rain is never a good sign
  • sniff
    • annnnd im already emo
  • 6+ missed calls
  • im
  • my poor baby
  • everyones so concerned for bitty
  • im,,,
  • best friends
    • just bros being bros
    • pals being pals
    • BUDS BEING BUDS  an edit: did i just 
  • the only good thing so far is shitty and nursey are there
  • bitty has his oven mitts like boxing gloves :(
    • baking is for love not anger pls
  • yikes yikes yikes yikes
  • Y I K E S 
  • bitty dropped the p i e
  • thats never good
  • hey bud
  • HEY BUD?
  • im
  • can we talk?
  • im
  • bitnchj,

A SUMMARY: who needs rain when you got my tears!

Keramisa dislikes tall asura.
Brokko dislikes being critcized.
Put these two in one lab…

Currently they have to share a lab and work on the same project. The atmosphere in the lab is very tense and unpleasant, but somehow they are working even better than before.

Usually Brokko is polite and charming, but he just explodes in silent rage and hatred the moment he sees the necromancer. He can’t even explain what exactly annoys him so much. Same goes for Keramisa.

Sei la persona più importante della mia vita.
Tu mi sei l'amica che tutti sognano , sei diversa, sei unica , sei speciale.
Tu mi hai insegnato ad affrontare la vita.
Sorridendo .
Si sorridendo .
Abbiamo affrontato tutto insieme, se ho bisogno di qualcosa tu ci sei sempre.
Ho sempre pensato che un'amicizia così non potesse mai esistere, e poi ti ho incontrato e ho capito tu sei tutto.
Di te posso fidarmi ❤️
Ti dedicherò tutti i miei sorrisi perché teme sei la ragione - ti penserò ascoltando ogni canzone -
Sei la mia vita- sono felice di essere tua amica e lo sarò per sempre.
Con te sarò sempre felice ovunque saremo , sotto il sole o la pioggia , io ti abbraccerò sinceramente e profondamente .
A te che che rendi la vita un gioco❤️👑😍
Per sempre ❤️👑🍭

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Revisited that Envy vs. Mustang scene (I know, I've watched it million of times, but I just can't get enough of it). I really saw how it broke Riza's heart to see Mustang lose his mind and use the alchemy which drove his father to madness as a tool for revenge. And don't even get me started on, "Don't go where I can't follow!" and "I can't lose you.." LIKE JUST FUCK ME UP!!! FUCK ROYAI 😭


Okay but for real. That scene was just so intense. You could see the devastation on Riza’s face as she saw Roy slip further and further into his madness, losing himself a little more every time he snapped his fingers.

And then you see how she and the others talk him down, and the level of trust and honesty between the two of them. And then the moment when he realizes how far he almost slipped, and you can just see him slowly become the Roy we’ve always known him as.

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Your Awakening Husband vs Your Fates Husband

You’ll have to be more specific with a shameless harem queen like myself, sweet anon ;;; And this is just the HUSBANDS we’re listing here lmao….

shhhh about that Garon there I will never be able to marry him but he’s my one true king in my heart

Ora, io lo so che non dovrei lamentarmi perché avere la partita iva all'estero >>>> avere la partita iva in Italia, ma mannaggia al porridge sono quattro anni che pago le tasse in UK e ancora non riesco a capire perché mi aggiungono ogni volta soldi a caso da versare in contributi.

Quest'anno in simpatia e senza spiegazioni mi hanno aggiunto più di 2500£, governo inglese infame, non ti meriti nemmeno il salame.

Mystic messanger spoiler

I’m suspicious of V and how Rika left this world. Yoosung called and told me how he asked V for proof that she went the way she went. Everytime he asked, V kept said sorry and walked away.

Also, at the end of Zen’s route, when V was almost completely blind, he talked about wanting to suffer and be in pain. Like he deserved sorrow for the rest of his life. That’s why he refused Jumin’s help. What is V feeling so guilty for?