Yui Appreciation Week for 2017 - Day 02: Her Best Quality

Yui’s Strength and Perserverance - Yui never should’ve been sent to that dreadful manor. If her father had taught her how to defend herself as a vampire hunter (he being one himself, but he kept it a secret from her), she could’ve left by now instead of paying for his mistake! If her church had informed her that they wanted her to carry out a plan for the vampires they had before this whole mess started, she wouldn’t have been so clueless about why she was sent there in the first place! But she’s endured this torture so patiently, waiting for help. While clinging to her faith. While people spit on her for being weak. I’d like to see how well they would do had they been in her position. I know most of them wouldn’t. Yui is a titanium titan. A sassy beauty with a heart of gold.

Yui’s Faith - I love that she is a Christian. As a Christian myself, I find it disheartening that there are very few actual Christian Characters in anime, or Japanese media in general. Yui’s faith in the Lord is what motivates her to keep on keeping on as we Cajun folk say. Even when she doesn’t know why she is going through this torture, she still keeps her faith. Even when she is talked down for it by pervy pants Laito. Even when her cross didn’t work on the boys the first day like she hoped it would. She has been keeping on, keeping on. You will reap a great harvest, my titanium girl.

your happiness is stronger than a few small speed bumps

Reaching your desired body goals takes persistence, patients, time, and determination.
Dont give up if you arent seeing instant results. Stay positive, be around people who motivate you, and invision success!

i got wildflowers tattooed because
they have a knack
for knowing when the time is right
for them to start to grow.
it’s a reminder i think i’ll need for a while,
and a skill i’ll need to emulate. 
(and even if they start to
lose their meaning in my mind,
on my skin they bloom forever-
if this stitched-together soul
can keep these flowers alive,
then no storm will be enough to break me.)
—  a.b.e.
It is often difficult for us to do things because they are so very different from what we are used to, not because the thing itself is particularly difficult.

- On Behalf of Shoghi Effendi, Lights of Guidance, p. 342

I think I’ve shared this before, but it’s a good reminder…


The Russian dub of Choices!!


I don’t even have to speak Russian to get emotional from this. Just holy moly I cried so much!