me and my friend were talkin about this idea of signless being a young parent and not knowing what to do when raising karkat, but is working on it. hes a bit emotional and impatient at first but he really wants to raise him and be a good dad :U

tbh trans percy jackson makes me emotional ?

1) circe’s whole “theres a REAL hero” is … so big on body dysphoria and just hurts more from a trans persepective

2) nico liking him as a gay man = instant validation, yes, thank you, my trans ass loves stuff like this, please thank you

3) sally jackson has done it again by being the best mother ever. probably suffers a lot of crap from fugliano to keep him treating her boy like a boy

4) the chosen one. a chosen one who is trans. the trans chosen one. the chosen trans one. (kuzko’s poison.)

5) being immediately accepted as the son of poseidon. no “daughter of poseidon” “well actually” “oh son, sorry” just. the gods automatically know. they still dont like him, but they are biased against him for other reasons and never that.

6) he and mr d dont get along. hes trans, mr d is the patron god of trans people. there could be some really funny irony there. think of the possibilities. think of them bonding. think of them realizing they’re cousins. theyre both the gay cousin. the entire greek god family tree is entirely made up of gay cousins. mr d tells him this and percy still doesnt like him but he does feel a bit less…. bad. a bit less alone.

7) just … everything. trans percy

The Smol guide for the Smol Witch

To my beginner Smol witches looking to travel down your own Path of the Witch (whatever that may mean to you) this is a small guide to keep in mind:

[Research]:  I honestly hated doing research for school projects. But I found that because Witchcraft is such a passionate subject for me, It made me feel excited to discover all the information I needed for growth in my Craft. In my opinion, Tumblr is one of the best sources for witchcraft. I personally don’t like to use other websites cause most of them are fluff bunnies who don’t use resources, are Culturally Appropriating, and other unreliable sources. I just don’t have to time to weed out which information is valid or false. Although, if you have experience and go with your gut on certain things you can see through the bullshit.

TL;DR?= summon your inner Hermione Granger when it comes to researching.  Question everything.


[Practice]: Self Explanatory. BUT…keep. it. up. It’s okay if you fail. It’s okay if you fuck up. Don’t get discouraged.

[Ask Around]: Stumped on something? Get different opinions in the Witchy Community. It’s always good to get different persepectives on a subject. That’s how you decide which process is going to be best for you and the path you’re on.

[Trust Your Gut]: Still not sure? Well, what do your instincts tell you? Most of the time the answers you seek cannot be found in asking others. They come with doing some introspecting.

[Read a lot of Books]:  Just like with Research and Asking Around, reading more than one book will help you get different views about a subject your interested in learning.

[The Gnarled Path]: Don’t be afraid to walk a different path than others. Be happy and do you.

“Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.”- John Muir

Please feel free to add anything to this list!

Happy Witching!

Ravenclaw Headcanons

I was thinking about how the Slytherins were probably treated after the war, and then I came to the conclusion that Ravenclaws would be the first to extend a hand.

I mean, Hufflepuffs are nice and everything, but that doesn’t mean they forgive the Slytherins. They were probably civil at best with the them.

Gryffindors…well, it’s pretty obvious how they feel about Slytherins. I guess I don’t really blame them after what Malfoy’s little group did.

But Ravenclaws! They’re open-minded and accepting. They would also probably be really curious about hearing everything from a Slytherin’s persepective. After the battle at Hogwarts, Ravenclaws most likely were the best toward the Slytherins.

