know. 

You meekly wait on the bed, anticipating for Harry to get out of the shower, your nerves ticking with each passing second. 

You don’t desire to be that wife that disturbs their man in the bathroom of all places; Harry cherishes his heated showers a little too much, whether that is in the morning or in the evening.

You step into the bathroom, his faint hums generating a smile to appear across your face, you clear your throat before deciding to disturb him, “H, are you nearly done? I have to leave in an hour.” You say over the cascading water, his head of damp curls immediately popping out from the shower, 

“I literally just got in.” He responds, “Mornin’, by the way, sleep well?” He questions, going back to his tepid shower. 

“Yeah, I guess, you?”

“Mhm, I have that dinner Jeff tonight, ~ Don’t forget.” He reminds you for the third time this week, “Oh, can you pick up my suit? I forgot to get it yesterday and I am busy today.“ 

"Yes, now hurry up.” You whine, sitting up on the bathroom counter top, impatiently watching the time— You hate being late.

“I am washing my hair, damn, you are pushy this morning.” He chuckles, seeming delighted by your impatient tendency. 

“If you use up all the hot water again, I swear to God! You’re on the couch for a month!” You threaten him— knowing very well you will not follow through with your threat— “Harry, hurry up!” You huff like a child, not wanting to show up to your breakfast late and looking like a mess. 

“If you stop being grouchy, I will let you join me.” His voice travels through the bathroom, a smile instantly brushing across your lips. You slide off of the counter and wander towards the shower. 

“I have to be ready in an hour, Harry.” You sigh just as he peaks his head out again. He gives you his cheeky grin, his eyes narrowing down on you mischievously.

“We will be done by then, take your clothes off before the hot water turns cold.” He winks, intriguing you with his sodden hair hanging around his face, his tanned body dripping wet, and his lips pursing with that precise shade of pink. “The hot water is running out, baby.” He sneers, his eyes following your gradual hands as they move to the hem of your t-shirt and you throw it off, swiftly undressing and stepping into the shower, feeling the supremely warmed water tapping your skin. “Morning, darlin’” He grins happily, gently drawing you closer to kiss you while the warmth of the water cascades around you, delicately caressing your skin and slipping down your body.

“Morning, handsome.” You mumble against the softness of his wet lips, his fingertips caressing your back soothingly, your own fingers entangling with his sodden hair. 

“You haven't washed your hair.” You comment, observing how it isn’t nice and smooth as you lace his curls with your fingers. 

He chuckles, leaning down and kissing you again, intensifying the kiss before pulling away nonchalantly, teasingly brushing his tongue against your lips. "Nope, wanted you to get in.“

You shake your head at your husband, the water dripping between you as you stare into his breathtakingly vibrant, Persian Green eyes.

"You, you are very cheeky.” You whisper, tugging your hands away from the sodden curls that you adore a little too much.

He shrugs while sinking his teeth into the calamine pinkness of his bottom lip.

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One day, one rhyme- Day 297

I asked my friend: “How was your day?”
He answered in his normal way:
“Just as I walked out of my door
I bumped into a group of four!
The first was tall and wore a hat,
With whiskers like a Persian cat.
He wore a skirt and pantyhose.
Perhaps he was a she. Who knows?
The next was short, and colored green
She looked, otherwise, like the queen.
The third I almost didn’t see,
He was as tiny as can be!
His head would fit inside a cup,
While leaving room to fill it up.
The last one, she looked very odd
With hair that frizzed and feet that plod,
And had a face with seven eyes!”
I should’ve mentioned he tells lies…

Inspired by aspoonfuloflanguage’s Chinese post. Please check it out, her design skills are way more impressive than mine. ORL Also, take a look at livingwithlanguages‘s Polish post of the same nature, it’s also very pretty!

My first contribution to the langblr community! I’ve noticed that there are not very many Persian langblr posts out there, so I decided to start off with something basic–colours. Colour is also fundamental to Iranian/Persian space as a whole, so perhaps it is a fitting beginning in that respect as well. For each colour, I decided to use an image that is somehow symbolic or special to Persian/Iranian culture. The title banner, for example, is an image from the Shahnameh, the Book of Kings, often treasured as the source of the modern Persian language.

Below, I have included a brief explanation of the symbols. All of the pictures were taken from Google Images, so if something belongs to you, please contact me and I will remove it ASAP.

Colours (Rang ha) رنگ ها

  • قرمز/سرخ (Quermez/sorkh): Red, the colour of pomegranates, one of the main symbols of Shab-e Yalda, the Iranian Winter Solstice holiday.
  • نارنجی (Narenji): Orange, the colour of goldfish, an important symbol of Nowruz, the Iranian New Year, celebrated on the spring equinox.
  • زرد (Zard): Yellow, the colour of many Persian sweets (shirini), including this one, nokhodchi, traditional roasted chickpea cookies.
  • سبز (Sabz): Green, the colour of the sabzeh, an important symbol of Nowruz, the Iranian New Year, celebrated on the spring equinox. Symbolizes rebirth.
  • آبی (Ahbi): Blue, the colour of the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, a Safavid architectural and mathematical masterpiece, considered one of the most beautiful constructions in the world to date.
  • بنفش (Benefsh): Purple, the colour of the hyacinth flower, an important symbol of Nowruz, the Iranian New Year, celebrated on the spring equinox.  
  • سیاه (Siyah): Black, often the colour of the chador, an outer garment specific to the Iranian region. An important feminist symbol during the Islamic Revolution, the chador was donned by many women in protest against the Shah’s oppressive policies. This image is a screencap of Maryam Mohamadamini in Mohsen Makhmalbaf’s iconic film, A Moment of Innocence (Farsi title: نون و گلدون‎‎).
  • سفید (Sefid): White, the colour of Azadi Square, the site of many popular uprisings including the Islamic Revolution in 1979 and the 2009 Green Movement.