pershing square station


“My name is Tom Grode and I’ve been a Skid Row resident now for about three years, been over at Union Rescue Mission, and I’m excited about this upcoming May Day March on May 1st. Some Skid Row folks are going to be marching behind a banner that Andreea had made for our recent historic election that we lost by sixty votes, but that’s not the important thing.

The important thing is the community came together. People poured their heart and soul into this effort. It was an amazing effort. It got lots of media attention, and so keeping that positive spirit alive is really important… and one way to do it is by joining us on May 1st.

If you want to participate just show up at the Pershing Square Red Line Station. We are going to take the train over to MacArthur Park, that will be May 1st, on Monday, leaving at 10am. The March is from 11am at MacArthur Park over to City Hall, and then there’s going to be a big rally in Grand Park.

So we want to keep the spirit of the Skid Row Neighborhood Council Election alive. It was an awesome moment for this community, and we are committed to not seeing that moment end.”

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