Check out Liquid Shard by Patrick Shearn of @poetickinetics & @aavsla. Special thanks to @now_art_la for securing this magical space, @pershingsquare and to @hercrentals for providing the necessary boom lift. We’re grateful all around for your support. Thank you @thejenmoore, Ben Seng & Marko Prelic for your all night epic efforts in bringing this thing to life! #LiquidShard #pershingsquare #poetickinetics (at Pershing Square)

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We saw different places in Downtown LA.This part of town is really cosmopolitan. You can see old movies theaters, grafittis and very modern squares.

So, we went to see, Pershing Square, which is a beautiful square with colors and tags.

We also saw the Walt Disney Concert Hall and Little Tokyo.

No neighborhood are alike, and especially Little Tokyo, which is hiding buildings. When you enter Little Tokyo you feel like you are in Japan, with the flowers, the lanterns and all the colors.