pers: gillian anderson


“It was just like, we were acting like it was, like, a gross carnal coupling, you know? It was a joke for the crew and for us. The actual kissing, that was never a part of the movie, so we never would have shot that, no. The only time we did that was as a joke. Gillian and I did it to our liking, and then I said, you know, ‘Let’s do one where we’re up against the wall here.’ But that was never- there was never any thought - we were outside of the camera’s view actually at that point, so that’s not even on film.” — David Duchovny

"It wasn’t planned, no. Just goofing around!” — Gillian Anderson

“I can tell you what’s not in the film is a blast. After we did six or seven takes, I said, ‘Cut, print. Got it. Thank you very much.’ They said, ‘No, we’d like to go one more time.’ So they started the scene. And they got right into the drama, coming closer and closer. And then tongues came out. And then they slapped up against the wall. She drove him up against the wall. Oh, it was fabulous. And they did it again, because the cameraman goofed.” — Rob Bowman

“hey, did you know...”: hannibal edition

in the vein of: “hey, did you know that…”

gillian anderson is bisexual and was a london punk in the 80s?

raul esparza is bisexual and a broadway bad-ass motherfucker?

eddie izzard is an executive transvestite who plans to run for mayor of london?

i give you: “hey, did you know that…”

richard armitage was a professional dancer/choreographer and was in a west end production of cats?