What do you guys think?

anonymous asked:

Your comics are awesome, I love your work! You draw really well ❤ the magicstone comics are def my favorites. Sorry if it's been asked before, why do you like Gladstone as a character? In my country (Italy) most fans hate him with a passion, since he can be really mean to Donald and he's quite smug, but you made me see him from another persepective. He and Magica make a great couple!

ah shucks, thank you! I’m glad you like the stuff, and I think I made a post talking about why I like him before (which I can’t find haha go me) but, I think it’s partially because he’s so disliked? by the people in his world, not just ours- there’s something almost encouraging to me, seeing a character who is openly despised by people, who doesn’t give them the satisfaction of being upset by it and even encourages it: like, yeah! I’m not ‘nice’, so what? Bring it! Come on and boo me. I may be a fairly zany go-with-it person now, but I was not a confident kid, at all, and being a nerd of the first degree I certainly wasn’t a popular one. Reading about this character who was as flawed as I felt I was was refreshing, and yet this was also a character who was lucky, witty, cunning, and redeemable enough for me to get behind- it was very cathartic. I didn’t mind when he lost, because I knew he didn’t always deserve to win- just like me, but I especially loved it when he showed that little glimmer of good, because if Gladstone Gander was a good person when it really came down to it perhaps that meant I had that in me too. When I read the european comics and the stories that explored him actively encouraging this unpopular aspect of his public face in order to avoid people exploiting him and making false friendships to access his luck, I was completely sold. He’s also clearly a deeply isolated and lonely character, and while it’s partly self inflicted I can’t help but feel sorry for the guy.

I’ve also always loved morally grey/neutral trickster-type characters like Anubis, Anansi, and Loki (probably for similar reasons), and the flexibility and spontaneity they offer to stories by acting as wild cards. There’s a freedom and joy to them that’s indescribably appealing to me. In summary; I guess I saw flaws in Gladstone that I saw in myself, and I saw a courage and potential in him that I wished I had.

BTS reaction to you getting an impulsive tattoo

I have this tattoo in my mindthat I really want but I want it on my wrist but that can affect my jobs so I’m not sure where else to have it :(

-Admin Rj


He would definitely go mom-mode when he first sees it. Especially when he hears that it was an impulsive tatto, he would be afraid that you will regret it later and that you did not give it enough thought before commiting to it. It would take him some time to get used to it but he cares about it and that’s why he’s worried.

“When were you planning to tell me about this??”

Originally posted by jiyoongis


He almost dropped his phone as he saw the snap you sent to him early that day, as Yoongi could clearly see the guy with a tattoo gun against your back. He thought that you were at a doctor’s appointment so he was not expecting for you to get a tattoo. As soon as he arrived home, he asked to see it and his eyes went wide at how it covered half of your lower back.

“I didn’t expect it to be so large!” THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID 

Originally posted by parkejimins


He would let out a scream as you lowered your jeans just enough for him to see the design that was placed just above your hipbone. You would shush him as you laughed, enjoying his reaction at your new tattoo. He would coo at how pretty it was, but scold you for not telling him about it as he gently carressed the area around it, not wanting to hurt you.

“I actually find it really attractive, so how about we leave?”

Originally posted by bangtannoonas


He would be the type to find it really cool, especially if your tattoo had a special design or meaning. He would understand the impulsiviness from a creative persepective and he appreacited tattoos as a form of art and expressing yourself. His fingers would trace the tattoo as you two talk about it and the reasons behind it, Namjoon being completely fascinated about it.

“I think it suits you and your personality well.”

Originally posted by mn-yg


He would be quite upset with you, not for getting a tattoo, but for not talking to him about it. He wished he could have been there with you, hold your hand, make sure everything was alright. He wanted you to tell him about the meaning behind the tattoo and maybe he could even have helped drawing the design. He loved the tattoo but he would be pouting for a while, pretending to be hurt.

“Why did you not take with you, to be there for you??”

Originally posted by chimcheroo


He would be worried, much to your surprise, and ask tons of questions about it.  He would want to know where did you do it, if the place was clean and trust-worthy and if it hurt. He knew that you had always wanted a tattoo but you never talked about him about what exactly you wanted tattooed on your body so he was curious about what did it meant to you.

“Did it hurt? How did you came up with the design?”

Originally posted by cmtae


He would see you apply special ointment on it and his brain would try and remember if you ever mentioned anything about a tattoo. He would ask about it and when you casually mention that you just got it today, he would be freaking out. It was definitely cool and he was impressed with how badass you looked right now, getting an impulsive tattoo like that.

