Well, I deleted a post I made earlier tonight because it was obviously a bad take, commented on multiple times, and I’m bad at judging when I’ve made those, but I might as well admit something: I really hate shame as a technique of discourse/criticism, especially in the way it’s so often meant to push expressing things out of a public forum, and it tends to be my berzerk button in a lot of my bad takes.

Like, it probably has to do something with me being an autistic guy in a house with a stepmom who was vigorously hostile to his special interests and took every chance to denigrate them and who was the one most often at home with me, and the fact that everyone else I was surrounded with did not get the, at all.

But it really fucking bothers me; on a personal level; to see shame used as a technique to shut up people for liking things, things that aren’t necessarily inherently harmful and all bad, like it was for me; especially when I see it being used by people who’re supposed to stick up for and help others.

But, like, I know a lot of those people are venting frustrations of their own that also feel repressed, and that they’re often repressed by people using “don’t shame” rhetoric to paper over their reasonable gripes.

And… I’ll honestly admit, I feel stuck on this.

Like, what the fuck am I supposed to do when I see people using the same shit that was used to shut me up, even though it’s reacting to the people crowding them out?! It’s making shit “all about me,” but it’s so goddamn deeply painful and I see it so much, what do I do?!

Well, I might as well as a start make this post, own up to the fact that I am acting on very personal neurosis so often, and at least ask your thoughts on the matter…

anonymous asked:

[vergas voice] to be fair you need a very high iq to understand rick and morty

AC: T(o) be fair, y(o)u have t(o) have a very high IQ t(o) understand tr(o)ll “Rick and M(o)rty”. The hum(o)r is extremely subtle, and with(o)ut a s(o)lid grasp (o)f the(o)retical physics m(o)st (o)f the j(o)kes will g(o) (o)ver a typical viewer’s head. There’s als(o) Rick’s nihilistic (o)utl(o)(o)k, which is deftly w(o)ven int(o) his characterisati(o)n- his pers(o)nal phil(o)s(o)phy draws heavily fr(o)m Nar(o)dnaya V(o)lya literature, f(o)r instance. 
AC: The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity t(o) truly appreciate the depths (o)f these j(o)kes, t(o) realise that they’re n(o)t just funny- they say s(o)mething deep ab(o)ut life. As a c(o)nsequence, pe(o)ple wh(o) dislike tr(o)ll “Rick and M(o)rty” truly are idi(o)ts- (o)f c(o)urse they w(o)uldn’t appreciate, f(o)r instance, the hum(o)r in Rick’s existential catchphrase “wubba lubba dub dub,” which itself is a cryptic reference t(o) Turgenev’s Alternian epic, tr(o)ll “Lusii and Tr(o)lls”. 
AC: I’m smirking right n(o)w just imagining (o)ne (o)f th(o)se addlepated simplet(o)ns scratching their heads in c(o)nfusi(o)n as tr(o)ll Dan Harm(o)n’s genius wit unf(o)lds itself (o)n their televisi(o)n screens. What f(o)(o)ls… H(o)w I pity them.
AA: { hi what the fuck are you talking about

I’d like t(o) j(o)in in (o)n the c(o)nversati(o)n with my (o)wn (o)pini(o)n as well. “Y(o)u Spin Me R(o)und (Like A Rec(o)rd)” als(o) happens t(o) be a pers(o)nal fav(o)rite s(o)ng (o)f mine fr(o)m that time peri(o)d.