pershing county


Lovelock Correctional Center (LCC), also referred to as Lovelock prison, is a minimum, medium and closed custody penitentiary for men, located in unincorporated Pershing County, Nevada, near Lovelock. The facility sits in an isolated desert region of the state, approximately 439 miles Northwest of Las Vegas, and 319 miles East-Northeast of San Francisco. The facility was opened in 1995, and was designed to hold 1,680 inmates in two cell blocks. LCC has a 40,000 square foot industrial plant on the grounds, which houses a garment factory and a mattress factory. Lovelock was a relatively unknown facility for the first 13 years of operation, with no reports of excessive force or particularly violent inmate behavior, nor any notable inmates, until 2008, when O.J. Simpson was sent to Lovelock to begin a 33 year sentence for kidnapping and robbery. The Juice was granted parole on some of his charges, but will be held at Lovelock until at least 2017 on his other charges.


The typewriter, Burning Man 2015, Black Rock City, Pershing County, Nevada, USA by Cory Doctorow

Gold (variety Electrum) with Calcite


R.J. Roberts lode, Willow Creek District, Pershing County, Nevada, USA 

Very aerial aggregate very rich in silver leafy Gold crystals (electrum variety), with finely saw-like edges and on a Calcite matrix. One of the best samples of that find. 

Photo by Jordi Fabre