“I am dating a little rebel, oh man holy shit”

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why i mostly hate shipping/septiplier rant

this thought has been lurking around in the back of my mind on some things. it’s not like i’m trying to forget about it, but i just want to put something in for a once. also, don’t mistake the title ‘why i mostly hate shipping’ as ‘i hate shipping’. shipping is great and fun, but recently since the whole rant about septiplier, a lot of things have been going through my head, so i just want to clear this up.

last year, one of my friends was fangirling in lunch about the ship, which is of course, septiplier. i didn’t know anything else about the ship at the time, until i searched up what it actually was. the ship septiplier is a ship between the youtubers jacksepticeye and markiplier and the fandom was pretty much increasing at the time. and just like any other fangirl/boy, there’s that cliche thing: 'and then she found a new ship’.

septiplier has been my otp ranked first in the list of ships i have in my notes (pls don’t judge my habits) and was pretty much something i would watch on youtube everyday after to school to rewind and relax. it was great. i’d love to thank my best friend for letting me search up and find these two people who put some positivity into other people’s lives as well as mine and theirs.

now the thing was, my best friend who ships septiplier REAL hard, is one of the fangirls that likes to rage over other ships and claim them to be dead, as well making references every time we would talk and text each other. i was like that too before the whole rant, and from the looks of it i probably raged over the ships harder (not that i want this to be exaggerated or showy about this or anything) than her. we were both happy at the time and we had no problems with the ship.

that was until that one night at 12 or 1am when i was going through the septiplier tag on tumblr. (yes that was my night routine 2016 in a nutshell)

when i’m on tumblr, i rarely read the long passage of texts and fanfics, so i just skip them, but then i decided to read one about septiplier, knowing very little that it was going to change the way i looked at septiplier. it was a rant. it was telling the fans to stop writing smut and porn for the ship since it broke mark and jack’s relationship, and that one sentence which freaked me out: 'septiplier could be dead’. i came across more posts like this and i was starting to feel a bit hopeless as i was laying in my bed.

i took some screenshots and showed them to my best friend at school secretly, but it seemed like she just didn’t care. all i remember was that after giving my phone back to me and telling me 'ok’. just that. ok. i felt like i couldn’t trust her with this kind of news anymore, and she was the only friend in our group who only knows and ships septiplier. i bummed me and pissed me off. i kept on reading more posts for a few weeks and that’s when things started to crumble.

i began to ask questions to myself: what will happen to the ship? why isn’t it happening this year again? have mark and jack seen this post? i began t have doubts. doubts that fogged my persepective of septiplier and the way i thought of it. i changed the way i shipped people. it was ok. i was starting to forget about the ship, but there was one thing…

Jacksepticeye’s Q&A livestream.

i watched a bit of the stream throughout and had the usual reactions, freaking out, smiling and listening attentively with a stoic expression on my face. a few days later i went on the septiplier tag again and found a post with a gif of jack from the livestream with a caption saying 'I think everybody involved already knows at this point.’ I shrugged as clicked on the clip to watch, little did i know that this clip was going to haunt me for the rest of my life when i think about septiplier. he explained how the ship came from great and cute, to obnoxious and over-the-top. he and mark legitimately told the mature-writer/artist fans to stop writing and drawing smut/and porn, but nope. they were ignorant of their advice and did it anyway.

Jack’s analogy: 'Everybody was having a great time in the swimming pool, and then someone just had to take a big ol’ shit. Jus a big old shit that nobody wanted, so everybody left.’

The most heartbreaking and saddest thing that I have to mask over is that he even claimed that Septiplier is dead. Also saying that we have to grow up, and we can still ship it. I became so frustrated and confused. How can we still ship Septiplier if the fans who ship it hear from the person in real life say that it’s dead?! I don’t get how we can handle this after him saying it’s officially dead. I agreed at this point to the least, but hearing that broke me in two. I mean:

What happened?

Where did the 2015-2016 Septiplier go?

