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Shout out to my fave author


January Lily’s fanfictions are some of the best OC stories I have ever read.  You all should be reading them.  Not only is Jan a fabulous author she is a wonderful friend meaning you should all be following her too.

About some of her stories:

Lost Along the Way series (Harry Potter): Leila is a precious gem.  Leila is everything I wish Harry Potter had in a sister.  She is snarky and intelligent and stubborn.  She shows the affects of growing up in an abusive household.  You get to see Leila grow.  You get an interesting take on the Slytherins. Overall 10/10 would recommend.

She Will Be Loved (Law & Order: SVU): JJ is a breath of fresh air to that series. The character has immediate chemistry with her love interest and I just want them to get together already. You cannot help but ship the two of them.  JJ has an intersting backstory I can’t wait for Jan to write into the story.

Only Fooling Myself (One Tree Hill): Sydney is the OTH character we never knew we needed. She is hopefully going to be keeping Lucas from becoming an asshole.  Syd is a basketball player with a serious crush on her bestie. Who has not been there? You cannot  help but root for the girl. 

Us Against the World (Supernatural): Elle Winchester is a cinamon roll who must be protected at all costs. She has a great backstory about the angels surrounding her birth. Jan takes Elle to a real place with perscription drug abuse and we get to see her overcome it. Elle also has a great dynamic with her siblings.

Ruby (Flash): When Ruby opens it feels like Abbi is supposed to be there. Abbi is established in the story before the accident. I liked how Jan was not scared to include a chapter where Abbi was not really all that present. But we have been getting to see her develop her powers. Not to mention that there is something going on with Wells/Thawne. Something eery going down there.

Holding Out For A Hero (Gotham): The first of Jan’s stories that I ever found.  Greer is what led me to Jan and her excellent writing.  Greer is not always what she seems and her relationship with Detective Gordon is totes adorbs. 

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I am 100% supportive of Ant. Addiction to perscription drugs can happen to anyone and I feel so sorry that this and depression had taken hold of such a lovely soul. May he get better as soon as possible xxxx

I am also 100% supportive of Ant, what he is going through must be so hard right now not just for him, but for Dec and his family and friends, he’s already past the first step, he’s told people and he’s now on the road to recovery, it’s so horrible that this has all come around due to the surgery on his knee going wrong, but he is in the care of the right people now and has huge amounts of support from his family, friends and us as fans, we’ll help him through it together

ok so tiny little PSA for the rest of the night.

i was in a lot a lot a lot of pain earlier due to physical therapy so i had to take some meds for it. the strong kind. 

and i’m starting to feel the effects. i’m getting forgetful and kinda. floaty. and numb and distractable. but i don’t wanna be alone so i’d rather not log off?? 

so like. if my behavior is off….

this is why.

Gone Part 3

Author’s note: Wow! Thank you so much for the support! I did some thinking and decided to make this a five part series. But, this is an Eisuke chapter, so enjoy!

Three months had passed since you left and Eisuke hasn’t been the same since. His drinking became uncontrollable, he even started mixing perscription drugs with alcohol, he of course returned to his usual buisness of one-night stands. He lost about ten-twenty pounds since you left; food tasted so plain now. His buisness for awhile was going down hill because of his depression. In one of his drunken stupors, he confided in the boys over losing you.
“Why?” Eisuke asked in a drunken stupor “Why did she leave me? Does she know what she does to me?” Soryu prepared a glass of water with saltine crackers for Eisuke to help with the impending hangover.

“You cheated on her.” Soryu replied “In my opinion, you got what was coming to you.  I can see why she left, you broke her heart and now she wants to get as far away from you as possible. I would do the same thing if I was in her boat.” Eisuke gave Soryu a cold glare; he was not in the mood for Soryu’s lecture.
“I sent so many people out in so many countries to go find her.” Eisuke mumbled “But always came back with no result. It’s like she dissapeared off the face of the Earth!”
“If you want her back so badly, Baba suddenly said "why don’t you send out a reward to whoever finds her or has information on her?” Eisuke’s eyes widened. He stood up and then made his way to his room phone.
“Kenzaki,” Eisuke said into the phone “Make a press conference for me tomorrow. I’m putting out a major reward for anyone who can find or give information on _______________’s current whereabouts.” He hung up and faced his friends’ shocked faces.
“You’re setting up a reward to find the kid?” Mamarou asked, his cigarrette dangaling out of his mouth.
“Yes. It’s the only way.
"I was only messing with you Boss!” Baba replied “I didn’t expect you to take it seriously!”
“Well, at this rate, we just need it.”

The press release was outside the Tre’s of Spades the very next day and multiple news media’s arrived to record it; this was going international.
“Ladies and Gentlemen,” Eisuke began “I am here today to talk about my girlfriend _____________. As most noticed, yes, we did get int an argument which lead to her leaving me with no trace of where she is. The Ichinomiya group has searched and has come up empty handed. I am now offering a very large reward to anyone who can give informaition n her current whereabouts or find her and is relaiable.”
“Mr.Ichinomiya!” a press reporter called out “How much is the reward money?”
“About 12,407,250,200 yen ($100,000,000.00).” The crowd went wild at the ammount, Mamoru spat out his drink in a comedic manor, Ota fainted. Eisuke had finally lost it. “That is all for today, thank you.” Eisuke went back to his friends who were still shocked.
“12,407,250,200 yen?!” Soryu screamed “Are you insane?!”
“Tch.” Eisuke scowled “Please, it’s only a few pennies to me.”
“A few pennies?!” Baba screamed “That’s enough to feed every starving child in Africa!”
“Hey, the higher the price, the bigger chances we’ll find her!” The Ichinomiya group looked at eachother with uncertainty, they had a bad feeling about this.

