Dear Black Women

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i got wildflowers tattooed because
they have a knack
for knowing when the time is right
for them to start to grow.
it’s a reminder i think i’ll need for a while,
and a skill i’ll need to emulate. 
(and even if they start to
lose their meaning in my mind,
on my skin they bloom forever-
if this stitched-together soul
can keep these flowers alive,
then no storm will be enough to break me.)
I’ve learned that those who have PTSD/CPTSD, a social media account is an absolute necessity. Trauma survivors have problems with self expression, especially when they are trying to explain themselves, and often times placed under psychological duress and when their minds have been conditioned into a perpetual fight or flight mentality. And their truth can be perverted and switched around by others. A social media account is a way of asserting truth, especially in alone time, when they are not triggered and being harried by the world.
—  Katrina
“Trauma and Truth”