Because that post I just reblogged hit me right in the creativity and now I have the things known as ideas :)

As always, I have no idea who regularly reads my OC posts and who doesn’t, so Perselle is my original character from the Harry Potter universe (technically not the canon one, as I think I changed a few things, but). Mute, sixth year, cool human, leader of the DDA, she would probably have a tumblr.

Anyway so Perce teaches this third year sign language, and he becomes so good at it that she challenges him to a fUCKING SIGN LANGUAGE RAP BATTLE and they do it on one of the landings of the staircases, and it’s the most intense thing ever but thEY’RE COMPLETELY SILENT THE WHOLE TIME. And before long almost everyone has gathered at the bottom if the staircase to watch, and the only noise that’s there is from the audience, who hardly knows what’s being said (signed?) except both kids’ fingers are flying and you can feel the competition and excitement and it’s just the most perfect thing E V E R.

And Perselle thoroughly enjoys enchanting objects for kids who need them. (prepares to kill you with fluffy friend hcs) So due to the fact that Hogwarts has multitudinous staircases, it’s completely wheelchair-unfriendly, which poses a rather large problem for a first-year girl called Jaede. (pronounced like normal jade. I wanted to make it look special)
The teachers don’t know what to do. They used levitating charms on her chair until they figured out something more permanent, which was inconvenient for all involved. Then someone had the brilliant idea to go to Perselle, who of course immediately knew what to do. She had Jaede stay in her room for a few days while she completely tricked out Jaede’s wheelchair. It was perrrrrrfect. Safety charms to keep her from falling out, its own controls, it could fly, was waterproof and stuff, and since Perce is amazing she added super comfortable cushioning and a drink holder.
SO HECK YEAH JAEDE WAS SLAYING WITH HER SNAZZY MAGIC WHEELCHAIR (and ofc the rest of her House was envious until she reminded them it was something she actually needed rather than a toy, and that they could play Quidditch and swim in the lake and stuff)

I’m other words, Perselle is fucking great and I may make Jaede an OC. Maaaaaaybe.