A year had passed since you dissapeared and Eisuke was still unaware of your whereabouts. He recieved multiple ammounts of tips in foreign countries on your where abouts, but most weren’t even reliable. One however was, but by the time he got there, you were long gone. Sometime after his surprising press conference, he signed a deal to have his next casino built in Las Vegas, Nevada and now, the new hotel/casino was built.

Opening weekend was coming soon, Eisuke was now taking a limo to Vegas. His attitude reverted to something even more bitter than he origninally was and to be honest, he didn’t care. Eisuke watched the desert roll by in his limo. He knew if you were there with him, your eyes would sparkle brighter than the stars. As he drove by, something caught his eye; a biker. Someone dressed in nothing but black, riding an obvious American motorcycle. He couldn’t see the face of the person because the helmet obscured their face.
“How can you wear all of that black in this heat?” Eisuke muttered to himself. A sputtering noise could be heard suddenly and before he knew it, the limo stopped.
“Driver!” Eisuke called out “What the hell is going on?!”
“Terribly sorry Mr.Ichinomiya!” The driver called out in the front seat “But it seems to me we’re having trouble with the engeine!” Eisuke groaned. Just what he needed at a time like this. He dialed his phone to let some important people know he was going to be late when he noticed something; the motorcyclist was stopping and getting off their bike and coming near them.

Eisuke watched from his spot as the biker had a silent conversation with the driver. It seemed the biker wanted to fix the limo. The driver agreed and immediately, the biker ran back to their motorcycle and brought out a tool box. They popped open the hood and began their work on the engine, not even removing their helmet. Eisuke was taking immediate interest in this event, he wasn’t sure why, but the biker seemed……familliar. Eisuke got out of his limo and began to walk over to the biker, surprising the biker.
“You know the problem?” he asked. The biker gave a nod “How long until it’s fixed?” The biker put up two fingers; two minutes.“
"Have we met before?” The biker looked at Eisuke and shook their head “Are you sure? You seem like someone I would know.” the biker ignored Eisuke but did their best to show they weren’t frightened. Finally, the biker finished the limo and began to put away their tools.

“Thanks.” Eisuke said in an uncertian tone. The biker shook their hand like it was no big deal “Mind if you took off your helmet so I could see you?” The biker shook their head and made motions as if to tell him they were sick.
“I see.” He pulled out two hundred dollar bills and handed it to the biker. The biker took the money, shook Eisuke’s hand and left on their bike. For some reason, the biker’s handshake felt like he knew it.


Eisuke finally arrived at the new hotel, preparing himself for lunch when he noticed Soryu and the other walking up to him.
“Boss,” Baba began “we got something to tell you.”
“Make it quick.” Eisuke replied “I got important thing I need to do.” he took a sip of his scotch.
“We found out __________________ is possibly in town.” Ota blurted out. Eisuke spat out his drink.
“Someone called in a tip saying a woman who looks exactly like her is staying in a nearby three-star hotel.” Soryu explained “The major difference is her hair, apparently this woman’s hair is in a short black bob.” Eisuke continued to listen to their words before making a desicion.
“Find her and bring her to me.”  The men nodded and left the room immeditely. It was going to take all the planning in the world to find and trap you.


Eight hours had passed since Eisuke sent Soryu and the others to check out the situation. He was pacing in his bedroom, waiting for the signal that they caught this woman. 11pm had finally arrived and finally his phone ringed.
“We got her.” Soryu said into the phone. Eisuke felt surprised.
“It took you long enough.” Eisuke replied in a harsh tone.
“And it is her.”  Eisuke felt his heart leap.
“I-it’s her?!”
“Yes. And she put up quite a fight to get away from us. We’ll be bringing her in soon.” Soryu hung up and Eisuke made a dash for the penthouse phone. He immediately called Roomservice to bring a large boquet of flowers that were meant for you.

Fifthteen minutes passed and Soryu finally arrived with you in his arms. Eisuke looked in shock; you were unconcious, body was beaten pretty bad and most of all, you looked different.
“The hell happened?!” Eisuke asked in a slightly angry tone.
“Motorcycle accident.” Soryu explained “We took her to the hospital before we got here, doctor said no concussion but she’ll be out cold for an hour.” Eisuke nodded in understanding.
“Leave me to have privacy with _______________.” he told them. The men left the room leaving your unconcious form with Eisuke. He studied your unconcious body and noticed right away; your hair, clothes, even your body were slightly different. He could tell you’ve been exercising more than usual, as he did see a six-pack. Your hair was darker and shorter than he remember and he knew 100% that those clothes should be removed right away and you should be wearing the clothes he bought for you. But Eisuke knew one thing in his mind that was going to happen when you woke up; you were going to get the most severe punishment ever.