The old gods are not dead

I hear Athenas war cry in the shouts of protests,
fighting a war now closer to home,
I see her in the young women with picket signs
clenched tightly in their fists

Hera curses the names of the abusers
The ones who break families and marriages
Her voice heard in the wedding bells of young lovers

Poseidon now resides in a beach home
Going out every night to pick of trash left by the day
Shooting daggers at the drunk men letting their bottles be swept away

Demeter can be heard cursing the politicians refusing to believe in global warming
Names of scientists and studies on the tip of her tongue
She is found teaching young children how to grow their food at the community garden

Ares is found on the front lines of a different war, not fighting but protecting the innocent
Guiding classrooms of children away from gunfire,
His shield protecting the terrified

Apollo can be found at opens mics
Reciting his latest works
Or walking down the street in docs on his feet and a guitar on his back
He knows he’s the coolest

Artemis is seen on the streets
Her bow and arrow have long left her
Carrying nothing more than a knife and mace
She hunts a different kind of monster now

Hephaestus resides in a workshop at all hours of the night
Creating custom pieces for the right price and a warm smile
The hammer making him feel invincible

Aphrodite’s song is heard in the breathy kisses of teenagers
Shes found walking down the street, lips a blood red
Punching the men who dare disrespect her  

Hermes is seen with a smirk as he walks long well-traveled roads
Delivering the messages of those needing to be heard
Traveling, telling stories, and wearing out another pair of shoes

Dionysus’s voice heard only over the pounding bass in the bar
Keeping watch over young girls drinks
Dancing, partying and living as he throws another one back

Hades is seen weeping over the graves of those taken much to soon
Looking to his wife for comfort
He’s long lost his faith in humanity

Persephone found in the gardens beside her mother in the spring
Brushing off girl’s dirty knees and putting flower crowns on their heads
She can be seen holding onto hades as he mourns the loss of life

Hecate will be found running metaphysical shops
Bringing hope to powerful women wanting more
Selling potions, nobody thinks will work
And collecting graveyard dirt for a new spell

Zeus is watching over everyone
Watches Athena cry
Hera curse the men, he being one of them
Poseidon’s glares
Demeter’s harsh words
Ares raising his shield
Apollos singing
Artemis as she tracks a new beast
Watches Hephaestus work
Sees Aphrodite punch
Hears Hermes words
Sees hades weep
And Persephone plant and comfort her partner
And grins as Hecate keeps magic alive

The old gods are not dead

They are alive

And they are watching

I asked Persephone, “How could you grow to love him? He took you from flowers to a kingdom where not a single living thing can grow.”

Persephone smiled, “My darling, every flower on your earth withers. What Hades gave me was a crown made for the immortal flowers in my bones.”

—  Nikita Gill, Conversations With Persephone

I love ancient religions because often, in the source material, the death and death-adjacent deities are like chill as fuck.

My favorite example is Hades. He gets the Underworld mostly because his younger brothers put their fingers on their noses and said “not it.” So like a good big-bro he goes down there and proceeds to basically be the god of bureaucracy.

He gets everything set up so he doesn’t actually have to do anything. Thanatos is the God of Death (also chill as fuck) and he’s the one who ends lives (but only off the shopping list the Fates give him), Hermes’ psychopomps are the ones who bring the souls down, it’s three dead guys who are the ones to judge your soul, and the fearsome three-headed guard dog… Hades named him Spot.

All the shitty stuff that goes on in Tartarus (Hell), yeah, that’s mostly Zeus’ doing. Hades doesn’t come up with the punishments, just provides the acreage. And when gods come down and want to bring people back to life (often after some god has gotten them killed), Hades is like “nah man, paperwork is finished, transfer’s complete, let them have their rest, find someone else to be your punching bag.”

As for the whole Persephone thing, that is a strange one. I’m like 85% sure the story is mostly Demeter propaganda because that goddess is not chill as fuck. I mean, I guess Hades could have kidnapped Persephone with serious malicious intent, but then did a 180 after realizing he was being a total d-bag. Because, seriously, he pretty much lets Persephone take over everything. Like, everyone knew who wore the pants in the Underworld, the motherfucking Iron Queen herself.

And as much as I love Hades in the Hercules animated movie because of the perfect comedic timing of James actually-a-horrible-human-being Woods, yeah, Hades couldn’t give a crap about what everyone else was doing. He often stayed neutral in wars, be it between mortals or gods, mostly because death does not discriminate, all souls end up with him in the end.

When it comes to the Underworld, Hades is basically the equivalent of the general manager who pokes his head in now and again to make sure nothing is on fire. The rest of the time he’s playing with his shiny rocks because being Lord of the Underworld meant he also had domain over gold, silver, gemstones, basically all the pretties.

Hell, Hades needs an actual Helm of Fear in order to be intimidating because otherwise, yeah, nope. I like to think of him as Skinny!Steve whist his brothers are like, well, Jason Momoa’s Aquaman (aka Poseidon). Let’s face it, Momoa could kick your ass just by looking at you sideways and may actually be a demi-god.

So, please, if you’re writing Hades in anything, don’t make him out to be the modern idea of Satan or Lucifer. He’s really just an introvert with high functioning organizational skills who loves rocks and women who can kick his ass.


mythology: persephone, queen of the underworld, goddess of spring 

“Be to her, Persephone,
All the things I might not be;
Take her head upon your knee.
She that was so proud and wild,
Flippant, arrogant and free,
She that had no need of me,
Is a little lonely child
Lost in Hell,—Persephone,
Take her head upon your knee;
Say to her, “My dear, my dear,
It is not so dreadful here.

requested by @wraithpirate & @fireremains 

I swear all the gods really do care
It’s just Hades is overwhelmed by the lovers and kids killing themselves.
Persephone is busy trying to bring the flowers to life. The humans keep building asphalt over them. Keep trying to take more of spring from her to give to the others.
Aphrodite got traded in for Tinder and her powers never been the same. She hasn’t seen her son in ages. He’s been going around shooting blanks.
Artemis and Apollo got sick together. Some one tells me one is dying the other will be our new home. I wonder if the moon will look the same if there’s no more sun?
Zeus finally stopped cheating. Married a mortal. Hasn’t seen Olympus or her in years. Screw being king of the Gods when you could be happy.
Hera sits around her old palace he made for her, and mourns after the home he left. Watches them and sobs brokenhearted. She suddenly knows how Echo felt in all those stories. She misses him. Even the bad him.
Poseidon sits in a bar somewhere. Not Dionysus'es that’s to close to home. The sea is dying. It’s getting polluted. He still tries to go home.
Speaking of Dionysus, He found a hole in the wall. This wasn’t how it’s suppose to be. He’s broken more then one wrist of a guy trying to slip something into a girls drink.
Athena hangs out on teen websites. Watches social media culture evolve. Wonder if all this is adding or taking away from the only virtue she finds value in.
In the end, it wasn’t the Gods who failed us. We failed them. We fucked this up so badly, that even if they did pull the rabbit out of the hat, it be far to late.