this is related to my someday-will-come comic, but before doing that, I wanted to do some ‘extras’ as I put it and show you all what my version of the fallen humans are like and show their backstory and characters before diving in. Also do a few side stories while I’m at it too. So for this one, it will be a few pages, and it mainly features Cora and Ash (Patience and Perserverence souls) Keep in mind that in this mini comic, Cora is 6 years old and Ash is 8, so this takes place 6 years before they enter the Underground.

I’m also going to be doing some testing with color and shadings, and so far, I like the direction I’m going, but it may change. Just saying.

And what did Cora find that shocked her? Why is her dad a bit of a douche? And why is Ash living with them? You’ll see the answers soon. Now if you’ll excuse me, I gotta get some sleep.

Undertale belongs to Toby Fox
comic and it’s characters belongs to me


In a far away place
Atop a cold, icy
A Phoenix curls up in its nest

Heavy, relentless snow
Falls from the black sky
And the poor, shivering bird
Desperately tries to keep warm

The Phoenix is old and sickly,
Cold and dying
It longs for perpetual sunlight
But only knows the freezing darkness

The bitter flakes are relentless,
sticking to its feathers
And melting into frigid water,
Putting out the flames

The bird once made of fire
Gives a final croak
As the last spark goes out
And the mountain is lost in darkness

Ice begins to gather
over the Phoenix’s
Body, covering it
Burying the remains

The night is silent.

Suddenly the nest is set ablaze
Embers flying high into the sky
Disintegrating the blizzard
As they collide

With a cry of triumph the Phoenix
Rises from the ashes
Setting the world on fire
And engulfing it in flame

It circles that desolate peak
A blinding inferno
That spreads light into every crevice
And every corner

The Phoenix flies higher
And higher until it is the center of the sky,
And it knows that the mountain will never know night again.

Lets start here

We have a wide selection of characters right off the bat.

A group of young trolls stand in a void, though it was 6 solar sweeps ago they were given life, It is only today on July 15th, their 6th wriggling day that they will be given names.

List of Trolls

Soul of Determination - Soul of Perseverance - Soul of Bravery

Soul of Justice - Soul of Patience

Soul of Integrity - Soul of Kindness

It is up to you, the viewers to decide the names of these induviduals.

Future voting sessions coming soon - Troll/Guardian relations - Humans in Undertstuck.

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