Here is some news I’ve been seeing on Tumblr and other social media for the past few months:
- Septiplier is dead
- Jack and Mark’s friendship is ruined
- Rants
- The balance between the hate and respect for Amy and Signe
- More rants
- Other ships 'taking over’
- 'Don’t take Tythan/Jelix too far like Septiplier’
- A few hate posts for other ships
- fanfics fluff or smut/fanfic ideas
- art
- the cartoonjunkie incident

i just want to put a message out here.

please be a true shipper and fangirl/boy by respecting other ships. we all have out fantasies and expectations which are addicting to write about, but we must learn to control them. for those of you who rage, please DON’T take anything else too far. it’s also tempting, but again we must learn how to control ourselves. show respect. show respect for ships like septiishu, amyplier, crankiplier and jelix/septicpie. DON’T EVEN THINK about posting any smutty fanfic or art, because youtubers are a part of us too. we don’t want to feel uncomfortable by seeing someone draw us and someone fucking each other; so it’s never okay.

i hope this rant has convinced some of you out there reading this, and if you didn’t really like reading this, i don’t give any fucks about your opinion of this right now. i just want to thank you for reading another boring, weak rant. :)


feel free to comment down your opinions if you’re still reading this :P i’m just a 13 year old girl posting her third post on tumblr lol

HOME Chapter 6

Come Back

Word Count: 4, 337

Tags: @commandergreysonpike @brutalera @allaboumydirtymind @missphanosaur18 @sighsophiia @lakef

Warnings: Violence

   Ever since arriving, I spent most of my time in town. It was closest to what I knew. The town of Breckenridge was quiet and fun. The people there were friendly, welcoming and easy to get along with… Much more so than in the city. I found it easier to live with my Grandparents as I slowly felt as if I were home, and after a couple of weeks, I managed to find a local bagel shop. So I’d sit outside, admiring the mountains while I ate a bagel and sipped on the coffee I had gotten that morning. With my computer in front of me and my work pulled up, I couldn’t find many disturbances.  But nothing good lasts forever. And I should have realized that sooner. 

 Other than being filled with small independent stores, coffee shops, and chain restaurants, the town also had a couple libraries. There was one just down the street from the bagel shop, with wooden stairs and wall-high bookshelves alongside a fireplace in the back. I eventually got a member card so that I could rent books, since It kept me occupied when I had nothing else to do.
   But, despite everything, the best thing living with my grandparents was that every day, whenever I came home, I came home to a family who loved me.

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Je ne peux pas expliquer ceci. Chat Noir, c’est un chat. Et les chats adorent bondir sur tout. Aujourd'hui, il a bondi sur sa copine. Elle n'aime pas ça. Ou lui. Pauvre chat noir.
I can’t explain this. Chat Noir is a cat. And cats love to jump on everything. Today, he jumped on his girlfriend. She doesn’t like that. Or him. Poor Chat Noir.

J'ai essaye la perspective fuyante en mon fanart (pour la pratiquer). Et alors, j'ai dit <<Pourquoi pas un autre point?>> Et maintentain, j'ai la perspective cavaliere. C'était tres difficile. Mauvais choix, Nortya.
I tried one point persepective in my fanart (to practice it). And then, I said “How about another point?” And now I have two point perspective. It’s difficult to do. It was pretty hard. Bad choice, Nortya.

Je vais aller à Paris tres tot! J'espère trouver des amis là. Etes vous proxim Paris? If vous etes la, me direz!

Hi, I took the original photo for this week in an open field but it didn’t shout ‘perspective’ so I then crammed myself into a small nook at the back of my house and had a second take, I decided to toss a football in the air to juxtapose the static buildings but it took about a million takes until I got one that wasn’t blurred!

Wow! This is just overflowing with interesting persepective @mojomojomojomojo! Very cool shot! - RK

i really want to naturally meet more people of different cultural backgrounds in real life/my immediate environment – not in any creepy, voyeuristic, exploitative manner, just people i genuinely like (they would be Friends First) with whomste i could talk about Things and Stuff and who’d offer* me a different persepective than the generic white-german-goyishe pov

*not in any way that’s coercive or like i’m demanding it – just in the way you get to know each other when you are friends