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Shout out to my fave author


January Lily’s fanfictions are some of the best OC stories I have ever read.  You all should be reading them.  Not only is Jan a fabulous author she is a wonderful friend meaning you should all be following her too.

About some of her stories:

Lost Along the Way series (Harry Potter): Leila is a precious gem.  Leila is everything I wish Harry Potter had in a sister.  She is snarky and intelligent and stubborn.  She shows the affects of growing up in an abusive household.  You get to see Leila grow.  You get an interesting take on the Slytherins. Overall 10/10 would recommend.

She Will Be Loved (Law & Order: SVU): JJ is a breath of fresh air to that series. The character has immediate chemistry with her love interest and I just want them to get together already. You cannot help but ship the two of them.  JJ has an intersting backstory I can’t wait for Jan to write into the story.

Only Fooling Myself (One Tree Hill): Sydney is the OTH character we never knew we needed. She is hopefully going to be keeping Lucas from becoming an asshole.  Syd is a basketball player with a serious crush on her bestie. Who has not been there? You cannot  help but root for the girl. 

Us Against the World (Supernatural): Elle Winchester is a cinamon roll who must be protected at all costs. She has a great backstory about the angels surrounding her birth. Jan takes Elle to a real place with perscription drug abuse and we get to see her overcome it. Elle also has a great dynamic with her siblings.

Ruby (Flash): When Ruby opens it feels like Abbi is supposed to be there. Abbi is established in the story before the accident. I liked how Jan was not scared to include a chapter where Abbi was not really all that present. But we have been getting to see her develop her powers. Not to mention that there is something going on with Wells/Thawne. Something eery going down there.

Holding Out For A Hero (Gotham): The first of Jan’s stories that I ever found.  Greer is what led me to Jan and her excellent writing.  Greer is not always what she seems and her relationship with Detective Gordon is totes adorbs.